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  1. Hello, I have two original Mack B61 and the two bulldogs with original bolts the trim and Diesel's emblems. If you or any one you know is interested let me know. 

  2. felicello122, mine is 180 degree and goes around a 8" in diameter muffler. I've heard of guys using R Model shields on the B Model. Can you send a pic?
  3. Called Watts, and they said they have none, and did a country wide search, and said there are no more available in the system.
  4. Looking for info to acquire a B Model muffler heat shield for my B61. Have the original, but kind of dinged up and has cracks.
  5. Still need to call Watts, they don't list any head gaskets on their B Model pages.
  6. Thanks for the info Ron, I had a friend blow the head gasket on his B model last year so I thought I would buy a spare for mine since parts are getting harder to find.
  7. They have some, but they need to know the head bolt pattern, and I would have to pull my valve covers.
  8. Was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to find a END673 (Non-Turbo) head gasket.
  9. Barry,

    Do you know if Mack still sells the END673 (Non-turbo) head gasket? If not, does anyone sell them.? Nice to have a spare one on hand. Also, will need the B Model rear window seal in the near future, any sales coming up? My wife gives me a small allowance!

    1. Barry


      Both 18 and 20 bolt head gaskets are really hard to find right now...we do have the rear window gasket on stock.  No specials on the books but we will post if something good comes up!

  10. Dom, see you have a pair of quarter fenders in your picture. Are they in good shape and have all the attachment hardware, and how much?

    1. Dom


      i do not have a pair one is a b61 and the other one is a b67

  11. Anyone know what size foam rubber seal Works best in the door channel on the B Model?
  12. Just wondering if any of you B61 owners who have worked on the B Model shutter actuator could share troubleshooting information. The one on my truck (1961 B61 END673) didn't work when I got it. Haven't taken it apart, but it may have bad seals inside. Looks like a simple system, but not sure how it's suppose to work since I've never seen one work. Just another learning curve right? Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  13. No thanks, that one is a little worn and has a dent.
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