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  1. cdvntx

    1962 B61 D673P Triplex

    Truck has sold. Thanks
  2. cdvntx

    1962 B61 D673P Triplex

    I purchased this B61 last year with the intention of finishing its restoration. Health issues will not allow that, so it needs to go to a new owner to give it the attention it needs. It has the D673P Thermadyne engine with the Triplex transmission. Good tires with spares. It is licensed and insured, but not road ready. It needs new wiring to some of the lights and the air horn is in-op. Bad reeds. It has a huge winch driven by a PTO. I don't know it's condition. It is bolted on and can be removed. It is complete. 5th wheel and goose neck hitches. Custom bumpers. It drives great and will do 65mph. Dash gauges need redone and I have another speedo and some clearance lights too. $8500
  3. cdvntx

    Hola Folks

    I understand Hi/Lo. But Direct has me a little buffaloed. Final gear is Hi/5?
  4. cdvntx

    Hola Folks

    I'll trade you! Yeah, I GPS it @ 65 on level ground. I wouldn't want to do much faster. I was in hilly country and hit 73 downhill with a tailwind, ha! Anyways, lots sorting to do before license and inspection
  5. cdvntx

    Hola Folks

    It has the 15 spd triplex. I think I went thru 6 gears before getting out of the driveway, lol.
  6. cdvntx

    Hola Folks

    Owner says 60-65 mph. I'll be looking for taller gears
  7. cdvntx

    Hola Folks

    My name is Chris and I reside in the great state of Texas. In the DFW area to be a little more precise. I'm about to pull the trigger on a 1962 B-61 END673P. I'm not sure what the "P" designates as this is my maiden voyage into the vintage Mack truck world. So, I'll be seeking lots of help from the elders, lol. More about the truck. It has the Triplex transmission. Single rear axle. It's geared pretty low and I'd like to explore making it more highway friendly.
  8. cdvntx

    1962 B-61

    Thank you guys, I'll check out these two leads
  9. cdvntx

    B-Model Parts

    Hi, I'm looking for driver and passenger side door glass and vent windows for a 1962 B-61. Thanks
  10. cdvntx

    1962 B-61

    I'm a first time Mack owner and need lots of schooling. Right now I'm looking for door glass and vent windows for both driver and passenger sides. Best regards, Chris

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