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  1. The CL did not have the E9 in it. I cannot remember which engine was spec'd for it but I believe it was a 454. The 1st two axles are lifts. They serve two purposes. To support the truck and to help stop it. A mechanic at Vomac took it for a test drive at some point someone had lifted the axles while it was at the dealership. Not thinking about this he had it up to 55 on the highway prepared to slow and make his turn, again the axles were up, he over shot his turn by a LONG shot. It was after this and an exchange between the service writer and Freddy Campbell, that I got a call, from Campbell's, asking me to please go to the dealership (At the time I operated the dealerships recovery truck) and test drive their truck to confirm the issues were corrected. Bill Bottoms passed away a few years back and I really don't know if B&B is still building recovery trucks or not. I've been away from that world for over 7 years now. Below is the truck I operated at that time.
  2. This is a B&B (BIll Bottoms) rotator as well. It is rated at 85+ tons. Built for Campbell Garage in Ligonier, IN. Freddy & Dan Campbell called it quits recently so I don't know what became of the truck. I got to drive it one time and it truly is a monster. Weight with equipment onboard is between 82 & 83,000# per Dan Campbell but he could be a bit of a blowhard! In the 2nd pic the Ford has a B&B 35 ton stick on it just to give you an idea of the size difference.
  3. My guess is that this is to protect the purchaser from his wife. What she doesn't know won't hurt him!
  4. The hood ornament is still centered on the truck. As long as the Bulldog is left of the white line so is your truck.
  5. There was a long running thread from a member who built a truck to pull his race car hauler using a B85 (fire truck) and an International school bus. I very nice build. Phantom 409 maybe? I think he and Larry might have crossed paths at a race track or two at some point. I cannot find the thread of the build.
  6. He shut down the Picture website a few years back. The forum board has remained.
  7. Hank posted today that his truck forum will be shutting down in May of this year. For the past several years I have very rarely posted there but I checked it daily along with BMT and Just Old Trucks. Very sorry to see it go but Hank has been spending a lot of money out of his own pocket to keep it going and to continue it would cost him much more.
  8. I just wanted to take a moment to welcome back a "ROOKIE" Mike Harbison. Mike has been on this board through two decades now like a number of us. I know he was having trouble logging in from time to time as Superdog so it would appear that he is now logging in as his given name.
  9. It was one of the best I've seen. Flew under our radar for 3 years until Larry noticed it. I found 6 posts from it since 2017. Removed them and flagged it/him.
  10. This is the only pic I have that shows any part of the underside. Maybe Mike Harbison (Superdog) will pop in. He has this truck now as well as several other F's.
  11. I'd say a 9670 Binder. Stoops is a big Freightliner dealer in Indiana as well as Dayton & Lima OH.
  12. I thought this topic was covered recently but I cannot find it. Converting a dump to a tractor wouldn't be difficult especially if the dump is already plumbed for trailer brakes as some are. A benefit to buying a dump is that if the bed and hoist is in good shape you can sell and get a bit of a return on your investment. Another benefit, although you probably wouldn't need it, is a heavier or double frame. Also if you are running a trailer with any kind of hydraulics you will already have the PTO and tank in place..
  13. Was the right sand pad already missing when the customer dropped the trailer or is int still in the hole? Looks like it sank into the ground a bit. The left pad is bent like the trailer had settled right long enough to bend it it before going over.
  14. I have often said, when having a bad day: At least I'm not the safety director at Swift....
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