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  1. Chinese trucks are in the U.S. now, to a certain extent. I am starting to see a few Greenkraft LCF's, basically a JAC with a GM/PSI CNG engine transplant. The little class 5 is a hoot, sort of a previous generation Isuzu clone, but with air brakes! Saw one of their larger class 6 models last week.
  2. I think from a performance standpoint the Mach-E should be phenomenal. The styling does nothing for me. Looks like a Tesla Model X without the gull-wing doors and Mustang hood, taillights and emblems. BEV's are not a flash in the pan!
  3. That thing looks like a generic Mazda. Hope the 'E' doesn't end up standing for Edsel.......
  4. If a fleet can justify a refueling station, CNG makes a lot of sense. Our ISL-G powered M2 112's are a big hit with drivers and mechanics alike.
  5. The Cummins 6.7L was a big improvement over the MaxxForce, but the DuraStar/MV needs gasoline and CNG/LNG options. I hear the CV may have a gas option soon.
  6. It's going to be very interesting to see what goes on at Avon Lake in the next few years.
  7. You know what is trouble-free? CNG.........
  8. Didn't think this has anything to do with Isuzu in North America. But, if they are successful in Asia in this vocation, why not give it a shot here?
  9. I don't know what the deal is on this, but it's not like upfitters never blame vehicle manufacturers for things they can't figure out. Or using the wrong components just because 'that's what we always use' or had a bunch sitting on the shelf. Remember Navistar had a big hand in this truck, can't see them making these kinds of mistakes. But, you never know.... Our company has a bunch of Silverado 6500 dumps on order, I'll let you all know they are set up.
  10. Saw an International CV on the road for the first time today. Crew cab utility body belonging to an electrical contractor.
  11. No doubt Ford sees Workhorse's stunning success in the drone field as inspiration to make this bold more, fully in step with Hackett's head-in-the-clouds (or ass in the ditch?) vision for a reimagined Ford. But what about Avon Lake? I though Ford had a good thing going there, perfect plant for relatively low-volume commercial truck production, all under one roof. It appears that commercial vehicle production continues at Avon Lake for the duration of the new UAW contract, the change to EV's will be in 2023.
  12. Nice, but I would have gone with a bit longer wheelbase!
  13. I went to that show a couple of years ago. Interesting to say the least!
  14. Yellow fire apparatus belongs in airports, nowhere else!
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