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  1. Thanks JoeH, it looks more like a Ford Power Products than anything else I've see. I guess I'll have to drive the 325 miles to look at it. I'm hoping someone will buy it before I get there!
  2. I need a little help with the make and model of this engine. It's attached to a Gardner-Denver air compressor. Thanks, Zane
  3. I have a 1946 Braden 20,000# that I chain drive with a Char-Lynn 104-1042 hydraulic motor. I've run it several years now and have yet to tear anything up. Both sprockets are about equal in number of teeth, I'm away from the truck, it's either 60 or 80 chain. The neat thing about a hydraulic winch is you can set the bypass low enough you won't destroy anything, and you can watch the gauge and tell what you've got on it. As for the Garwood winch, dragging should be fine, but I'd be wary of lifting. Old Garwoods have a reputation for slipping like a Zebco.
  4. How will a 1982 V8, supposedly 400 hp with 10 speed Mack transmission, compare in durability to a 300 hp 6 cyl. Mack with a 5 speed? Will the V8 run with a 3406B, 8V92TA, or 12V71? I think, after the nuclear armageddon holocaust, the surviving cockroaches will be crawling out from under, and driving away in, R Models with 300's and 5 speeds.... http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/3802191911.html
  5. Y'all ever run a Gradall excavator? There are a couple around that sound really cheap. A co-worker has run them and he really likes them. I think I would like their ability to run out, do a job, and run home.
  6. In the 70's and early '80's, Case 4890 farm tractors had Scania engines. Good performers, but they had a centrifugal oil filter, and farmers being, well, farmers, "Had never done it that way before," and didn't clean them. So when the crank went, it was only case-hardened and couldn't be ground and re-used...
  7. I need a 5th wheel kingpin that will drop in a 2" hole on my winch bed to hitch to an upside 5th wheel on my trailer. The shank needs to be around 8" long. Thanks, Zane
  8. I put a winch bed on my '77 DM, and put new led's for rear brake and signal lights. The left turn works fine, but the right turn lights up fine but won't flash if I mash the brake pedal. When I release the brake pedal, the right sides flashes just fine. Did I miss something?
  9. My 77 DM has a pair of bolts on each side of the rear glass. These look like they were put there to hang accessories, like worklights or maybe a screen to keep me from knocking out my back glass, teeth, or head. Is this what those are for? If I take the bolts out does anything slide down on the inside never to be retrieved again? Does a big spring fly out never to be seen again? Thanks, Zane
  10. You might prowl around a farm machinery salvage yard, or truck salvage yard for some ideas. I don't ever know what I'm looking for, but I usually know it when I see it.
  11. Old truck driver told me this joke, "So-and-so had a Detroit in his truck he was soo proud of he took a picture of the engine, had it framed, and hung it on the wall at the house. Oil ran down the wall and on Momma's carpet. My favorite youtube:
  12. Back in the '70's a local trucking family's youngest son bought a Ford just about like that for his first truck. They all loaded cotton, put him up-front so they wouldn't get too far ahead of the Ford gasoline, and headed to Houston. It out ran all their diesels, and not just by a little.
  13. Ben, you and I know Green Leakers deserve more respect than is shown on this forum. If you subtracted out all the work the Screamin' Jimmies accomplished in the oilfield, there wouldn't be much oilfield left. I was really biased against the old GM's until I spent 2 years on a drilling rig that had a pair of Buzzin' Dozens, and a 453. Over 2 decades since their manufacturing demise, there are still a lot of them deafening the hands, confounding the wise, etc.
  14. You sure brought up a sore subject. I had the trunion assembly re-done on my old truck. I'm not about to admit what that cost. And, I still need tires, batteries, and a sliding rear glass would be sweet. But, I have a good truck to do stuff with now.
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