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  1. I don't know but I believe at some point in time I was in a conversation about it and I believe it's a 350 but I don't recall any other info.
  2. Oh, and the mutual driving friend, Bruce, runs a IHC 4300 as a daily worker. This was from the Auburn ATHS show in 2005 but it still looks just as nice.
  3. I've known this dog for more than two decades. He travels the same roads I do but I have only talked to Larry one time in all these years. I've never had a camera ready when I see it and usually it's when we're going opposite directions on a two lane someplace but via a mutual driving friend I finally have picture of this daily working Superliner.
  4. I wonder if it started out life as a GMC Motorhome...
  5. It was no problem. Thanks for the reports everyone. That made it easy to find all of the names it used and get them blocked right away.
  6. I've popped in from out in the yard twice today to find my email inbox filled with reports from BMT. I think I have gotten all of the alias' banned that have hit so far. If they keep coming then it's going to be something that is beyond my knowledge of the interweb to fix. I have cleared, I believe, 48 reports this afternoon.
  7. First I got it in my right big toe in my mid 20's. Put me on crutches. Had to build a "fort" around my foot with pillows because even a bed sheet touching it caused the most incredible pain. I had about 3 major flare-ups there. then about 7 years ago I got it in my left ankle, crutches again now I fight with it in both big toes & both ankles. Allopurinol on a daily basis and I keep a bottle of Indocin in the bathroom cabinet incase of a flare-up. The Indocin has always knocked the crap out of it rapidly for me. I try to drink a glass of cranberry juice every day. Basically now if I feel TH
  8. I remember it. I was 12. Those were the days before everyone had a 4X4 and a snow blower. We lived on a 3 block long dead end street. All the neighbors pitched in and we had ourselves dug out to the "traveled rd" on the 2nd day but it was another day before the city got that road opened up. The blizzard was the worst single storm of my lifetime to date. However the winter of 81/82 was terrible for Fort Wayne as we got so much snow over the winter the city trucked it to parks near our 3 different rivers then when it all began melting... the city was flooded. I believe 1/3rd of Ft Wayne, IN we
  9. A different thought occurred to me Saturday evening while chatting with my neighbors. If Biden stays in office for two years & 1 day and is then removed and Harris is sworn in as POTUS she can then serve out the balance of the Biden term and run two more times and considering what we seen in the 2020 election it isn't hard for me to believe that she could be "elected" to two terms giving her 10 years in the White House.
  10. Dang!!! I have A & B. Maybe I should put them on Ebay starting at a grand!
  11. Mike Harbison probably has a long ear dog that would be period correct.
  12. I'm not so sure that guys who own Peterbilt's every think about boobage.... (That comment was made while I was "off duty" as a mod!)
  13. Personally I strongly believe in the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, equal rights for EVERYONE no matter their color, religion, nationality, sexual preference, etc & I stand on the right side of the aisle. Several years ago Barry asked for some help in moderating this board mostly to prevent spammers. I volunteered. More recently he asked for some more help and a few more volunteered. Although I spent much of my adult life as a 1st responder and spent 13 years doing security for the 2nd largest festival in Indiana, the last 3 years, being the chairman of the security board before steppi
  14. I can't say for the speaker(?) but for the seat, when I was a kid we had a steel dash R model in the fleet that was a 5 speed with the wide (bench) riders seat. Green vinyl to match the green interior.
  15. There are active members of ATHS on the JOT forum. We all get along well but there are those of us who chose not to continue with ATHS.
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