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  1. Had some spare parts............

    I've been following this build/thread from the beginning and I really like what you are doing & how you are doing it. Keep up the great work! As for the tool boxes. I like the way the box breaks up the black. My vote is to not paint them.
  2. A call for riots

    Just for the record, although I was not on very much over the weekend, I did not receive any emails or notifications of issues with this thread so as near as I can tell no one reported you or asked that any of your posts be deleted by the moderator team. Personally I see a number of posts from a few different people that are pushing the lines of acceptability.
  3. 1983 Cruise-Liner in NW Ohio

    Not far from me at all. Too bad I'm no longer in the market for classic trucks.
  4. My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    Dave, Truly not nit-picking but I believe this to be a CL (probably 613) as opposed to a CH(613). The hood is longer & it has the CL tow hooks & bumper.
  5. Bentz sleeper

    Bentz sleepers where built in Ft Wayne, IN. The vast majority of them went onto Internationals. The company I worked for leased 3 tractors to Bentz to haul the sleepers from Ft Wayne to Springfield, OH. The 1st was a GMC General which they updated twice with custom bunks to use at shows when not running to Springfield. This was replaced with an International after a few years also with a custom Bentz bunk. The other two were International 9700's. Bentz went through a few changes over the years and some of old Bentz can now be found at Bolt Custom Trucks & Manufacturing. Bentz did build for the aftermarket as well but like I said the vast majority went onto IHC trucks so if you find one cut for another manufacture you have something unusual.
  6. Superdog

    I talked to Mike on Christmas night. This was prior to his hospital visit. His daughter mentioned stroke on FB but I have talked to him since & he said heart issues. Mike has a lot going on right now so positive thoughts & prayers are the best thing to send his way. I've know Mike for more than a dozen years now and he has always been a fighter & a winner! Hang in there Mike!!!
  7. My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    I'm old & my memory is a bit rusty but I thought the classic style hood ended it's run in 1989.
  8. superdog???????

    I just text him & he replied that he's been busy hauling pigs so I take that to mean he's been hanging out in the go-go joints!
  9. Shipping car parts

    Thanks Guys! Uship is was I was thinking of. Old age & long hours are taking their toll on me.
  10. Shipping car parts

    Folks I'm drawing a blank. I know they've been mentioned here & on other forums. What are some of the website's for people to ship items that won't go Brown? A friend of mine needs a set of fenders for his '63 T-bird convertible shipped from Ontario, CA to Ft Wayne, IN. Some idiot didn't see the large hunk of steel & chrome and managed to hit him head on in his early 2000's Impala a few months ago. He's located the fenders but needs to know how to get them home & some rates.
  11. 1966 RL700

    Something to remember as we look at old trucks. Things happen to them through the years and back in the day to save down time you did what you could to get a truck back on the road. An example is that in the late '70's one of our IH 4070's was in a cab destroying crash. Radiator & cab destroyed everything else was fine. We had an older CO4000 out back with a bad rear. Well within a few days the 4070 looked just like a CO4000 & was back on the road.
  12. Leno's Wild Ride

    It looks to me that when the rear of the car began bouncing on the uneven pavement that's the point when the front end began to get out of shape & Bob was trying to counter steer & slow the car but he may have possibly been running of of shutdown area as well considering he was losing traction & braking and may have been trying to steer left to give him more room.
  13. Without a doubt, hands down, absolutely, etc, etc... Dan is the information authority on the movie "Convoy". For many years he lived, slept & breathed that movie. Traveling to the filming destinations, meeting with people involved & even becoming good friends with Erine Borgnine. Often priorities have to change (I know all too well) and that is what happened with Dan, I do believe, as he sold his trucks and eventually took down his website. I'm sure he still has all of his collected information stashed away someplace.
  14. Why Me page 2

    Dammit Mike.... Words escape me at this point. I will say keep your chin up and hang in there. It wasn't that long ago I sold off all my toys (one of which went to Iowa) to stay afloat. Things are moving in the right direction for me now & at a pace faster than I expected. Keep the faith my friend.