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  1. Terry T

    The Meeting 👍🏁🇺🇸

    Dan had a complete explanation of Sam Peckinpah's reasoning behind mounting the 5th wheel so far back but I cannot remember what it was. I wish Dan would have kept his site up or that someone else would have assumed control of the Convoy part of it. The research he did and the details that he had about the movie were incredible.
  2. I remember reading about this apparatus within weeks, maybe days of the attack. It's really cool to see that a truck, 60 miles away, was known by someone, operating at this large scene, who could make the call to get it in there.
  3. I was also surprised to see the CF F Model. A very interesting truck. I, too, would like to know the entire back story on this & how many there might have been.
  4. Terry T

    Rubber Duck Truck

    It would be nice if someone could track down Dan Bruno to see if he would allow a site, such as BMT, to have all of his info about the truck(s) and movie posted again.
  5. Terry T

    Rubber Duck Truck

    https://www.facebook.com/Rubberducktruck1970/ From what I understand via FB it is now in GA.
  6. In my younger days I had two 1978 Trans Am's. A black automatic & a gold 4 speed. County roads & large parking lots could make for a lot of fun. I just called them "doing Rockford's"!
  7. The XJ8 isn't much fun in anything but sunshine. It likes to hydroplane in heavy rain and I have twice looped it around at the top of the exit ramp from I69 south bound onto US 30 west bound. Both times very cold, but mostly dry roads. Somehow I found the only small slick spot there was at the top of that ramp but managed to keep it off both the inside & outside walls. The 2nd time it happened I did a little better job of keeping my wits about me. As she came around I bumped it into neutral then when we were rolling backwards I put it in reverse, nailed it, cranked it around and back to neutral then into drive and drove out of it almost like I knew what I was doing. Maybe Hal Needham wasn't the best choice of hero's when I was 13, 14, 15....
  8. I really like my XJ8. At this point after 4 years it is probably going to be replaced however. I hate to let her go. I like the response from the 4.0 It's amazing to me that such a small V8 can drive so well & get such good fuel mileage.
  9. Terry T

    Happy Birthday Superdog!

    I've been texting with him this morning. All y'all know he can be a bit bullheaded, well..... He had trouble logging into the site quite awhile back so he just doesn't try anymore. I'm trying to beat him up & get him to reach out to Barry to rectify the issue. We'll see if I did any good or not.
  10. Terry T

    Happy Birthday Superdog!

    I haven't spoken with Mike in a while but he is posting pics on FB so I know he is still kicking around... He had some health, some personal & some computer issues a while back and last I knew he could not get logged into the BMT site (possibly lost his password) so he hasn't been here. I will make it a point to reach out to him & see if he can work at getting back here.
  11. Terry T

    New to Mack

    There is plenty of knowledge here. Tell us a bit more about the Mack and provide some pictures if you can. We also have members here who can decipher your VIN if you want to provide that as well. If you acquired it from the original owner then you may know plenty about it but if he bought it used then various changes probably have occurred to it over the years that may not be known and pictures will help.
  12. Terry T


    Looking forward to seeing you here & at JOT again Rob! You & your trucks!
  13. Terry T


    All the talk about horsepower is nothing if you aren't building torque. Racers saying: Horsepower is how hard you hit the wall, torque is how far you take the wall with you.
  14. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who remember's them. They were tarped and by the sound I'd have to believe they were loaded when they went by me.
  15. I was just catching up on the forum and there are several update's to posts involving Superliners & Magnum's which go me to remembering... Back in 1991 & 1992 I was running back and forth across I-80 in PA about 3 trips a week in a new CH613. Our fleet was set to run 65 on the pedal & 60 on cruise so my right foot always rested on the pedal flat on the floor. Now remember back then the speed limit was still just 55. So on several different nights as I'd be trucking east I'd begin to notice a set of headlights gaining on me. They'd come up on me much faster than I ever thought they could by the 3rd or 4th time one of them did it to me I had gotten use to the loud rumble that I'd start to hear & feel as they got beside my trailer then blow my doors off! There were at least 2 Magnum's that pulled dump buckets. One a Superliner and the other an Ultraliner and they both (maybe more than just 2) were always flat out gettin' it. So I'm posing the question to those of you from that part of the country. Any of you ever encounter these guys or know who they might be (have been)? A pic of the Dog I was driving then:

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