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  1. I have a NOS set of Bores Superliner Rock gaurds if you need them. Bill 603-743-8080
  2. This truck was purchased by Dave Foster of Henniker NH. He owns Foster materials, I sent him the ad, he bought it, and I sent a truck to haul it back to his shop. You could give him a call, a real nice guy who has a Mack collection of working trucks that make you drool! Good luck, Bill
  3. Yes, from what I heard he crashed somewhere around Portland on an exit ramp on the Maine turnpike . He had chrome hubcaps, flap weights, and extra chicken light on the front bumper. He would always wave when you met him on the road.
  4. Yes they bolt to the fender. You have to drill holes thought the bottom of fiberglass and steel bracket behind. They come with rubber spacers to go behind stone gaurds to compensate for the existing bolt heads.
  5. Mack Daddy, I have 2 sets NOS Bores Stone Gaurds for the Superliner’s. If you want a set pm me or call me at 603-743-8080. Thanks, Bill
  6. Where do you live Jim? I am located in Union NH, which is about 15 miles north of Rochester on Rte.16.
  7. I have a NOS set of Bores Superliner rock Gaurds in the package. You can reach me at 603-743-8080, thanks Bill
  8. Any idea how many mikes are on the truck? I see someone else asked, do you know what the wheelbase is? Last, where is the truck located? Thanks.
  9. Yes, it would be nice if we could run tandem 26 foot trailers like the guys in Mass. As you say, so much easier to get around the cities. I pull a 38' Mac trailer, and the extra distance between the tractor axles and trailer axles make for a smoother all around tide even on the highways. You get used to the length, I end up backfilling foundations and you can get pretty close to the building if the excavation guys plan for trailers.
  10. Hello Jack, I am still working for Alky, buy as ever. I have been wanting to put a truck on the road for a while. I have a good friend and would like to see him treated well. I have had owner operators working for us and figure why not add a Superliner into the mix. May not launch it until the spring, but time will tell. Red Horse, New Hampshire has been loosing Federal Highway funds because we have been able to certify trucks and trailers that don't meet the federal bridge formula. NH has changed their laws in order to get the federal funding. You must meet the inner bridge formula (36' from front drive axle to rear trailer axle) to be legal on the interstates. All other state roads are still good for the shorter lengths. The tru-axle tractor will make it legal with a trailer shorter than the new ones that meet the bridge formular.NH allows 99,000 on 6 axles plus 5% which gets us up to 103,800. They are telling us that they are supposed to start axle weighing us and when they do, it will be pretty much impossible to get the drive axles legal, so the tri-axle tractor with the axle down will correct that problem.
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