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  1. One of the old saying my grandpa picked up in the navy was “red in the morning sailors warning, red at night sailors delight”.
  2. How fun would it be sitting up so high with that huge windshield taking in the sights going down the road.
  3. There’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned electric block heater but when finding an outlet becomes an issue and or extreme cold is in the forecast and you know you have to run in it nothing beats a diesel fired heater that has your engine at 150 degrees for you when you jump in the truck
  4. These work excellent. Mine had a calendar (weekly Mon-Sun) and clock so you could set a schedule on it and it would do the rest. I’ve had my truck fire up in -30 weather and the temp gauge shows 150 or so. I know not ideal conditions to run equipment in but if the boss says go... Back to the topic I would absolutely put espar heaters in any truck I drive if I had my way.
  5. We’ve got some snow on the ground but the bigger problem is all of this past week the highs for the day were in the negative teens and the lows were -25 to -35. It’s been a cold bugger.
  6. Wow that’s awful. Someone sure didn’t think it out putting the van body on and not leaving a way to reach the air filter.
  7. Happy birthday Paul. Have a Moxie and a lobsta.
  8. Sorry for your loss, great story with great pics though. Watched my grandpa slowly lose it and die of Alzheimer’s. It sucked bad, especially when he would have a real lucid moment and tell me he knew he was losing his memory.
  9. What else are you going to do if you don’t get your way and sell them, hold your breath? No need for the dramatic “if I don’t get what I want by this day I’ll scrap them”. It just makes you look silly and turns off any buyers in my opinion. Good luck.
  10. Was that style of tank original to the truck? My B75 has saddle tanks just like that is why I ask.
  11. I’m far from an expert so keep that in mind, but I was looking at a finishing pouring a concrete slab in the back 16’ of my shop and the concrete guy told me 6” was enough for semis and equipment. So that’s what I’m planning on doing. Hope this was helpful.
  12. If you look closely it says Yardo & Sons Excavating. Yardo must’ve been away when they filmed this.
  13. Angels don’t cast shadows
  14. That’s true but it’s such a complex subject that I could argue both sides. No I don’t want to see small businesses go away. They bring customer service that a lot of times is second to none bringing comfort to doing business with them. On the other hand the small grocery store where I live charges outlandish prices for most everything and my wife and I can go once a month to the big city (100 miles away one way) and do our grocery shopping for a month And save big bucks. $4.50/gal milk, $5/8oz of cream cheese $10/big jar of Adams PB gives you an idea of how high prices can be here locally. So I understand why bigger stores are waltzing in and taking over.
  15. Isn’t the old saying about the 1693’s “if it’s not sounding like it’s coming apart you better worry” hold true? I’ve never been around them but heard they pulled great and had a few short comings but a decent engine overall.
  16. Looks like she sat on her cat, or maybe one of those little yippy dogs.
  17. That’s pretty neat. The B looks great in FS green.
  18. Yeah. Thought it looked like the steel wheeled tractors I see around here. Didn’t realize it was a roller.
  19. Any idea what that attachment on the back of that tractor is?
  20. Happy new year BMT. May you find all of those old trucks and parts your hearts desire in 2020.
  21. I learn something new everyday. Did the fire trucks use diesels at all or did they stick to gassers until the 60’s?
  22. Ok so the fire trucks don’t follow the same number designation as the trucks then. As in the odd number doesn’t mean diesel.
  23. Being a B85 it should have a diesel in it correct? Looks like a small car exhaust under it which is why I am asking. Beautiful truck at any rate.
  24. Before he gets too booked up with projects I’d like to hire him! Cute kid Rowdy. Merry Christmas
  25. They do excellent work but I don’t see $200k of vehicle there. There is a guy in Baker, MT who build vehicles like that and they are speedy but seem to be closer in price to what they should be. Last vehicle I saw he had listed was a 1971 Chevy pickup that he made a dually box for and set it on a duramax frame with a straight axle conversion. It was beautifully done and at the time was asking $75k.
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