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  1. Couldn't sell trucks in North America, so they go to 'developing markets' in poor countries? In any event, I always thought UD should have been developed into a medium duty line for Volvo and Mack in North America. Volvo seems to think the road to success in the U.S. is through no medium duty product, significant overlap between their 2 North American brands, and most importantly, no dealers . Genius!
  2. RoadwayR

    General Motors News

    No joke, poor fitting doors are a major customer complaint on all the F series trucks now. Not sure why, are they dimensionally unstable coming out of the stamping dies or do they bend easily?
  3. I used to think DVT-573 did a pretty good impression of a slow moving rocket propelled grenade!
  4. RoadwayR

    Ford Market News

    Sure sounds like that, doesn't it? My question is does this policy include commercial vehicles as well? If so the E series and 650/750 are goners too. My guess is the Ranger, Bronco, and F-150 will be built off the one BOF platform, and they are not including commercial vehicles.
  5. Interesting. Start of a trend?
  6. RoadwayR

    Rear Impact Guard Check Blitz

    Used to call those things 'Mansfield Bars', due to a very unfortunate accident involving a movie star.......
  7. RoadwayR

    Ford unveils new Transit skeletal chassis cab

    Speaking of U-Haul and the F-650, I expected to see 100's of 650's in U-Haul livery by now, but I have only seen a handful. It seems that all the U-Haul franchises near me no longer rent anything larger than a Ford E series or GMC Savanna cut-away van.
  8. RoadwayR

    The New International Truck Line Up

    You know, that would be a great option for the new HX, wouldn't it?
  9. Is Isuzu still thinking about an LCF tandem? If so, will Spartan build it?
  10. RoadwayR

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    The first Chevy diesels came out in 1962. At first, only the 4-53 and 6V-53 were offered (3-53 in Step-Van chassis). The Toroflow's came in 1964, and I think the Detroit 71's and Cummins N's came later around 1969.
  11. RoadwayR

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    Should have a 348. 409's and diesels were still a few years away.
  12. RoadwayR

    Introducing Ford Trucks' new heavy tractor

    Are these trucks going to be sold in western Europe?
  13. Saw that coming. VW is next.
  14. RoadwayR

    A new medium/heavy truck from Ford and Cummins?

    O.K., thanks. Pretty sure that's not coming here. Ford is rumored to be divesting out of some regions by the end of the year, South America has been mentioned. I wouldn't be surprised if the JV in Turkey is included as well.
  15. RoadwayR

    A new medium/heavy truck from Ford and Cummins?

    I think the whole point of the current F-650/750 was to offer a low cost limited option medium duty with an 'in house' powertrain. I think that Ford has been quite successful with this plan, they may not have the best medium duty truck but they have a good cost advantage over the competition. The 7X engine should be a welcome replacement for the old V-10. What is this 'H' cab?

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