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  1. I have left over parts from donor truck, 1959 B-Model 4.00 gear rato , good running 673 diesel,10 speed two stick trans, cab. I have cab doors, fenders, front grill rad shell(not chrome) misc. Will post other items when I get some more pics.
  2. Name: Mack B (1959) Date Added: 07 February 2015 - 01:12 PM Owner: thermodynediesel Short Description: The finished product View Vehicle
  3. The green and white trucks merged to get the finished product. I have extra parts I will be looking to sell. I will take pictures and post soon. * Single axle drive line from the white truck. - 673 engine, runs. - Rear end with 4.00 gear rato. - Twin stick trans. 10 speed. - Radiator is good. * Green cab truck. - Misc. stuff I will post pictures soon. I just don't have space to store the extra parts so need to get rid of. Thanks
  4. That is the only place I have ever seen them.
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the comments and questions. You are right maddog,thete is no front brakes ans i did put a little wider tires on and they are radials.and it is one of Dougs bumper set up. The bumper is polished stsainless umodelnut, thanks for asking. I have a couple walk around videos i will post also .
  6. Thanks for the comments. I attached some more pictures. I think the front bumper set up I purchased from macktrucknut really makes the truck stand out, I am really happy I made that call. Hope you guys like the photos.
  7. Just wondering if anybody knows of some options out there for front bumpers, I know Watts Mack has two options available, just want to know what some of you have used for your trucks or were you may have gotten your front bumper, I want chrome or stainless. I have seen B-models with different styles like the original looking ones to modern looks. any help would be great. Thanks
  8. Thanks for all the comments, this truck dose have the uni shift 10 speed, I had planned on polishing the tanks but at some point the tanks were sand blasted and painted, I started to stripe them then realized they weren't polishible q uality so painted they are. Thanks again.
  9. Fuel tanks painted and installed . and soms other parts done and ready to install
  10. Thanks for all the replys. here are the answers to your questions. The wiring harnesses complete kit came from vintage wiring of Main,great to deal with.included complete install manual everything marked and complete wiring diagram .hoping to have it all wired soon.maybe another day. the dyna mat is for sound and vibrating and heat blocking. i will post more pics as it progresses .Thanks
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