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  1. what is the number of LKQ so i can give them a call thanks
  2. hello ..i am looking for a Mack ch613 e6 engine standard crankshaft with sleeves for sale


  3. from my experience the pro-link is just a scan tool don't think you can program with it..will have to confirm that anyway
  4. i use it only for mack trucks to help identify possible issues with the truck..so far it as proved helpful only that i have to still search out possible solutions for whatever faults i see.
  5. good afternoon Mr Nut what do you want to know about the nexiq.have one myself and its very healpful
  6. good day i am having a challenge with my Mack ch613 2000 model fuel processor 382 it doesn't retain diesel and sometimes it cuts diesel on motion.i have tried to trace the problem but no head way yet.
  7. this manuals what do they contain
  8. yr 1996 /electric injector regular mack single axle and i have another vehicle which is also 1996 double axle electric injector the vehicle is refusing to start after diagnosing the following errors came up 1-proprietary data link 2-SAE JI708(J1587) DATA LINK
  9. the vehicle is a mack ch 613 single cabin....the driver complains about the vehcle not gaining enough momentum to move when it is loaded..i scanned the vehicle the massage displayed on the diagnostic screen is engine speed..does this make any meaning to anyone and also how can i understand general faults and how do i tackle them.
  10. its amazing what people know bout vehicles here can any one help me with analyzing an active fault called engine speed.
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