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  1. Medium duty conventional with U.S. sourced components..........
  2. Conrock and Livingston-Graham had them in Southern California.
  3. I remember a lot of 'Donald Duck' Transtar mixers back in the day. Lots of Mack R's too, and some GMC J series and Stars. In the 70's more Peterbilts, short hood Generals, Paystars, a few Brigadiers, a few Ford L's.
  4. I think there were different air cleaners available on those trucks.
  5. I am starting to wonder if the Traton deal will happen after all. NAV's silence after the offer was made was a surprise, and now Traton seems to be back peddling. They may come to the conclusion cooperation and joint ventures gives both parties the advantages of a merger without the headaches. I also have a suspicion the VW as a whole is in very serious trouble, they may very likely be the least efficient auto manufacturer on the planet and the current crisis isn't helping. Still, Traton spun off of VW and acquiring NAV sounds good.
  6. So, in Australia has no problem integrating UD into Volvo and Mack, but in the U.S. that thought never crossed their minds?
  7. The International looks as cluttered as the Ford, but it is a turbo diesel V-8. Should be worse! The CV looks a little better laid out and the smaller wheel/tire combo helps. There is a chance I will be in the market for a class 6 in a couple of years and you guys are right, I would strongly consider an Isuzu FTR or the Chevy 6500 equivalent . Particularly if they offer a gasoline engine by that time.
  8. Access on the right side is awful. Electrical box (assuming it's full of fuses and relays) outboard of the coolant tank and washer fluid bottle is a mistake, fluids will be spilled on it and I doubt it's weatherproof. Disappointing it has a real thrown-together look about it. Bet it runs good though.
  9. One of these days some smart guy is going to figure out how to operate an engine's valves with electro-hydraulic solenoids and get rid of the camshaft altogether. Then you could have completely variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation on any cylinder at any time, better emissions, and extremely fast and effective engine braking. I give it about 10 more years.
  10. I think you will see this technology on every Cummins engine soon, it will be instrumental in meeting upcoming NOX regulations.
  11. You could spec. a ridiculous (for a medium duty) chassis under those things. Haulmaax rear suspension was an option too.
  12. I was speaking in more general terms of the whole reorganization. I can't say that I had much confidence in Hackett in the beginning, and as time has gone on even less so. He came up with all this in just 10 weeks? Looks like it took 10 minutes. What has he doing for the rest of the time he as been there? I am not too familiar with how Ford of Europe is structured, but I believe that Hans Schep ran the commercial operations of FoE (read he managed the 'Transit' brand over there, in which he did a good job). I have been under the impression Otosan governs themselves and isn't really under the FoE umbrella (kscarbel correct me if I am wrong). It's a little tough to read these manifestos, they are pretty vague beyond the new executive assignments. It sounds to me like Ford is at least considering some kind of partner for commercial truck operations, what exactly that means as far as vehicle lines or markets is anyone's guess at this point. Would Otosan be considered a partner or part of Ford's commercial operations is also a great question
  13. Look at this: https://www.ford-trucks.com/articles/ford-announces-transformation-plan-for-future-production/ Pay particular attention to the paragraph about Ted Cannis's duties. Get past the holistic B.S. and what is that about 'improve alignment with potential partners' ??? My guess is this won't end well..........
  14. I have been wondering about the enigmatic San Antonio plant too. I have not heard much solid information about it, but I have heard some interesting rumors. First, Navistar (and I guess GM) figure they can sell as many International CV/Silverado medium duty trucks as they can build. The roll-out was slow and the GM strike also hampered production of those trucks, but supposedly (at least before the current crises) orders were outpacing production. Complicating matters is the fact that the CV/Silverado is build on the same line as the MV, which has also been enjoying strong sales. In addition, Springfield also has been assembling GM van cut-away chassis. Keeping that in mind: Navistar has stated no specific product for the upcoming San Antonio plant other than the plant will be flexible enough to build class 6 through 8. I will speculate that could refer to a MV/DuraStar replacement, as those trucks currently span from class 6 to 'baby' 8 tandems. I have a hunch that Navistar is looking closely at the stripped chassis market, a segment they have not had much presence in since selling off Workhorse (maybe there was a no-compete?). And it just so happens the class 4 CV looks like it has a dandy chassis for a UPS or FedEx truck, particularly if GM comes through with a gasoline engine for it. If true, that might be yet another product for Springfield. Navistar's GM cut-away van business is probably not much volume, but I have heard it mentioned that Navistar would like to get all Chevy Express/GMC Savanna van production. Those old dinosaurs continue to sell in good numbers, and if GM could transfer their production to Navistar it would free up their Wentzville plant for more Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon production, popular pickup trucks with high margins. If Navistar was to get all GM's large van production, I figure they would be built at Springfield. I do not think Navistar or GM has any intention of expanding the CV/Silverado medium duty beyond class 6, but some of the upgrades I hear are being considered for the trucks, such as a gasoline engine and a 'dock height' chassis/wheel option, will increase sales. So to put it all together, I will guess that Navistar intends to build a new MV/Durastar replacement at San Antonio. This move could free up Springfield for much higher CV/Silverado medium duty production and allow for a new stripped chassis model to be built there. In addition, it opens up the possibility for Navistar to assume all of GM's full size van production if they want it. My hunch is Navistar could shoot past Ford in class 4/5 sales (particularly if Ford moves F-450/550/600 production back to KTP) and potentially top Ram 4/5 sales with higher plant capacity and 2 large dealer networks (International and Chevy). I will close with saying I have no idea how/if Traton fits into this, and I will not even guess at a time line considering the current crisis.
  15. I think because some of the tank piping was about to get hung up on the trailer.
  16. Yeah, REO Gold Comet V-8. Really be something if they could get that running again, but parts are extinct. Wish they got some shots of the engine, torch cutting studs is not that exciting.......
  17. No, not available as an option. I know for a number of years the only automatic transmission in 4X4's was the Turbo 350, maybe that had something to do with it. Saw a lot of 400 Small Blocks in GM 4X4's during the 70's. Even when GMC was putting the V-6 in pickups, only the 305 was available in 4X4's, the 351 was 4X2 only.
  18. No big blocks in GM 4X4 light trucks until the 1980's.
  19. I am hearing the CV will go to 26,000 GVW next year, but no official word yet. Did hear that International will not be offering air brakes on the CV though. And a gasoline option one of these years.....
  20. Caterpillar built what amounted to a diesel conversion of the Wright Cyclone radial aircraft engine for tanks in WWII. I saw a running one once. Very loud......
  21. This demonstrates one of the issues in dealing with CARB: CARB may well approve this engine/application for 2020, but if it isn't before late 2Q 2020 it may be too late for fleets to get large orders in to Ford before the 2020 order cut-off. So, wait until next year. Of course, just because CARB approved this engine/application for 2020, it does not mean it will be approved for 2021, it might need to be tested again. And if it does, look for it to be approved around late 2Q 2021.......... Yes, I believe the Ford factory warranty does remain in place, but Ford does not warranty any of the Landi-Renzo components or their installation.
  22. When talking of how much money the federal govt. 'lost' on GM you have to consider the revenue of all the GM payroll taxes and GM employee income taxes the U.S. government has collected since the bankruptcy. Not to mention how much revenue would have been lost through the subsequent failures of GM's supplier base had GM gone out of business. Which would have likely taken Ford out too. GM has made some phenomenally stupid moves over the past 100 or so years, but you can't really blame the banking crisis on them. Ford was one of the few corporations that saw it coming.
  23. Remember that Roosevelt got U.S. manufacturing on a war footing over a year before Pearl Harbor, so negotiating and plant set up happened well before the shooting started for us. Ford did eventually quite a job building B-24 bombers, but read up on how long that project took before the first plane was produced. And how much pacifist Henry Ford drug his feet to hinder it. And how bad the early Ford produced B-24's were. If it wasn't for Edsel Ford and a lot of Federal pressure it probably would have never happened.
  24. Probably the right way to do something like this.
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