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  1. RoadwayR

    Loving the Loadstar - Cooma Sand and Concrete

    Oh boy. The company I work for had a few back in the day, and I did get a chance to drive one on occasion. I thought it was ugly, the side-opening hood was a PITA, the old early-60's vintage International cab was an ergonomic nightmare and rusted like crazy. Steering wheel was too big and at a goofy angle. Heat/defrost/temp. knobs got stuck all the time. And I loved it! It was one of the last ones built (had the 'Binder' nameplate on the hood), 345 2bbl. with a 5 speed (maybe a Clark?), 12' flatbed. For all it's vices it never let us down.
  2. RoadwayR

    General Motors News

    Just like those Ford Ecoboost engines. I guess the emissions are better.
  3. RoadwayR

    Cummins and Isuzu

    Oh there it is. Sorry for the duplicate topic. Isuzu has been offering CNG and LNG for some time in Asia. I have a feeling gaseous fuel will be a big part of this collaboration.
  4. RoadwayR

    Cummins and Isuzu

    I missed this from the other day. Sounds interesting: https://www.truckinginfo.com/315019/cummins-and-isuzu-agree-to-evaluate-global-partnership-opportunities
  5. RoadwayR

    Traton IPO

  6. RoadwayR

    General Motors News

    Think GM will make a move on AM General? Fits nicely in their plans, but AMG doesn't appear to have much future at the moment. HMMWV is winding down (though they got a big contract for ambulances recently), not much else on the horizon. Maybe that postal vehicle? Maybe together GM and AMG could develop a fuel cell powered autonomous 2.5 ton 6X6 successor to the CCKW and M-35!
  7. It seems to me that from Dearborn's standpoint, Otosan-Ford isn't much more than the source of the Transit Connect. Beyond that there seems to be no interest in anything Otosan does. Case in point, the new award-winning Otosan heavy truck didn't so much as rate a mention in any of Ford's domestic media.
  8. RoadwayR

    Ford Launches F-Max Tractor for Global Markets

    Nope, like it didn't even happen. But, great things happening with that train station!
  9. New product might be the International version of the GM JV medium duty truck.
  10. RoadwayR

    First Time for a Truck Made Outside of Europe

    Will the new Ford be sold in Western Europe? If so, by whom?
  11. I think VW wants a light commercial JV with Ford primarily for Western Europe. I have a suspicion Ford sees VW as a way OUT of Europe if things get much worse for them there. Something of a win-win. Or maybe a win-'not loose so much'! Traton wants to be Daimler Trucks, simple as that. And they have a chance.
  12. Maybe, maybe not. Even if Traton does buy Navistar, I think it would be highly unlikely that either MAN or Scania would be introduced to the U.S. market. However, a JV with GM could be valuable to Navistar, particularly in class 3-6. GM provides engineering, components, and a lot more dealers focused on the medium duty market. Sure, there would be some internal competition between International and Chevy Commercial dealerships, but the combined number of dealers would be a very serious competitor to Ford in class 3-6. Why wouldn't Traton want that? A strong presence in class 3-5 is something DTNA does not have.
  13. Sounds like the IPO decision has been made, it's just a question of timing. Still not convinced Traton will make a move to acquire all of NAV. Quite possible that NAV doesn't want to sell, and Traton can get all they want through equity and JV projects.
  14. Ford will not enter class 8 in the U.S.. They do not want to spend the money and they don't want to build a vehicle with the required options or vendor supplied components to be competitive.
  15. RoadwayR

    We Are Detroit

    Same plant in Detroit where they have always been. I noticed in the video they are not shy about their General Motors heritage.

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