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  1. I have a complete set of forks(6 of them) for a trtxl1070b 12 speed transmission for sale together with shifting rails. Will sell all for 200$,plus shipping Used Phone. 7808033583
  2. I have some parts for V8 engine. 8 Rod bushings,set of valve guides and seals,cam bearings ,8 good used injectors, 8 intake seats,new yoke for 12 speed transmission,water pump and oil pump like new with only 80 hours. Asking 300 CAD. I can't download pictures but I can send them over email. Shipping is separate. 7808033583
  3. abmac

    E9 500

    E9 500 for sale Rebuilt ,8 new liners ,8 new pistons ,new main and rod bearings, crankshaft is standard, rebuilt rods,new oil cooler core, rebuilt heads,new injection pump and injectors ,v style pump, rebuilt turbo,all exhaust manifolds ceramic coated. Engine is complete fan to flywheel. Asking 10000 USD. I sold my Superliner and I don't need it.Located in Edmonton Alberta
  4. Truck is sold as of Feb 08
  5. I have all the original badges. It has a pto installed. No wet kit. I have the original sun visor also. The price is 20000 USD
  6. Just to be clear the price for this truck is not 15000. I paid that much just to painted.
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