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Need help finding anything for your mack



If you need help finding, locating a part,electrical diagrams, your radio is locked and is asking you for a code, i work in a mack dealer overseas , feel free to ask anything and ill be happy to help.

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good day

i am having a challenge with my Mack ch613 2000 model fuel processor 382 it doesn't retain diesel and sometimes it cuts diesel on motion.i have tried to trace the problem but no head way yet.

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1 have a 94 mack ms 200p cabover and i cant get the cab to unlatch so i can raise it.

do you have any ideas that might help?

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i have a 1994 mack ms 200 cab over box truck and i cant get the latch to work in order to

raise the cab. it has a sticker on the back of the cab with instructions and i followed them

but the cab wont budge. do you have any ideas? thanks frank

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I just bought a 1990 RD688S with the wrong front tires. How do I find out what size tires came on the truck originally?


Check the left door inside. It contains tires recommended.

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hey there I have a 2011 granite gu713 with the mp8 engine. I want to install a oil sampling tap but cant seem to find a blank oil pressure port. any suggestions

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Hello can you tell me what I can check or replace when a Mack truck with this vin# 7M057351. I have a fan clutch that stays on. I check the fan clutch with air pressure it goes off and also check the fan clutch switch. they both work but what do I check next?. please help, thank you

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