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    I have been driving since Aug 1st 2001, Bought my first truck and trailer in June 2004. A Million and a half miles later I am looking to purchase my third truck. I run the I 15 corridor to California and back.
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  1. 235-240 is where the engine oil should be as per the oil thermostat. 215-220 is past fan on temps. Is the fan coming on? This thing runs 220 on the water temp running down flat roads? I have a feeling the pressurizing coolant and high temps are not related though high coolant temp will magnify a pressurizing problem.
  2. I know when I ordered my 16 CXU, I ordered it with some fancy air drier with 2 cartridges. One for water and one for oil. It's junk. There is always moisture in my air tanks. If I don't stay on top of draining those tanks, the AHI starts throwing some air purge code or something to that effect and it needs to be replaced.
  3. I dont chime in here very often but will offer a positive oppinion on the 'new Mack truck's' as oppossd to the typical 'anything new is junk' view. In July of 2014 some of you may recall I placed an order on a 2016 Mack CXU 505c+, Eaton 13 speed, Mack S38 rears. The truck now has 1.1 million km on it (just shy of 700,000 miles) This thing has been nothing short of fantastic. The truck has given me superior service and cost of ownership in comparison to my two previous PACCAR trucks that I purchased new (2005 379 pete/C15 Cat and a 2010 KW T660/ISX). I did end up doing the problematic injector swap at around the 600,000 km mark and that set is still going strong. That aside I have only had routine maintenance. I changed the boost sensor a few months ago just to keep fuel mileage optimal but aside from that I have not had a single sensor fail on the truck. I change the 7th injector annually and have had no emmisions problems either. The truck is like clock work and is just a day after day work horse. It has a lifetime average of 7.31 US MPG running 80,000 lbs up and down the I 15 corridor. I am so happy with it. I plan on keeping this truck for the forseeable future since it has just been so good but if I had to replace it tommorow, for certain it would be another MACK.
  4. Meh. My Cummins was multiple camshafts and dropping liners, The Mack is injectors and cups. They are all shit when they are broken. As of now I would still buy another Mack. I cannot say the same for a Cummins.
  5. This morning the overflow side of the expansion tank is empty as it should be and I cracked the cap and there is no pressure......dare I say my problem has been resolved? I think it might be.
  6. Just an update. Brought the truck back to Mack for round two of diagnosis. Confirmed combustion in coolant (even though it looked fine visually) They tore into the top end. Ended up getting injectors, cups, seals, new buttons....blah blah blah.....along with a lovely bill. 6500 CAD. Those are pics of the parts. The #5 injector was actually BROKEN. Apparently it was "dancing" around in the cup and letting combustion pass. Just heading out. I sure hope with this kind of a repair, this issue is resolved.
  7. Powertrain wise, I have the 505c+ with a 13 speed. I only run up and down I 15 from Cali to Canada so I have plenty of pulls. I am always 80,000 lbs and this thing pulls great. I was actually a little leary of a 13 liter coming from a 15 475/1850 ISX and a c15 ACERT 475/1850 before that. This 13 would run with either of those engines all day long and get better fuel economy doing it. With the 18 spd, I couldn't imagine you being underpowered even for 100,000 lbs. Unless you are currently driving something with 800 horse.....
  8. And it was a pressure cap for the win! Funny how something as simple as that can cause such grief. And no trip to the dealership is complete without ALL the latest and greatest software updates!
  9. And yours turned out to be cups? It was pressurizing the coolant tank like that?
  10. I'm not disputing, just want to diagnose as best I can with the info I have. Dealership is quick to change 15 grand worth of parts when its on my dime. So cups you figure? Truck cranks 2 or 3 times and fires right up all the time. And wouldn't coolant look scuzzy if cups were bad? Or see it in the oil sample or SOMETHING!? There are no signs of anything wrong internally in the motor other then the pressure and a reputation of cups and injector issues...the truck runs phenomenal. I'd be lying if i said it didn't make nervous for a shop to be monkeying around in top end in fear of getting it back with a 2mpg loss in fuel mileage and getting the shoulder shrug from the dealer afterwards.
  11. It is CERTAINLY worse when workin er hard and getting it hot.
  12. Seems random. It won't do it for a day or 2 and then boom, puke out a half gallon on the ground. EGR cooler should show elevated potassium and sodium in the oil sample. This truck being a 16 has steel injector cups right? I guess it is possible but I didn't think it was likely.
  13. Just an FYI.....in my truck it has that warm air recirculation flap under the hood. It opens when the ignition is off and the solenoid pulls it closed when you start the truck to pull fresh air through the hood vents. After I replaced the blown fuse, I opened the hood and watched the flap. It didn't cycle and the fuse would pop. I flipped the switch on the dash to recirculate (open position) and no more blown fuse since the solenoid wasn't being activated. Was fine until I got it home and changed that solenoid.
  14. I am fairly certain the f8 fuse is blown then. Just have to figure out which solenoid it is.
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