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  1. No, I would put his name on here for you but not sure he would want me to. He owns a construction company and farms "row-crops". He suppose to come today to pick it up so I will check, if its ok to tell everyone who purchased it.
  2. Truck and lowboy has been sold. Going to Taylors, S.C. Thanks for everyone's input, Dale..
  3. I wish you did too maddog. I know you would respect the history of these old machines..
  4. OK, I have been talking with several guys and I have decided to offer this truck and lowboy for what I have invested. The tractor has new tires (22.5 tubeless) and the lowboy has a new floor, new brakes, all new clearance & brake/turn lights along with new wiring all the way to the plug. Lowboy has 4 good tires (20's). Also has a new "kingpin". I have invested a total of $17,400. I will let it go for $16,000. If I can't get at least that I will just hope maybe my grandson will want it one day.
  5. Not sure, but it looks just like the one in the operation and maintenance manual that came with the truck.
  6. I have used this rig for years hauling tractors to shows. There are no issues with this truck or lowboy. Truck has all new tires with maybe 200 miles on them. As far as how much, I will entertain a reasonable offer but please I don't want to be lowballed. Some of you that have restored these old trucks just input your opinion as to what you think it is worth. I know it's hard to judge with out looking or driving. A good driver can "float" gears in this truck with no problem. With all the machinery I have here on the farm, this old boy cranks better than anything I have with an engine, in cold
  7. Are you referring to the JD840? If so it has been sold. If you are referring to the Mack "road tractor" I would like to sell truck and lowboy together.
  8. I still want to sell my 1960 B61 & lowboy if anyone is interested. Runs perfect. Every light, gauge, heater & wipers work. Truck has power steering. Has 676 engine. Has triplex. No rust, anywhere. Reasonable offers considered. Located in Georgia. 770-464-3276(shop) 770-846-6877(cell)
  9. Hey guys, I hoped I would never have to do this but, due to some health issues I am being forced to sell my 1960 B613T Mack and lowboy. I have had it for about 5 years after trying to locate a good one for about 10 years. This truck is in very good condition. It has new 22.5 tires with about 200 miles on them. The truck has power steering and every guage and light works. Has a mack 676 engine with triplex trans. Most of you guys know about what the value would be so, please give me some good honest numbers which is all I could ask. You can look at my profile at "Wiley Farm" to see several p
  10. I don't think I want to restore another one GreenGiant2. Lots of work and lots of dollars to restore! If yours has a Handcock pan on it, must be an early model. Dale..
  11. This unit was used to pull 2 drum Waco sheepfoot. These units were also used to pull Handcock or JD400 scrapers which was 7 1/2 yards. Thanks, Dale..
  12. I have a 1959 JD 840 for sale. New clutches, new wiring, new lights, all new gauges, new batteries, new air cleaner, new muffler, new brake linings, new brake cylinders and slave cylinders. Runs great. $15,000. I am located in Georgia. 770-464-3276 (shop) 770-846-6877 (cell)
  13. Thanks farmer52, No I don't have a scraper with it. This tractor was used to pull a Waco 2 drum sheep foot. Beside, I would have to find a longer lowboy!
  14. The engine in this tractor is a direct start (24v) diesel with 2 pistons for a total 472 cubic in.
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