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  1. Nice, but won't fly here. NFPA 1901 ........
  2. I think the Bronco will be a big hit. I wonder what will happen to Ford medium duty (specifically the 650 and 750) after 2023 when the Avon Lake plant changes over to BEV production.
  3. That proposed deal caught me by surprise, at the time there was hinting around that GM was going to do something with Isuzu. The GM deal came while NAV was building the F-650 and 750 for Ford through their Blue Diamond subsidiary, and perhaps more significantly while NAV and Ford were having quite a falling out over the VT365/6.0L Powerstroke fiasco and Ford's abrupt cancellation of the 4.5L V-6 Powerstroke for the F-150. I was told NAV was at least a little motivated to screw Ford to an extent by building GM's medium trucks and closing Blue Diamond as quickly as possible. The (first) GM/NAV deal reportedly fell through because GM and NAV couldn't agree on a price for the operation, but I think NAV's financial position was rapidly deteriorating and with the worsening economy NAV got nervous. After the NAV deal fell through, I once again started hearing rumors about GM and Isuzu. Remember that GM was assembling many Isuzu trucks (gasoline powered N's and the F series) at the time. Isuzu had purchased land (Alabama?) for a U.S. plant to take over N/F series production after GM was to sell their medium/heavy truck operation to NAV, and there was supposedly some talk that the new Isuzu plant could build the GM trucks after the GM/NAV deal fell through. However, once again the worsening economy caused Isuzu to reconsider opening a U.S. plant. In late 2009 GM dropped the GMT560 trucks and (temporarily) exited the medium duty truck market. Very soon after that, an insider told me that a GM/NAV deal was not at all dead, but was put on indefinite hold until the economy improved and would be revisited. If you talk to anyone at GM or NAV these days, the official word is the new JV medium trucks are a great success. It seems to have been a slow launch, but reports on the trucks are favorable (my employer had taken delivery of a few, I will let you know....). I am hearing rumors that more GM/NAV JV trucks may be under development.
  4. Isuzu has an incredible model range in Australia. Literally a model for any conceivable application.
  5. Funny that Ram uses a ZF 8 speed (the basis for the PowerLine 8?) in gas powered Rams, but the diesels get 6 speed Chrysler or Aisian boxes.
  6. Ford is not going back into that segment.
  7. Interesting, but not unexpected. Muhlhauser's comment about being a consolidator or consolidatee is wise, and shows that Iveco is flexible. I wonder about the Asian truck builders too. Volvo's sale of UD to Isuzu seems to be a step backward, and I really don't think the Japanese builders are all that eager to consolidate with any American or European builders. Isuzu's on again-off again relationship with GM is about as far as I see any of that going for the foreseeable future. China is anyone's guess at this point.
  8. Strategic alliance with Isuzu? That would be interesting.
  9. Eliminate a competitor, pick up some volume, keep UD out of Chinese hands.
  10. Well that's a bit of a surprise. Or is it? I think UD could have been a big asset for Volvo as a design and manufacturing center for medium duty trucks and components, something that Volvo sorley needs in North America. But in the end, I think Volvo just didn't know what to do with UD. What was the point of owning UD if they were not going to integrate into Volvo's truck operations?
  11. Chinese trucks are in the U.S. now, to a certain extent. I am starting to see a few Greenkraft LCF's, basically a JAC with a GM/PSI CNG engine transplant. The little class 5 is a hoot, sort of a previous generation Isuzu clone, but with air brakes! Saw one of their larger class 6 models last week.
  12. I think from a performance standpoint the Mach-E should be phenomenal. The styling does nothing for me. Looks like a Tesla Model X without the gull-wing doors and Mustang hood, taillights and emblems. BEV's are not a flash in the pan!
  13. That thing looks like a generic Mazda. Hope the 'E' doesn't end up standing for Edsel.......
  14. If a fleet can justify a refueling station, CNG makes a lot of sense. Our ISL-G powered M2 112's are a big hit with drivers and mechanics alike.
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