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  1. Need a large piece of equipment (Vertical Turret Lathe) moved from mi to pa... 18,000lbs. thanks Paul
  2. One of the engines is almost 6ft tall standing on end... inline six, trying to load pics... thanks paul
  3. Anyone out there interested in blocks cranks and possibly a head or 2?? helping cleaning up a shop and there’s a few 150 block there at at least 2 or 3 large Cummins engine blocks. Along with cranks and some heads...
  4. Anyone know anything about the truck show in Carlisle at a kenworth dealership tomorrow???
  5. Where can i get new springs and pin parts for my B81?
  6. What are you guys and gals using for rear brake chambers on the B81s?? I would like to use spring brakes but there is hardly any room for the canisters.... Thanks Paul
  7. Did you sell the b81??

  8. Who insures a antique truck if you want to hall a antique trailer with a antique piece of equipment on it???
  9. Trip has bin postponed due to damage of equipment. Toledo OH to Lehighton PA
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