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  1. Hi, saw you had couple MH parts... Any chance you'd have any leather interior trim for MH sleeper cab??

    Thanks, Paul

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    2. KiwiAs


      That's cool. Thanks anyways. Hey while I'm here, any chance you'd know where I can buy radiators to suit an e9 v8 going into an r chassis? 

    3. MHfred


      No, I do not.

    4. KiwiAs


      Ok, thanks for that. Have a good one

  2. Does anyone know where I can buy e9 v8 radiators to suit CLR + pre-2000 Titan's on R chassis?? Thanks, Paul
  3. Hey I'm a bit novice at communicating on this site - so everything in the pics is for sale? If so, how much? No heads/injector pump/block by any chance? And do you have an email I can message you on? Thanks, Paul
  4. KiwiAs

    E9 500

    Hi, any chance you've still got the e9 from a few years ago for sale? Thanks, Paul
  5. Looking for an e9 + cooling system in any condition. If it's still in a frame, I'd consider removing it... Thanks, Paul
  6. Ok thanks for that... Have a good one
  7. Hi, do you have any e9 parts? If so, what do you have available? Thanks, Paul
  8. Hey do you still have e9 parts for sale? If you do, what do you have? Hope your new year was good ... Maybe hear from you when you get a chance. Thanks, Paul
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