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  1. Good stuff Dan. Looking forward to seeing "the adventure" continue...
  2. First problem is that the pictures are not of a DM....
  3. My 70 F had the torsion bars. It was very easy to lift by hand. Probably easier than jacking the hyd pump...
  4. When I was towing I was called up to the Indiana toll road to get a tractor on the eastbound side about a mile from the Ohio line with a bad right front wheel bearing. When I got there the driver and trailer were already gone. KW T600. I inspected and seen that the right front was leaning in just a little bit so I slipped the under reach back to the axle and lifted it slightly like always and that's when the right front leaned out and all the way off the axle and rolled clear to the bottom of the ditch! That driver was lucky, me not so much until a bit later when another tow company's service truck stopped to check on me. He had a much smaller winch/cable on his truck than I had on mine so he was kind enough to winch the wheel assembly back up, out of the ditch (about 30') and help me get it up and on the frame ahead of the 5th wheel so I could secure it there. Two lessons learned with that. 1:when it comes to pulling cable bigger isn't always better. 2:when it's a front wheel bearing, put a 2" strap around it & secure it BEFORE lifting because it might just be THAT bad.
  5. Several years back I loaded up "Thumper" at my place and hauled it to Mike's (Superdog on here) place some 360 miles away with this combination.
  6. Terry T

    Sad date

  7. If you're referring to Integrity Sales & Svc in Ft Wayne, IN. It's my understanding that they went out of business a few years ago. They were a customer of mine several years ago when I was selling parts at the local KW dealership where my friend, Shawn, still works. A Few weeks ago he and I were talking about crew cab class 6 trucks and I mentioned them which is when he told me they had gone out of business. He, personally, does a lot with Bolt as he has been in their parts dept for decades.
  8. Bentz is no longer, Bolt is the new Bentz. History Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing carries on the tradition begun by Bentz Transport Products in 1993. Bentz was founded as a manufacturer of after-market sleeper cabs and stainless accessories for medium and heavy-duty trucks. Over the years, the company evolved to focus on the needs of owner operators. Consequently, the company expanded into custom engineered and manufactured truck sleepers and cab modifications designed to meet customer specifications and unique application requirements. In 2010 the Bentz product line transitioned to new ownership and became known as Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing. Bolt continued the tradition of manufacturing premier Custom Integrated Sleepers. In 2013, Bolt was restructured and purchased by Brian Callan, who leads the Bolt team as President and CEO. Expanded strategic operating and marketing processes are being installed in order to execute our business plan for increasing product innovation while maintaining a commitment to superior quality. We will meet and exceed our customer’s expectations for the ultimate in sleeper comfort and productivity. Contact us with your unique truck sleeper design and engineering specifications to make your life on the road the ultimate in comfort and success.
  9. "there's only so many Camaro's and Mustang's you can look at" . Exactly! I'm a Chevy/Pontiac guy but come on people! 500 1969 Camaro's at one show it just a bit overkill... So neat to see AMC recognized.
  10. It was a 3406, 400 with a 15speed deep reduction. The DR was a flip switch on the dash on the passenger side. Another angle of it.
  11. These are the two 359's that I drove for my farmer friend for years until he replaced them with a couple 379's. Black one is an '85 and the green one is an '83.
  12. Doesn't that 1970, that you got from me, have the pleated interior? Well, what's left of it....
  13. Dan posted some pics several weeks ago of his WS still being assembled on the JOT site. Sad that Mack wasn't interested in working with him but the WS looks very good.
  14. I'm on both forums but am unable to make the show. Both forums are now talking about moving picture time. If someone here that is also a member of JOT and can make the shows could chat on both forums and come up with different pic times that would probably be best.
  15. Cam Lavin has one or two I believe. He's not a member here but I see him posting often on FB pages and might be a member at the Just Old Trucks forum. I'm not sure which FB pages I see him posting to but one might be the ATHS page & some of the Fallen Flags pages might also be someplace to look for him.
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