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  1. Wet roads and cold temperature make "pretty wheel". Seen this before but not the "Starfish" on the hub.
  2. Is that thing "Viking" purple? Must have been incogneto.
  3. Represent.Us, yet another goofy liberal site, claims the internet industry paid lobbyist 61 million. If it is worth that much to keep unnecessary goverment medding out of a business, how much is it costing us for all the other unnecessary goverment meddling in business?
  4. You presented this much more eloquent than I, thanks. Offering different service to different customers also is outlawed by monopoly laws already written in the law books. Trump did us a favor correcting this one. The real purpose of Obummer's law was to regulate the number of conservative leaning sites and boost the liberal ones to make neutrality in the eyes of liberal goverment administrators.
  5. The gooberment will do a better job of deciding what you should watch then you do! If a business screws you over, don't do business with them again. If the gooberment screws you over, tough shit. Wake up sheeple. We can not continue to turn everything over to our goverment handlers.
  6. The first thing one notices is that the video is a product of CNN. They are no longer a trusted source of information. As I understand the growth and freedom of the net is because the govenment has not controled it. Want the goverment to decide what you see?
  7. Do you want the goverment to have control of the internet. Check their track record. For example: Obamacare, immigration, gun control, electronic logs, climate change regulation, coal usage.....
  8. The Hudsons that ruled NASCAR, when stock cars were STOCK cars, ran a 308ci inline six flathead. It would turn 6000 rpm back then with the 7X engine. Their handling might have been the biggest factor. Talked to a old guy who use to run Olsmobiles at Minnesota State Fairgrounds. He told me he would blow by the Hudson in the straight and while his Olds was jumping and hopping in the corners the Hudson would motor around him like he was on a Sunday drive! Also said the winner was usually the one that didn't brake-down. Hudson was the first to produce unibody cars with a front clip lik
  9. It's going to be a mild winter and not much snow. Put the blankets on the septic field so it will not freeze, and mounted the snowblower on tractor. Be ready for it and it will not happen. Love the smell of diesel smoke in the morning, it means the truck started, well at least for a while!
  10. Company gives me a credit card and it's not Cenex. Suppose I could ask them and see if I can change, station is only two blocks away. Would be handier. Neighbors were loggers and they were using Cenex lubricants. Had trouble with engines needing overhauls sooner then normal. They switched oil brands and got many more hours before overhauls. This goes back 10-15 years so sure things have changed by now. I do run a fairly high percentage of #1 in the winter. Can buy alot of #1 for the cost of one roadside freeze-up. Truck sits outside all the time, only runs during week days, has n
  11. I think my injectors are getting bad, if I add the injector cleaner/lubricator it makes engine run like normal. It is an Isuzu FTR with the 7.8 litre engine. Have 320,000+ delivery miles on it. Have never had to add oil between oil changes at 6500 miles. The problem I am having: If I accelerate too fast, or press the pedal too hard before engine is in upper rev-range, engine will go "soft" for a second, loose some power and have an additional mild vibration. Shut it off and let sit a minute and it will go back to normal. Some times it like to roll black smoke. Shows no code on computer
  12. Had a windstorm a few years ago and we lost a forked tree. Had this sawn on a band saw with the intention to use it on a timber framed addition to our house. Wife threw when she saw this and put a stop to that plan. I didn't see what shee saw.
  13. Might want to look into powder coating. Have seen some that looks VERY close to chrome.
  14. Ever take a sledge and try busting-up that fiber cement? My house is built on a floating slab, 4" floor and footings are 12" deep and 18" wide. Have hydronic heat tubing attatched to 1/2" rebar and used fiber cement. Put a heat tube in the footings. Have 2" foam 4'X8' sheets around perimeter. Stick out 4' from footings. They are laid down at a 45 degree angle. Builder called them "Canadian footings". Claims frost will not go through 2" foam but will come around the end, then down and back at 45 dergrees. The floor is ceramic tile and not a crack any where, so is working
  15. Yea, I was being a pessimistic smart ash when I wrote that. I hunt the far north forest here in Mn, and the wolves have really raised hell with the deer up there. They took the wolves off the endanger species list and allowed very minimal harvesting here. At least until the "big hearts" from the twin cities raised so much hell about it the state gave up on trying to control them. It's shoot, shovel and shut-up now. Was listening to the brush wolves howling last night and I only live four miles from downtown Bemidji. Some times I hear them on the river near my house. A couple year
  16. There is so many Bison because they shot all the Timber Wolves the state of Minnesota gave them to help control the numbers.
  17. Yes that is a "northern style" truck. Gotta like the auxilary heater in the floor, makes alot of sense. Never seen so many switches on a glovebox door!
  18. Good idea. Remember driving with a couple more "round" drivers, they would have little pin hole in thier t-shirts from the steering wheel rubbing on the "roundness." Seen a couple steering wheels with that shape on custom street rods. Maybe another take on the white stripe you see on race cars so drivers can tell when wheels are straight with drag strip.
  19. Teamsrrrrgirrl read this? Is this another Beck or Hoffa style of union leadership for union brothers and sisters? Suppose "union style" justice will take care of this within house. Some things are constant, good democrats.
  20. My truck started doing the same thing yesterday. The guy who works on truck came out and gave me a pull to start it. Thought that was pretty good service. Most would say get a $500 tow to the shop. Started up this morning, no problem. Tried to leave it run all day but idiot driver shut it off to fuel and wouldn't start. Friend at truck stop said he would give me a pull, got back in truck and started right up. What is the difference between welding cables and battery cables? Had a guy tell me welding cables have many fine wires and battery cables have heavier guage wires in them. He
  21. Picked up two KD517 and a DU RAY. The more shiny one is from my A-40. Lense is amber and has 1960 on bottom rim and no other marking. Has "stepped" sides. Has KD517, PAT and 12461 enbossed on top of housing. There was a rubber gasket the light sits into on the truck, extremely brittle. Cloth wrapped wire. 1. Paid $35 for black one. The amber glass lense says KD517 on top and has 1960 on the bottom. Also have "SEMA APPROVED" on both lense and housing, Has cloth covered wire and "stepped" sides. Housing has K-D517, APPROVED SEMA, and A??D124618. embossed into it. 2. Paid $1
  22. Had a similar problem with my truck this winter. Batteries were less that a year old but the truck is ten years old. Cables, connectors and everything looked good. Cleaned grounding points and replaced a ground cable end. Nothing helped. Finally found out that the voltage was dropping through the cables while starting. Cut the cables open and many of the wires inside were broken or melted open, many looked like they just rotted off. Wires are about the size of hair. Replaced battery cables, problem solved.
  23. Had a delivery at the local Ford dealership. I was expecting balloons, blimps, brats and beer. Nothing... They didn't know anything about it! One would think Ford would pull out all the stops and celebrate. I stopped at local brew/pub and had a beer on the way home.
  24. Any time your town gets a strip mall and a golf course-you are late for the door.
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