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  1. I noticed on ours the door jamb sticker and the California Clean Idle sticker on the hood both say Navistar, and the VIN starts 1H, which is International's identifier.
  2. Cab and interior is the same as a 2015-2019 Silverado, engine is the same. Electrical all GM that I can see. Chassis and suspension all Navistar, but it looks different from what is on the MV's. I think a lot of the Navistar supplied parts are unique to this truck
  3. Our 6500 dump has an electric hoist. Wonder what is up, the turning radius of ours is great. Yeah, the front wheels to throw mud a bit. Funny what you mention about P.T.O.'s, I have a friend who is trying to spec. and Isuzu FTR as a small roll-off dumpster truck. Upfitter says the same thing, you can't get the P.T.O. to engage without the parking (in this case spring) brakes on. That won't work for this application, you have to move the truck to load and unload the dumpster. They are working on a solution. Is this some new safety 'feature'? Sounds like someone lost a lawsuit.....
  4. I am hearing the order bank for the 2022 F-650 and 750 opens early October, with production starting 01/04/2021. Only change I know for sure is air brakes will be available with the 7.3L gas engine (BTW, I have not seen one 7.3L powered 650 or 750 yet, FWIW). No idea why Ford keeps pulling the model years so far ahead on these trucks.
  5. Won't get anything on the engine or electrical and the upfitter has no opportunity to screw it up!
  6. Bought 3, more on order. Same cab as the 2015-2019 Silverado HD. Visibility so-so, seating position is O.K. but tall hood and raked windshield. Cab is mounted quite a bit higher than a 3500, but the seat looks the same. Other thing I noticed about these trucks is there is a lot of junk under the hood, but it is laid out well. Looks like you can get to anything that would need getting at.
  7. Got to drive a Silverado 6500 quite a bit last week. They are pretty good! Of course visibility and cab room are not the greatest, but I think they are a step up from the Ram 5500 and F-550. Probably the F-600 too but I have not been around one of those yet. NAV and GM really need to make 22.5" wheels an option to make in 'dock height' and give enough room for side mounted fuel tanks. A gasoline engine would be a plus as well.
  8. The new GM 2500 and 3500 HD's are all steel (I checked with magnets!) but you are right about the 1500's. Every panel that moves is aluminum. Funny I was at the local Line-X shop last week. They are located right across the street from a big Ford dealer. Guy was telling me that particular dealership actually didn't order the 'factory' spray-in bed liners on their new trucks but instead steered their customers to him. His Line-X jobs were much thicker and he did a better job prepping the surface of the bed for adhesion. He said he also took the time to fill in any gaps between the b
  9. Must have been a mistake. They took a chance loading the F-150 with gravel, remember what happened when those Chevy guys tried to load an F-150 with cinder blocks? This is all kind of weird, Ford's commercial truck ads feature dolled up F-150's and the new CEO is focusing on subscription telemetrics rather than real commercial product. I am not too sure how many fleets are going to be that interested. Our fleet already collects a lot of that information through our mobile data terminals and it's our own equipment.
  10. But somehow Jeep has figured out a way to get the Hemi into a Wrangler......
  11. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/navistar-rejects-tratons-buyout-offer-122638772.html
  12. The GM deal with Nikola is interesting. Basically GM agrees to build Nikola's pickup truck and supply batteries and fuel cells for their semi in exchange for an 11% stake in Nikola (worth $2B at the moment) and a board seat. If Nikola fails GM isn't out anything, if they make it the deal could be worth billions going forward. Given the nature of Nikola up to this point, it was a deal they had to make. Gravity powered semi's can only roll so far......
  13. Local dealer had a tandem tractor they couldn't get rid of.....
  14. This comes at an awkward time: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/vw-man-truckmaker-cut-many-063144346.html I wonder what IG Metall will have to say about this. Cutting jobs at home while buying a foreign manufacturer?
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