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  1. I have a 47 Rogers just like it. Pm me your number for details.
  2. Good luck with the sell.... Hopefully it stays with an enthusiast and not a guy like this.
  3. Found a 6x6 b model Engine and chassis number match. Not a b8136 or b426. Timken axles front and rear (7.43 gear) and a Spicer transfer case. How do we identify what type of conversion it has under it?
  4. Can some one identify this engine for me?
  5. Great idea with kirker. Contacted them directly today and they are sending me a paint chip catalog. They were unable to provide any historical part numbers. Do you guys have the Mack red paint number for imron? From the forum search I found 312SX15P2 was the old kirker number.
  6. My paint shop isn't having any luck crossing over the old Mack paint codes. In the middle of restoring a 1960 b model Mack. can anyone cross over ditzler 70211 to a newer imron paint code?
  7. I've used the search and it answered most of my questions about paint codes, however there are no details on dayton wheel colors. Does anyone have a paint code number for the silver/grey wheels? Also, its my understanding all chassis were painted black. What color were the front bumpers and wheel spokes? Were they color matched to the cab or black?
  8. Resurecting this thread. Budget is more than 7k now for sure!. Wanting to make a lowboy truck with winch
  9. There was interest in this a few years ago. When you say the dolly is for sale, are you talking about the trailer?
  10. I've been doing research on the B83s. It appears there are 3 different radiators on them... some have the standard B81, some have a dual core with a round top, and some have a dual core with a flat top. I searched and found where it was talked about before but does anyone have a for sure answer on why they are different? If it helps, I know the dusty one is a B833 and the Green one is a B83 with a 250 cummins, Not sure about the other two
  11. Take a look at the picture again... Single stick Mack? Can't get a good look at the dash plate.
  12. It's close to me if anyone wants better pictures or a second opinion.
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