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  1. The rectangular rubber clutch pads are still available through Mack
  2. Looking for a later model Granite GU813 or GU713 or possibly a CV tandem roll back steel bed with wood floor on air ride
  3. I’ve been floating the EGR delete for these engines but haven’t had a reason why. I have one ‘06 CXN612 that has an active EGR Mass flow code. I’ve seen advertisements for a delete module by OTR but now OTR doesn’t list any products for sale. Any suggestions would be appreciated I’d rather try something new than just replace the mass flow tube.
  4. Impact is accessible through dealer portal. You’ll need a log in. A dealer may be able to assist you and allow access to to trucks you have ViNs for.
  5. Sorry to hear this! My condolences!
  6. You have some modifications to do for a '08 or newer cab swap. I call them the. New +3 cabs. Like previously stated about the HVAC, electrical distribution, and air distribution is different. The firewalls are a slightly different. The cab mounting would also be different and modified in front and the air bags mount behind the shocks instead of in front. I'm not saying it couldn't be done but it would take some re-work.
  7. My "newest" one approximately 50' north of where the H-Model was pictured 50 years ago this past summer.
  8. I grew up hearing the names of the fallen local outfits. Lightning, Eazor, W.J. Dillner, Lake Shore, Aero, Hammel's Express, D. Ali Trucking, Point Transfer, Mike Schaefer (Elizabeth,Pa) Johnstown -Pittsburgh Express, Etc. I'm currently in IBT 249 as a shop steward. My Dad was in 249 when he hauled most of the steel for JPX since the road men didn't want anything to do with steel and his cousin was terminal manager. Our family goes way back in the Trucking industry in Pittsburgh. My grandfather drove for Rockenstein and Bradley Trucking out Ingram part-time in 40s and 50s. My father started ha
  9. Check the dash grounds behind the cluster on drivers side, passenger side next to circuit breaker, and engine block ground on left bottom side of block.
  10. Different hinges, mounting, and dimensions. No, it won't fit without modification somewhere.
  11. They are in there. They'll have yellow plugs with white tags saying aux and bat.
  12. Check dash grounds on drivers side and passenger side dash. They are inside the dash. I had a similar complaint on one 9-2 was present. Followed a service bulletin for that code and found cab ground on passenger side dash was loose.
  13. Yep I've seen my share of accidents like that. That's salvagable. Sorry to hear though!
  14. Clean Shop! That one wasn't a smooth delivery if I recall. The purchaser definitely had patience.
  15. If they wanted the heavy spec market, that they once had, why wouldn't they be competitive with options like cabs, power plants, and price? I have scratched my head at this since the Titans release. I also don't understand why an ISX can not be offered in a CHU? They share the same frame as a Volvo which offers a Cummins? In my few years working at a dealer I've only seen a handful of Titans and D16's.
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