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  1. I'm having the same problem I have the drive in freeze plug style. What are the part number for the style with the plug. Thanks
  2. Maxville truck my fuel plate is slid all way forward do you know if you can grind them to get more fuel. thanks for any advice
  3. Nice looking ride was the drop visor hard to put on I have same one been dreading putting it on.
  4. Hey staxx

    seen where u said you have been Mack mechanic for years. I've got a 300 Mack e7 mechinical pump think it's 7100 like p pump cummins. I took it mechanic had timing advanced fuel plate is alway forward. I put a 400 turbo on it seems like I need more fuel it runs cool around 800 loaded on hard pull on pyrometer. What can I do to get for fuel out of pump can you grind the plate like the cummins boys are doing. Thanks for any advice. 

  5. Hello guys ive got a 97 Mack rb with em7 300 mechanical motor I took it to mechanic had the timing advanced and little fuel turned to it. I brought it back home put a new 400 turbo on it. I was wanting to turn more fuel to it. It's got the Bosch pump its only runnin about 800 deg on pyrometer loaded on long pull. We do most of our own repairs but never been in one of those pumps. Thanks for any advice.
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