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  1. Chatter from suppliers, story is the larger trucks might be built at the recently closed Conner Ave. Viper plant. My guess is they would be an extension of the Ram 5500, not based on an Iveco. Might be something to it..........
  2. Funny you bring this thread back up, I have been hearing rumors lately that FCA might be considering a 'Super HD' Ram, I assume class 6/7.
  3. Could be interesting. I hear that after Dieter Zetsche retires as CEO there will be a major restructure with Daimler Trucks being spun off as a separate entity. I wonder if Geely's interest is in the car or the truck business.
  4. Chevrolet Trucks - "Champs of the ALCAN Run"

    Yes, the retarder in old Allison transmissions functioned similarly. It was particularly effective in diesel trucks, as a diesel (before Jakes) provided little engine braking.
  5. I don't think the 7L V-8 is due until 2020. My guess is Ford's new commercial vehicle 'family' are versions of the new Ranger.
  6. So, Hino's new class 7/8 is a cabover? In addition to the JV GM truck, isn't International about ready to announce the DuraStar replacement?
  7. 2018 Isuzu Class 6 FTR News

    I think the FTR will do well here for those that are looking for low operating/ownership costs over purchase price. And those looking for a class 6 LCF. I also think this truck needs a gasoline/CNG/LNG engine option. BTW- Isuzu still looking to bring an LCF tandem to the U.S.? Wonder what kind of market there is for something like that.
  8. Chevrolet to Offer Class 4/5 Silverados

    Based on what I have seen so far, I think the new GM/Nav JV truck could probably go to class 6. I think the Chevy dealers would like to see that, they could pick up a lot of those basic class 6 sales. I don't see any need for Chevy to get into anything larger.
  9. Chevrolet to Offer Class 4/5 Silverados

    That looks like the International version, based on the grill design. I wonder what the GVW will max out at. The old Kodiak 5500 went to 26,000#'s.
  10. General Motors News

    You what I think? Navistar has a good thing with their current relationship with VW's truck group, no question. But long term, if I was Navistar I would think about growing their relationship with GM to get access to this technology. It's equally applicable to commercial vehicles.
  11. Ford Trucks enters Egyptian market

    It's very interesting given that Ford Otosan is actively growing in Eastern Europe/Asia/North Africa but isn't in Western Europe or North America. I guess this may signify that Ford is at least considering bringing the Cargo back to North America, probably in the lighter medium duty GVW range. As for Brazil:
  12. Cummins readies next-gen, future commercial power

    Well, they got Navistar, at least for the near future. Personally, I would like to see International use the GM/Isuzu Duramax to replace the ISB 6.7 in everything up to class 6, and MAN for everything above that. Cummins ought to focus on export highway and industrial applications, just saying. I say this after my Insite has just treated me to a surprise update/renewal 'offer' in the middle of trying to diagnose a problem............. They will be in big trouble if they ever loose RAM!
  13. Cummins V903 Celebrates 50 Years in Service

    I think they were Cummins' answer to the 318 h.p. 8V-71. Flat torque curve, pull to 2,800 r.p.m., only needed a 5 speed transmission. They did have a very nice sound to them. 50 years in production, but not in any highway trucks since the early 80's. Cummins has had worse ideas.........
  14. Long-awaited gas giant

    Hello, Navistar........
  15. Navistar executives looking ahead

    Hmmm, MV's..... Wonder if there will be any surprises in store for their high volume medium duties other than the redesigned cab.