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    Also have my first car, bought in 1979, a 1969 GTO Judge, 400, RA III, 4 sp.

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  1. Happy Birthday MACKTRUCKS4!

    Thanks guys. Been busy lately to check the site out.
  2. Its cold here.

    Only got down to -9 here this morning. Coldest I've seen in a long while.
  3. E9 Engine Brake

    I've never seen anything other than a Dynatard on a E9. Mine works great but as stated I think a lot has to do with valve settings and how well the engine is running. A weak engine is not going to have good engine braking power. On 6 cylinders I've never had a good Dynatard but had some Jakes that worked great.
  4. Superliner chrome bumper
  5. Superliner chrome bumper

    Do you have a picture?
  6. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    I've had these injectors in for about 5 or 6 years now with no issues. I had an issue with an engine stumble., Pulled the injectors thinking it was the problem but it wasn't. Turned out Mack had problems with that year computer and had it re-programed and that took care of the problem. Changed the radiator and replaced it with a better flowing aluminum core.
  7. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades Never checked mpg. Sometimes you have sacrifice power for mpg. Where I run, it's nothing but hills and valleys. It did increase my egt's and water temps, but still in the safe range. Where you live it is for sure hotter but you don't have the hills to climb (except for overpasses, LOL)
  8. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    I have a 2000 Rd with a 400hp stock motor. Added super flow injectors (90 hp increase) and only changed the turbo to a 427 (which you already have) giving me around 490 with no other changes. Very few tri-axles around can run with it. My mileage is a lot lower, about 300,000. A friend has a 525 Cat and one day I was running with him and I out pulled him on a long hill. So either mine runs better or his runs weaker.
  9. I got the power steering pump from that Magnum. I saw many E9 engine parts on Ebay years ago and called about that truck. They said it came in whole and went out in MANY parts.
  10. A friend of mine has a 2003 Granite. I thought the Legend was in 2004 and the Granite was brought in mid run of the Legend. Anyone know if the two over lapped?
  11. I'm running about the same HP. I put a aluminum core radiator and switched ELC for coolant. No problems with over heating.
  12. 1962 B-42

    I also have a B42 that was repowered without the rears being changed. I think it has 7. ?? gears. Slower than slow. Maybe that's why it only has 89,000 miles on it. No one wanted to drive it. LOL
  13. Odd cars you have restored

    The wheels are made by Enkei. I liked them because they looked like the Centerline wheels of old days.
  14. Odd cars you have restored

    My 1969 GTO Judge I bought in 1979 when I was in high school. Paid $200.00 ( had a hard time getting that) I did a frame off about 20 years ago. 68,000 miles. Ram Air III, 4 speed.
  15. E9 head gasket failure after 2500 miles?

    Check to make sure the engine brake solenoid is not hanging up on that head.