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  1. Navistar executives looking ahead

    Hmmm, MV's..... Wonder if there will be any surprises in store for their high volume medium duties other than the redesigned cab.
  2. Navistar, VW partnership off to ‘robust start’

    I am not convinced VW Truck will eventually take Navistar over, but I do see VW at some point divesting their truck operations. After that, possibly a merger, creating a very strong global truck manufacturer. Just a hunch on my part......
  3. H62X Global Ford Cargo Heavy Truck Emerges

    Impressive, but how long before Hackett sells off Ford's interest to fund domestic EV development? On the bright side I don't think such a sale would slow Ottosan down too much. You never know, it might open the door to a strategic alliance with a global truck manufacturer..............
  4. Hino to launch heavy trucks in North America

    Is Isuzu still coming out with a tandem for the U.S.? I would suspect if so that would be a cabover.
  5. Chevrolet to Offer Class 4/5 Silverados

    Last line in the first post: "The company is also developing a medium duty straight truck in a partnership with Navistar". Is that in addition to the 6500 XD Isuzu based LCF and the chevy/International class 4/5? I heard rumors that GM might partner with Navistar on the DuraStar replacement.
  6. Just the start: I think VW needs to do this more than Daimler does, but the reasoning is sound in both cases.
  7. Isn't that interesting? They are already in class 4 and 5 with Ram, currently the sales leader in that market. Does mean mean Cummins is looking or has found another class 4/5 customer for their engines? And does that refer to the B6.7L or the new 5L V-8? This article asks more questions than it answers!
  8. Interesting little tandem, and it looks like the lighter versions have independent front suspension.
  9. Like to see a gasoline option in the Chevy 6500XD cabover.
  10. Together we are stronger
  11. Navistar to end 9/10 liter engine production

    Good for Cummins, they will have most of Navistar's mid-range business until the International's all get MAN diesels! Navistar needs to consider alternate fuels more seriously too, but that's another subject.
  12. Navistar to end 9/10 liter engine production

    So those were the last of what began as the DT's? End of an era, I really liked the old mechanical DT-466.
  13. UD Trucks launches new medium-duty Condor truck

    None of this makes sense. For a minute I thought when UD pulled out of the U.S. market it may have been in preparation for Volvo and/or Mack to sell UD medium trucks through their dealers. Didn't happen. I am sure we won't be seeing this Isuzu-built UD here.
  14. Volvo is starting to look like White did in 1979.
  15. Together we are stronger

    I think both VW and Daimler should think about spinning their truck operations off. Volvo and Fiat have done this, and in both instances it helped the truck operations considerably. Little or no 'synergy' between mass auto manufacturers and commercial truck manufacturers anymore. In VW's case, I think there is a very real threat that their car business will eventually damage the truck business.