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  1. Dom

    Macungie 2016

    Just got back in town the AC won't make it to the show this year but I am going up right now
  2. Dom

    Restored Mack B model

    Haven't seen one in awhile
  3. Dom

    Restored Mack B model

    Looking for a restored Mack b model tandem. Model in mind a b61 b81 b75
  4. Dom

    Restored Mack B model

    Looking for a restored Mack b model tandem. Model in mind a b61 b81 b75
  5. Dom

    1959 B61

    Is this in AC New Jersey?
  6. Dom

    Mack b67t

    The reason we are selling it is because we realized how much time and money it was going to take to put all back together and look pretty again. This a great truck don't get me wrong. We found an awesome b model for sale we need the funds from this truck to help pay for that one. We just want it to go to a good home and hopefully someone can restore it. Also we would like to have one for the summer months to tow around our 1929 ac mack instead of a 2002 330 pete pulling it. We aren't trying to flip the truck either and make money just want to break even on it.
  7. Dom

    Mack b67t

    https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/331839849833 Nice b model for sale.
  8. Dom, see you have a pair of quarter fenders in your picture. Are they in good shape and have all the attachment hardware, and how much?

    1. Dom


      i do not have a pair one is a b61 and the other one is a b67

  9. Dom

    need b-model trucks

    I have a b67 for sale I live in pa
  10. Dom

    B model parts

    It won't upload my other pictures
  11. Dom

    B model parts

    A lot of parts for sale, if you see something you need let me know. The shell is sold.
  12. Dom

    Mack b30

    Does anyone know anything about this truck or the owner
  13. Dom


    West Chester pa southeast area of the state
  14. Dom


  15. Dom


    I am bidding on this truck right now.

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