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  1. Anytime you guys need help, you need to send me the last six digits of your VIN Thanks,
  2. Test 5 — Isolating the Cause of the Fault Code The cause of this fault is difficult to isolate. The root cause of this fault may be in one or more EUP Solenoids, in the EECU, in the engine wiring harness, or in other chassis related components. Eso pude encontrar, ahora el numero de parte del eup es 313GC 5230MX
  3. is it an e-tech or aset ai/ac???
  4. If you need help finding, locating a part,electrical diagrams, your radio is locked and is asking you for a code, i work in a mack dealer overseas , feel free to ask anything and ill be happy to help.
  5. I work at a mack dealer, give the the last 6 digits and the model of the truck and ill be glad to help u
  6. Amigo ayúdame con los 6 últimos números del vin y modelo de este mack , yo trabajo de control técnico en un dealer mack, yo te puedo ayudar Gracias
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