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  1. Dang!!! I have A & B. Maybe I should put them on Ebay starting at a grand!
  2. Mike Harbison probably has a long ear dog that would be period correct.
  3. I'm not so sure that guys who own Peterbilt's every think about boobage.... (That comment was made while I was "off duty" as a mod!)
  4. Personally I strongly believe in the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, equal rights for EVERYONE no matter their color, religion, nationality, sexual preference, etc & I stand on the right side of the aisle. Several years ago Barry asked for some help in moderating this board mostly to prevent spammers. I volunteered. More recently he asked for some more help and a few more volunteered. Although I spent much of my adult life as a 1st responder and spent 13 years doing security for the 2nd largest festival in Indiana, the last 3 years, being the chairman of the security board before steppi
  5. I can't say for the speaker(?) but for the seat, when I was a kid we had a steel dash R model in the fleet that was a 5 speed with the wide (bench) riders seat. Green vinyl to match the green interior.
  6. There are active members of ATHS on the JOT forum. We all get along well but there are those of us who chose not to continue with ATHS.
  7. After my divorce the only thing that I wish had turned out different was that I could have kept my B and finished it. I had chromed the door panels, dash panel, ash tray front, the glove box front & powder coated the front panel of the heater box. Yes that is a NOS just out of the box, no miles, speedo and a NOS just out of the box, no hours tach.
  8. Plain and simply it was NOT a knee jerk reaction to a few posts. It really all started with just one or two former members who were asked to tone it down but instead decided to "poke the bear" and push and push. There were many discussions among mods & admin before the final decision was made. What happened behind the scenes with some of the former members played a big part in the decision but doesn't need to be posted publicly. I agree that Mr. Hancock not being here is a disappointment but he made the decision to be a part of the issue and seemed to have an agenda of his own. I'm very gl
  9. Yeah, all is good again over there. The forum is back, Aaron is back...
  10. Aaron.... That danged ole Cali Greenie!!!
  11. Still happening. I lost Eddy's email. If anyone has it and can get info please let us know.
  12. I believe there are a few here that also visit JOT. I visited Saturday but since last evening I've been getting "This site can't be reached" when I click on my bookmark and when I try it via Google. Anyone else having issues or possibly know what's going on?
  13. I must be very tech challenged. I keep hearing about this Tapatalk but don't have a clue what it is. I use my phone for a lot of things but I still prefer my laptop when I get home.
  14. I looked back over a 16 hour period and saw that there had been postings to 30 different topics. That's two to three times as many postings as I see on any other forum that I follow.
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