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  1. Sorry no crankshaft pully. Have alr cleaner pipe for a B-61 Turbo might be the same I don't know.
  2. Time to start to clean house. Many parts for sale, too many to list separately. Some are so so, others are very good. Text me (412-848-1990)what you might need, and I'll see if I have it. (Sorry no fenders) I'm near Pittsburgh and am willing to ship the smaller stuff. I have to get rid of most of it, might be losing my space for this stuff. I don't want a fortune, but I can't/won't take this stuff to the junk yard without trying to sell it first.
  3. Mike, I've got the same type on my B. I had PSD (Point Spring & Driveshaft) do 2 for me, only about 175.00 each. They are in the Pittsburgh area.
  4. I hear 5 are gone. To be ship to the 3rd world or worse.... cut up. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. Make sure your batteries are in series to get 24v, Cranking a 24v system with only 12v will make it spin slow.
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