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  1. I picked up a 2008 F350 duel wheel utility truck from Colorado and had it shipped back to the salt belt of Northeast Pa. I could not believe the difference in the under carriage. I did some work on it and couldn't believe how easy everything would come apart. The truck doesn't have a spot of rust on it with 145,000 miles. Around here, every truck I looked at that was 10 years old needed a new truck! Lol
  2. MIB Lionel Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4 Steam Locomotive and Tender set. MIB Scale Madison Combine/Diner set (2 cars) MIB Scale Madison Passenger set (5 cars) 400 Watts transformer 100' of 3 rail track $2,500.00 plus the ride (LOWER PRICE $1,700.00) Any questions call Mike 570-436-1600
  3. FYI, Doug no longer makes the stainless bumpers, just steel. I bought a steel one and the stainless grill guard two years ago for my B755. He said he will no longer make the stainless bumpers because they scratch too easy and are really hard to make because of that.
  4. I also heard it is a true Magnum. He only painted it white to be different from the factory black. Very sharp truck.
  5. WOW What a nice collection from your old home state Jeff.
  6. I have a fuller 8 LL in my tri-axle. When shifting from high to low range, it grinds. At the same time this showed up, when I shift from low low, to low, air feeds back through the shifter. If I move the valve around a little, air stops. I can't find much trouble shooting for the 8 LL on the internet. Any help?
  7. At on time, they had over 100 head. Now down to 3 cows and 1 bull.
  8. Yes , I was just there yesterday. Joe's gone. His daughter, Mary Lou is running the place. I get along with her great. Burke is no longer married to Mary Lou. He's out of the picture all together.


    I enjoy the vanilla Cojimar's, sugar tipped. Sweet smell and mild taste.
  10. 1960 B422S, diesel, double frame 1961 B613LST diesel, triple frame $3,500.00 each or $6,000.00 for the pair I have more pictures if interested. Mike 570-436-1600
  11. I would be interested in it. Which pto does it have? Thanks Mike
  12. I need a Ford F350 utility truck moved from Longmont, Co. to Hazleton Pa. or close, even Ohio. Truck runs and drives. I have access to any kind of loading dock in Pa we might need. A dock is available in Co. Not looking for a free ride but reasonable, even to Ohio or close. 8' wide, 6' high, 22' long, 9,500 lbs. Mike 570-436-1600
  13. Yes, remove the bottom drain hose and than you can get a filter wrench on the canister to unscrew it.
  14. Only got down to -9 here this morning. Coldest I've seen in a long while.
  15. I've never seen anything other than a Dynatard on a E9. Mine works great but as stated I think a lot has to do with valve settings and how well the engine is running. A weak engine is not going to have good engine braking power. On 6 cylinders I've never had a good Dynatard but had some Jakes that worked great.
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