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  1. How much horsepower can I get out of a 237 Maxidyne? I want to do a custom install on a boat- not for a customer. I want to use Mack, but want to have more horsepower then the normal Cummins QSC8.3 @600HP in the comparable size boat. I want to be different. Wht can I do? Will the engine handle it?
  2. Does anyone know the filter numbers for the primary and secondary fuel filters on a 1968 U600 with a 237? Mine are rusted so bad I can’t read the numbers. Thank you
  3. Does Mack or anyone still offer or have a cab wire harness for a 1968 U model tractor?
  4. I have a complete 237 Maxidyne for sale. It was out of a cab over truck. I bought it for a project that will never happen. The engine was stored inside for ten years after it was removed. So I’m told. It has a hole in the oil pan from a fork truck issue. I don’t know if it runs. Was told it did when it was removed. I planned on going through it anyway. Cleaning up my Mack hoarding problem and need to sell. Located in Jupiter FL.
  5. Hi Alex, I’m looking for a rocker panel for the drivers side on a steel dash R model. Do you have one? Thx
  6. Looking for the large fiberglass dealer bulldog that was mounted out front.
  7. Looking for one set of front leaf springs for a b61
  8. Does it still have the tan bulldog embossed drivers seat? If so I’m interested.
  9. Looking for a 4” inlet rain cap for a Donaldson air cleaner
  10. How much do you want for it?
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