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  1. RoadwayR

    General Motors News

    I think large (2.5-3L) 4 cylinder turbo engines will be the norm for 1/2 ton full size pickups within a few years. I also hear GM may be working on a large gasoline engine for HD pickups and medium duty trucks.
  2. RoadwayR

    Ford Market News

    I am hearing rumblings that Ford may exit South America soon. If true I wonder what will become of the Cargo.
  3. RoadwayR

    Daysworth Ressurrects Diamond Reo Brand

    Wasn't there a couple of attempts at reviving Diamond T here? Don't know what happened to the last one.
  4. RoadwayR

    Ford Market News

    For some reason, Toyota/Hino seems to be COMPLETELY uninterested in class 2/3/4 conventional/heavy duty pickups. They have dropped all regular cab Tundra's and Tacoma's. In addition to not offering any 3/4 or 1 ton pickups, Toyota markets their trucks exclusively to personal use buyers. Fleet/commercial sales are all but non-existent. One would think this is an area Hino would move into.
  5. RoadwayR

    Ford Market News

    Following FCA........ I wonder how much the are making/losing on the F-650/750. Sales of those trucks are not what I thought they would be.
  6. Cab looks too large for a front-loader, but I suppose the upfitters will come up with something that works. Side loader would appear to be no problem, but who uses rear load packers anymore?
  7. Well......... Not surprised VW wants Navistar, and I fully expect them to raise their stake, but the timing of this statement is a bit of a shock. Some say this guy Diess has been scheming to be CEO and used the diesel emissions debacle as leverage to get Muller thrown out, promising the board bold moves if he got the top spot. If true I suppose this could be considered bold. But, VW is possibly the most inefficient major automaker on the planet, and would it make sense for VW to assume NAV's substantial pension liabilities right now? I guess if Lower Saxony doesn't care, why should anyone else? My fear is I think VW is a house of cards, and I would hate to see them swallow NAV and then crash and burn, taking NAV with them. If this buyout happens, I say the VW Truck spin-off can't come soon enough.
  8. RoadwayR

    2018 Isuzu Class 6 FTR News

    Starting to see these in the wild.
  9. RoadwayR

    White Constuctioner

    Originally no, they were not. Looked like an Autocar because the used the same pit fenders and cab. Chassis different, more of a vocational version of the White 4000. I think they were built in White's Cleveland plant. Later on (around 1977) White came out with the Autocar Construcktor II with the new generation cab. Some of those were pretty heavy duty, more so than the White Construcktor.
  10. RoadwayR

    Chevrolet to Offer Class 4/5 Silverados

    I thought that was the case to (go to cvgrp.com and there are pictures of Navistar cabs on their assembly line) . The new Chevy medium duty trucks look like they use the current Silverado cab, probably all Navistar had to do is build a shop and have GM send over tooling and they are in business. The Silverado 1500's will be all-new in 2019, the HD's follow in 2020 so this move frees up GM from having to supply the current 'old' cab for who-knows-how-many years. Looks like this is something Ford never thought of, unless they are planning on eventually using the aluminum Super Duty cab on the 650/750. BTW- I have a hunch that body shop at Springfield will be making cabs for some other trucks in a few years.......
  11. RoadwayR

    Odd ball International

    Correct, most 6-110's had a centrifugal blower, and it was prone to failure at high r.p.m.'s. One application that used 6-110's were Budd RDC self-propelled railcars. Far as I know only highway truck that a 6-110 was that one GMC built for P.I.E..
  12. RoadwayR

    Odd ball International

    That's it! Regular Twinkle-Star was a 4070.
  13. RoadwayR

    Odd ball International

    That was a special Transtar. Can't remember the model number, but they made a few.
  14. RoadwayR

    Chevrolet to Offer Class 4/5 Silverados

    Ed Peper makes the comment "we are just getting started" at 2:04 in the first video.
  15. RoadwayR

    Chevrolet to Offer Class 4/5 Silverados

    So far, these trucks look really good. Only negatives I see are lack of a gasoline engine (supposedly in the works for 2020) and a relatively low GCW rating. I wonder what GM and Navistar have planned for the future.........

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