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  1. That’s a beautiful color. It’s going to look awesome.
  2. Thanks, I was trying to guess what it said and feel a little sheepish about not even considering it said thermodyne.
  3. Does anyone know what that sticker on the front valve cover says?
  4. Any idea what kind of torque and hp those engines put out?
  5. I’d rather see tax payer money spent on things like Greenland than frivolous wars.
  6. Looks nice bob, do you turn the dm’s park lights on for ambience?
  7. ...it’s goo fo’ Ya gahden...deers don’t like it cuz they already have enough hehhr.
  8. Nice pics. I’ve been by those Cadillac’s (?) sticking up out of the ground years ago. I also don’t remember them being graffitied either.
  9. That’s a good looking pair.
  10. That Chevy is a beauty.
  11. Looks like it has some old Hi-lux louvered driving lights. Pretty cool project.
  12. Well as small of a town as that White is located in you could call any business in that town and I’d be willing to bet someone would help out with the name of the owner or business that it sits at.
  13. That puppy has a helluva long hood! Holy smokes! I really like that color to.
  14. Absolutely gorgeous truck, maybe someone should tell the owner that axle is misspelled multiple times on their sign.
  15. Great looking trucks, neat that they mounted a hard side pop up camper on that trailer.
  16. Thanks you for the clarification. Got the ole boy I bought the shop from to swing by today and point out what is a treasure and what is trash. Filled 2 pickup box trailers full so far and have much more to go. Getting closer.
  17. So you were there for the transaction with the gentleman Billyt was referring to? Sounds like you got hosed to me. Paying truck lease payments, fuel, repairs, insurance for something you don’t own. Why In the world would you take on all that risk for something you don’t own? Seems like that’s akin to paying taxes, homeowners insurance and footing the bill on all repairs on a rental to me.
  18. Can someone tell me what these are? Window seals? Door seals? Hood seals? Mack p/n 2 RU135F Mack p/n 269AXF
  19. So I had to clean out all the parts grampa had stashed in his shed and there were far more than I thought.
  20. Well I borrowed a truck from some very good people and hauled my Mack home today. So yes I have a Mack and a shop in the same town!
  21. That is a really clean truck! Looks like it would be lotsa fun to take to tractor shows.
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