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  1. I'm still around. Been busy. They have cracked down on taking pictures in the plant.
  2. Not a Ram... Not a Ford... Not a Chevy... Jack by Mack
  3. The last LEU rolled off the assembly line on 11/20 going to Waste Management.
  4. I'm still around the factory. I'm being careful what I post online. I'd like to keep my job a while longer.
  5. See link on Mack Truck web site. http://www.macktrucks.com/default.aspx?pageid=10951
  6. I promised a few pictures of Logtruckman's next new truck. It was built the beginning of the year on a day I was not around but I got a few pictures before it went on line and after. NIce looking truck. Cab out of paint. MP10 engine groom complete. Share some pictures of the truck at work.
  7. The module mounts with 4 screws to a bracket on the right side behind the radio rear of the HVAC duct. Connect to the power window and lock overlay to the three connectors for keyless entry. You may have to dig around for the break out.
  8. Chestermere Fire Co, Calgary Alberta Canada
  9. A portion of Plant 4 is now http://www.lehighvalleygrandprix.com/ They have old pictures of the plant hung up. 5C is now http://merchantssquaremall.com/
  10. The Bulldog is a functional component of the truck. Mack is the only brand with a manufacturers logo on UPS trucks. This order also has the Mack natural gas emblem on the door.
  11. Check out Mack Trucks on PBS Raw to Ready airing Oct 30th. Check your listing. The link below can help you find it. http://www.pbs.org/program/raw-ready/
  12. UPS is buying hundreds of CXU632's and CXU632T's both CNG and LNG.
  13. I've been buys but here's a picture of you completed Titan.
  14. To differentiate the GU4 & 5 from the GU7 & 8 the MHD grill now has black bars and the surround is nickel.
  15. What's better then getting a white CHU Rawhide? Getting two more in red. These three are going to Canada.
  16. NYC LEU613 with Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist.
  17. Mack Showcases Natural Gas-Powered MACK® Pinnacle™ Built for UPS at MATS Truck Displayed in Mack Booth #30245 LOUISVILLE, KY (March 21, 2013) – Mack Trucks today unveiled its highly anticipated 12-liter natural gas-powered MACK® Pinnacle™ Axle Back model during the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show. The natural gas-powered Mack Pinnacle, offering a liquefied natural gas (LNG) solution for on-highway applications, was built for UPS (NYSE: UPS). The addition of the natural gas-powered Pinnacle expands Mack’s natural gas line-up to the highway segment. Mack already offers natural gas-powered MACK® TerraPro™ Low Entry and MACK® TerraPro™ Cabover refuse models, and later this year, plans to introduce a natural gas-powered version of the MACK® Granite® model. “Mack began offering natural gas as an option as soon as it was clear the solution made sense for the refuse market,” said Kevin Flaherty, president, Mack Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. “The introduction of the natural gas-powered Mack Pinnacle expands our experience and expertise into another market segment, and serves as an example of our commitment to developing solutions meeting the needs of customers like UPS.” “By expanding the UPS natural gas fleet, we have an opportunity to take advantage of a domestic resource, a domestic product and continue our sustainability efforts,” said Mike Britt, director of alternative fuel vehicle engineering at UPS. “Supporting the overall growth of LNG infrastructure ultimately benefits our customers and community by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” Ideal for regional haul and LTL, the Mack Pinnacle is equipped with the Cummins Westport ISX12 G engine and available for order with either an LNG or compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system. The maintenance-free aftertreatment, requiring only a three-way catalyst to meet EPA 2010 and CARB emissions standards, combined with low-cost natural gas, reduces vehicle lifecycle costs and thereby improves customers’ return on investment. We buill this CXU632 the beginning of February. I understand we have some orders from another customer.
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