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  1. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cummins-build-medium-duty-engines-165959786.html
  2. My guess is in the FTR: https://www.cummins.com/news/releases/2021/02/05/cummins-and-isuzu-announce-global-mid-range-powertrain-and-advanced
  3. Mercedes needs cash to develop BEV's, spinning off Daimler Trucks will make a separate Mercedes-Benz more valuable. I hear Freightliner generates most of the profits on the truck side.
  4. The other part of the deal is Isuzu will supply Cummins with smaller diesels for Cummins to market to other OEM's. So I wonder when the Ram will have an Isuzu diesel under the hood!
  5. Why not?: https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Automobiles/Isuzu-to-source-truck-engines-from-Cummins-for-key-models
  6. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/01/general-motors-to-supply-hydrotec-fuel-cell-cubes-to-navistar/
  7. My old man worked for an aerospace metal firm. They had this kind of International along with tilt cab GMC's that had the right half of the cab sectioned off. Could carry long sections of material on a relatively short single axle flatbed.
  8. Sometimes when you hear something like this it's the beginning of pulling out of the market. But with Hino, they are likely going to take advantage of a slack market and forgo new truck sales until they can address their engine emissions problems properly. Maybe with an all new engine family. Better strategy than what International and Caterpillar did a few years ago.
  9. You will see that sort of reinforcement on most trucks with frames that dip down under the cabs, non straight rail. The International/Chevy medium duty doesn't need them, those trucks have a regular straight rail class 6 chassis. The cabs on those trucks do sit higher, however.
  10. Air ride rear suspension is a factory option on the Silverado medium duty, is it available on the International CV as well?
  11. Analysts say 90% of Ford's profits come from the F-150 alone. Wordwide.
  12. I have noticed that the only 'trucks' Farley and Cannis ever mention are the F-150 and the Transit. Maybe because those are the only profitable vehicles Ford manufactures? Electrification is coming and it will be big, but I think these guys are putting too much emphasis on connectivity. What can Ford do with connectivity that any other OEM can't also do? I remember when connectivity in our company trucks was the 2 way Motorola. Then it became the MDT computer dock. Now it's a holder for an I-phone.....
  13. I have had some success cleaning sludged up engines with Rislone. I changed the oil and filter, added Rislone, drove for a week and repeated 2 or 3 times. The problem is you run the risk of loosening sludge up and having it jamb up the oil pump or plugging the oil pickup. Also if you do manage to clean the engine out, you might find that sludge was doing a pretty good job of plugging up leaky gaskets, and now that it's gone..... That having been said, I have seen a number of old untouched Ford 289's and 302's with low miles suddenly loose oil pressure due to pieces of the nylon cam spr
  14. I have a feeling Nikola won't be the only truck manufacturer using GM fuel cells and batteries.
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