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  1. I had the same question when I did the radio in mine. I ended up just using the pig tail that was on the back of the Mack radio. All the wires matched in color and all, I just had to cut the factory plug off.
  2. Well I didn't see there was another page of responses. That really sucks, sorry to hear it didn't work out for you.
  3. Well Im alittle late on this one. I pretty much went through the same issue a year and a half ago. I had to rebuild my engine in my 2000 RD. We also have a 2001 CL with the 460XT program. So I told the dealer when I was doing the rebuild I wanted more power. I knew trying for the xt program wasn't an option. The wonderful EPA put a total end to the xt program. Now with that being said I was also told that mack wouldn't send the program file to the dealer to reflash to 460. There was a whole list of reasons why they wouldn't do it, including since Volvo took over they wont run the power up. I d
  4. Thank you all for the insite. I'm just worried that's all. We're slow now, but I don't want to be having issues once the work is in full swing.
  5. I was wondering what you guys think about valve adjustments. I had a new engine built about a year and a half ago. It was a total build out of frame. When I picked the truck up at the dealer is asked the service manager when he wanted it back to check it over and adjust the valves. His answer was we don't. He says it was dyno broken in so you don't have to. Now that goes against everything I have ever heard and believe in. So I ran it. I have done oil samples from the first oil change to watch everything. All was going well until late the last oil change. It started burning oil, and my coppe
  6. Yes sir, I really appreciate your outlook on that.
  7. I have a Bostrom wide ride II, it's a nice seat, but the air fittings were leaking a bit, that was a pain to get in and fix. Also I have leather, and I wish the leather was a bit heavier. I feel like it's gonna wear out and start getting holes any minute. For the money I feel it could be alittle better quality. Also it is a very large seat to fit in an r model cab.
  8. I have one on an rd 688. It's a 10" drop, and I had to drill new holes. Really wasn't to bad to install.
  9. If I remember right small peterbilt and the large peterbilt for the tach and speedo. I think the big ones were 2 5/8. They fit mine nicely.
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