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  1. They are worth something to somebody. I remember a Ford Truck dealer we used to do business with always had a couple of C series cabs in stock.
  2. If they can just figure out how to get the Scania V-8 in the HX. Now that would be a truck!
  3. Fling those too far and you could create a UFO sighting......
  4. I never liked the dash on the old L's. Gauges were too small, and they were mounted at too shallow an angle. They would constantly collect dust and dirt if the truck was a dump. The GMC Astro 95 had a wrap around dash a year or two earlier, but maybe the L was the first conventional with one.
  5. I think the deal will insure the long-term survival of Navistar. And Traton too for that matter.
  6. Without Navistar Traton will never be fully competitive with Daimler, PACCAR, or Volvo. Without Traton, Navistar will go on much the same....
  7. Last time I saw spokes on a new truck in Southern California was about 1990. Nabisco had a bunch of GMC Topkick tandems with van bodies. I figured they were from a big fleet order ordered back east.
  8. Yes, that truck with the integrated sleeper. They built at least one. That version didn't appear as a 'Sterling'.
  9. They did look nice. For a minute there back in the early 90's it seemed to me that the LTL'S were finally starting to gain the interest of O/O's, I was seeing more and more of them outfitted like the pictured truck. Although a long-nose version of the HN80 was planned (and at least one prototype built, anyone remember seeing it?), it never materialized and the Ford big conventional died with the last LTL's in 1995.
  10. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hino-trucks-and-toyota-jointly-develop-class-8-fuel-cell-electric-truck-for-north-america-301145862.html
  11. No wait, it has the cool little 'W' mudflaps ahead of the front wheels, that makes it a Star Car for sure! Does this mean the end is coming for the Western Star steel cab? Buy a Freightliner SD114 and save even more money. The International HX is looking better all the time. Autocar conventional too.
  12. Those of you from Los Angeles may recognize the Caterpillar salesman as Chick Hearn, voice of the Lakers. Great video!
  13. I noticed on ours the door jamb sticker and the California Clean Idle sticker on the hood both say Navistar, and the VIN starts 1H, which is International's identifier.
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