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    Also have my first car, bought in 1979, a 1969 GTO Judge, 400, RA III, 4 sp.

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  1. I'm running about the same HP. I put a aluminum core radiator and switched ELC for coolant. No problems with over heating.
  2. 1962 B-42

    I also have a B42 that was repowered without the rears being changed. I think it has 7. ?? gears. Slower than slow. Maybe that's why it only has 89,000 miles on it. No one wanted to drive it. LOL
  3. Odd cars you have restored

    The wheels are made by Enkei. I liked them because they looked like the Centerline wheels of old days.
  4. Odd cars you have restored

    My 1969 GTO Judge I bought in 1979 when I was in high school. Paid $200.00 ( had a hard time getting that) I did a frame off about 20 years ago. 68,000 miles. Ram Air III, 4 speed.
  5. E9 head gasket failure after 2500 miles?

    Check to make sure the engine brake solenoid is not hanging up on that head.
  6. E9 head gasket failure after 2500 miles?

    As far as the ticking sound, make sure to check the base manifold for the turbo (not the turbo). They are noted to crack on the back side facing the firewall.
  7. Reminds me a time I got stopped at the scales. The two officers were arguing over the color of my eyes. My license stated they were BROWN. One said " No they are BLUE. They other said "they are GREEN" But clearly they were "RED" LOL Clearly you will get a different answer with everyone you ask.
  8. ATCA Show at Macungie June 16 - 18, 2017

    Saturday is the biggest day. Trucks don't start leaving until afternoon. They hit around 610 trucks right before lunch last year.
  9. ATCA Show at Macungie June 16 - 18, 2017

    I'll be there Saturday. Superliner with B755 in tow.
  10. Which turbo???

    What did you start with? My 2000 Rd was a 400. I installed super flow injectors and changed to a 427 turbo. Running 490Hp.
  11. Jeff, the pump you have for a 864 would fit with the 864 gear, but is the tank big enough for the garrison set up? Is that why you went with your set up? I have a spare tank off a superliner like the one you have on yours, but what pump would I need to get that fits on a 864 and works with a separate tank? Are the garrison set ups available new?
  12. Mack decanter

    I have cases of Mack decanters to sell. By the case or single. Unused, never filled. I will bring a opened case to Macungie with me but if anyone is interested in a full case, let me know and i will bring it along. $20.00 each and $200.00 for a case of 12. Mike 570-436-1600
  13. Yes I would be interested if they will work on my truck.
  14. It sounds like the way to go. Send me some pictures when you get a chance. Thanks.