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  1. my 47 type 45 I've noticed that the amp gage reads around 50 amps while running down the road is this normal
  2. En 330 carb I'm thinking it's a zenith . Anyone ever attempt to rebuild them if so how hard of a job is it .
  3. Question how hard is it to convert to 12 volt negative ground on my 47 type 45 it is 6 volt positive ground now .
  4. Here are a few of my 47 type 45 still all original except the tires
  5. Engine 165 in the xmas parade last year
  6. Checked it and found out it was 4.61 miles per gallon
  7. Well if you can get the smile off my face long enough I'll try and check it lol
  8. I will try to get some pics to my laptop from my phone and get them here
  9. I'm wondering what kind of milage or if any of you have ever checked you mile per gallon on your gas motors
  10. Is the type 45 fire truck a ef chassis would you know
  11. Thank you j Hancock I'll search around and see what I can find I am hoping to go with nos and not have to do a newer universal one .
  12. I am looking for a speedometer cable for my 47 type 45 mine is broke off the back of the dash I don't see anything inside of it .
  13. Engine 165 is running driving stopping reliably. Still have no headlights but that is coming along . Why cant I upload pictures
  14. How do I add photos from my phone it wont let me
  15. -,Tried to figure the lights tonight . Had 6 volts at fuse panel and nothing at switch so I'm confused
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