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  1. Once again the scum have struck, and somehow the left will claim that if they had even more stricter gun controls this would not happen, how about if more people had guns at their disposal the scum would have been dead before causing anymore harm. Gun control does not stop a bomb, I find it funny that the police who have all the guns lock themselves in a bunker at night and speak to you through a bullet proof glass wall, what are they afraid of ?? yet they want us to sit in our homes unprotected while they hole up in their bunker, what do they fear ?? The O crap for brains want you to believe that if we are nice to the scum they will like us, they don't and never will, the only thing they understand is strength and power and if that means that we need the ability to wipe them off the earth then that is what we need . If being nice and pleasant is the way to win the scums hearts then why does the DOT and all the rest of the Gestapo need to write such large fines for basically small things, don't you think if we can be nice to Iran we could talk nice to the local trucker and get him to get into compliance. Oh that's right, it is does not work, the trucker would ride off and laugh at the dumb cop and do as he pleases, just like the scum. We should treat the scum like we treat our own people, you never stop your puppy from peeing on the floor by telling him NO, a slap on the but get's the job done. Wake up poop for brains president and act like a man with a spine and not a VJJ I feel bad for the dead and injured but they and their Government allowed this to happen and soon it will be at a Mall near you America. Liberals make me want to puke
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