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  1. ODFL has Autocar spotters. One of our two (hopefully our new 3rd will also be) is an Autocar and the guys really like it. It runs hard about 16 hours a day and the only real issue we have had is that the rear door won't stay open and the step catwalk directly behind the cab (against it really) has come loose a couple times, I provided some locktite for the two nuts/bolts and that seems to have done the trick so far.
  2. Some of that good, quality, Chicago lawyering..... Not only the Mayor but the Police Chief and Union are down right pissed off about this!
  3. I think they each weigh a bit more than 10K. I still carry some of my towing equip/tools on by K2500 Chevy and with my concrete ballast for the blade in the bed it weighs in at 7,100# without the blade. I ran it across our scale at work & it was 3,280 steer, 3,820 on the drive.
  4. We purchased 4 or 5 of these in the mid 1980's used. They were late 70's/early 80's models and they had the long grab handle. These were great little city tractors. Power steering, A/C, with a pup you could almost do a u-turn on a city street with them.
  5. If I remember correctly in 1979 the Pontiac 400 was backed by a 4 speed in the F body and the Olds 403 was backed by an automatic in the F body. I had two 1978 Trans Am's in the 1980's & '90's. One was a black Pontiac 400/Automatic and the other a gold Pontiac 400/4 speed. Both cars were a blast to drive and did fantastic "Rockford's"!
  6. When I'm having a bad day and wondering what could be worse I just simply tell myself "Terry, Look at it this way, you could be the safety director for Swift".
  7. In Sept of 2000 I traded the 1993 K1500 that I ordered new for a 2000 K2500 that was on the lot for nearly a year and acquired 46 miles moving snow on the dealership lot. Mine is a 350 gas engine but has the cold weather package on it. In 19 years I've put 191K & change on it and a few grand in repairs, tires & maintenance but it has really never truly let me down. I think I'll be rebuilding the transmission soon but I just don't seem me replacing it any time soon.
  8. There is no doubt from which tree that apple falls! Congratulations to Mikey & Abby!!!
  9. When I was selling Mack's, in the previous century, often our Sales Manager would order extras of a spec if it was mostly typical. That is if customer "X" ordered 8 he would submit an order for 10 thinking that he might be able to talk the customer into the 2 extra as they would not all arrive at once and sometimes the end of the order might be months out. The other option was to just add the extras to the floor plan to have new stock. A long time customer ordered several RD's & RB's every year & we would always add on 3 or more to each order. There were several other customers who ran the same spec just because they had bought some of these "overages" years earlier. It is a sales advantage to have a common spec on the lot that works well for several customers.
  10. Actually a runaway in Ohio, Starting out in Walbridge (Toledo area).
  11. A first gen Cruiseliner with tubes all around and a straight bumper. About a 1 in a million! Nice score.
  12. Dan had a complete explanation of Sam Peckinpah's reasoning behind mounting the 5th wheel so far back but I cannot remember what it was. I wish Dan would have kept his site up or that someone else would have assumed control of the Convoy part of it. The research he did and the details that he had about the movie were incredible.
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