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  1. We had same problem changed starter an it fixed it so far. Also check 1939 line. I know starter sounds fishy but it fixed are truck
  2. I have a broken shift fork on the low- direct . Can it be changed without removal an disabling the trans?
  3. Got a tired 671 Detroit lookin to swap it for a cat 3406 industrial. Does any one know if the pto on the Detroit will fit the cat or what info is needed to see if they will match up?
  4. Ok first of all can anybody tell me how to move this topic to electric fourm? An for shits an grins i put old computer back in truck fired right up so i call the place that remaned the computer an they now tell me i have to have a computer/scan tool hooked to truck to program it after they told me it was plug an play does anybody know of anyone in western pa with such tool cause last guy was 400/ hour
  5. The is in an e one junker firetruck rear engine it acts to me like a relay kickin out but to find it is going to be a chore it has fuse panels all over an none are marked if i jump directly at starter an it starts that should tell me i have a bad wire or relay somewere in the 3 mile long wire harness. Correct?
  6. It is ddec2 would no oil pressure shut starter down it doesn't fire starter quits first
  7. 1990 Detroit 8V92 had computer hooked to it the guy said ecm was bad so i got a remaned ecm now the truck cranks for 2 sec an quits hit starter again cranks for 2 or 3 sec an quits im runnin out of patience with this pos any ideas on what it could be
  8. Yes it does have electronic fuel pedal. When you say ecm was disconnected with power on could a bad wire/connection give same result
  9. Are tanker is next to be replaced an if i get my way it will be a granite
  10. Fuel filters have ben changed as well as tank drained. It does have turbo. Voltage on guage in dash reads 12 volt untill you go above idle and this isue is there wether all the pretty lights are on or not. By the way it is an e- one an there wiring sucks to put it nicely i will check all the wire connections an see what i get. I have been told to replace throttle position sensor an that will fix it. We are a small fire co with little funds so i dont want to throw parts at it if not needed
  11. Penn deisel told me it is ddec 2 Fuel filters have been changed an tank drained an scoped an is spotless in side It just acts like you shut the key off no spit no sputter
  12. 1990 8v 92 rear engine in fire truck while driving it will act like u turn key off. When u lift foot off throttle it will idle but as soon as you open throttle it will shut down. I have no active codes but stored codes are 16 31 32 35 41 42 44 46 51 62 63 65 any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I was just wondering if it does what the add says it does and can u buy additional software for it like for excavaters,loaders,an rock trucks. Does it work well for car an light trucks?
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