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  1. 08 Mack CHU613 hard starting

    Do you have a Davco fuel filter on the frame?
  2. Stereo

    There is an actual setting in the HU that automatically shuts it off every hour with the truck running and nothing is touched? Lol. If that is the case, who would EVER have that option activated? I never had the stock stereo. I ordered mine with a srereo accomodation package. 4 speakers, an antennae co ax, and a hole in the dash. I loved the fact that was an option.
  3. 5th wheel slide fault.

    My ELD told me I finally had some time to do a little problem solving. Turns out it was the F8 fuse in the top panel. That fuse controls "Air Solenoids" all 4 of those switches actuate solenoids so it would stand to reason that none of them worked. The 5th wheel slide however was the only one of the group of 4 that threw an actual code. Anyways....the bull dog is back in tip top form and everyone is happy again.
  4. 5th wheel slide fault.

    Still haven't had time to dig into this but just noticed something interesting.....that entire row of switches is dead. Inter axle,5th wheel,susp height, and air intake. Maybe came unplugged behind dash??? What would kill this whole group of switches???
  5. 5th wheel slide fault.

    My truck has been clock work since day 1! I have had 2 CEL lights come on. Both for some SCR module that is down in the front on the frame rail. It threw a code very early on, first few months and then again about a year after. Nothing since. Bad run of parts?? Who knows. And now I have had this 5th wheel slide error come up for the second time. Only other issue I have had has been the "big" timing cover in the back of the head was leaking. It was a warranty item but it took a week to fix and was supposedly a 7000 dollar (cad) job. Hope that doesn't go again! Otherwise the truck has been fantastic. 508,000 kms.
  6. Good day. I got the lightning bolt on the dash and says 5th wheel slide fault. Any info on how to fix this? I had this happen a year and a half ago or so but Mack fixed it under warranty.
  7. 2017 CXU - 2.64 DIRECT M-DRIVE

    Well 22's should be able to be negotiated into the deal if you pushed for it. I dont anticipate it being a night and day difference from what you have now but every bit helps. 22 low pro tires with low rolling resistance, direct transmission....it all adds up. What hp is the truck you have now? And as i asked earlier....that is a single overdrive M drive?
  8. New Truck

    Yep....shes geared looowwww. If you like 55 mph, she should do well for ya!
  9. 2017 CXU - 2.64 DIRECT M-DRIVE

    I wouldnt think it'd be a whole lot different. I dont know much about the M drives but im guessing the one you have now is a single overdrive??? If you are after ultimate fuel economy, just curious why you're opting for 24's? Do you require the clearance for some reason?
  10. Would a different grille fit?

    Now that I am looking around......is the grille and the chrome surround all 1 assembly??
  11. Well my bulldog got its first wound this morning. I parked @ the pilot in Barstow, went inside to shower and came out to a screwed up truck. Thankfully the guy was good enough to own up to it and stick around to exchange info. He was jackknifing into a hole and hit the side of my hood with the front of his trailer. I'm still driving the truck but I'm pretty sure its going to need a hood. The chrome grille surround is toast and the grille itself is done. My question is...does anybody here know for certain if a different model of grille would fit in my CXU? I sure like the big block MACK logo with the larger bars on the Granite. I see the newer granites are different for sure as the sides seem to curve, but it looks like an 08 or so is pretty close. I see the surround is thicker but the grille looks pretty similar. It has to get changed either way so I figured why not do something different. Any info or alternate ideas are welcome Thanks.
  12. New truck order

    Hmph. I'll have to keep an eye on mine. What kind of operation is that in? If I recall, the literature sold the twin Y as an over the road kind of haul 80,000 lbs type of suspension. I don't think it was intended for off road or heavy haul applications.
  13. New truck order

    I would agree with the salesman. 3.7x will move freight up and down the road just fine but I would not want to be cruising @ 1400 rpm for fuel economy. I think 3.3x is much more in line.
  14. New truck order

    What have the issues been with the twin Y? I have 200 000 miles on mine. It rides decent and my tires are wearing perfectly.
  15. New truck order

    Disc brakes are obviously superior to drum brakes but when I ordered my 16 in the fall of 15, they were a pain in the ass to get. It sounds as though that has since been adressed. I have the twin y with Mack S 38 rears and love the set up. It's funny how Mack promotes the 400 lb weight savings on the twin Y set up, but fail to mention the Mack rears weigh a ton. Anyhow it works well together. I have a 13 sp Eaton with the 505 c+. I can't reveal all of my secrets hahaha but I will say this.....gear that truck to run and drive it reasonable and it will do well for you. These motors do very well @ low rpm.