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  1. changed sensor and everything is good.fault 5 must be for sensor
  2. got a abs code coming up on a 09 mack gu713.the code is s003 which i assume is the left rear,m136 which is abs,and below that is 01 05F.anyone can tell me what this fault is exacxtly?i was gonna replace the sensor,but id hate to just put in parts without knowing.it is a bendix system
  3. they shouldnt come on with key in off position
  4. might look into mack t310 trans.have overdrive of .71 and can have a low of 27.something
  5. oil pressure gauge went crazy.one sec it would be pegged next it would go to zero.finally other day it wouldn't work at all.so i tried to get through day and fix that night but truck wanted to regen and tried but it couldnt.so ilimped to dealer and they couldnt get it to regen either.left it overnight and next day they said they changed sensor and thats it,regen worked.does that seem right,could sensor keep it from regening.
  6. cant you use other side to get it open and then take the panel off the inside to fix it
  7. ya bollweevil is right.look on side of trans.if it says trtxl107 its 1 to 1.trtxl1070 is overdrive .78.
  8. great trans.had one in my old truck.final is .78 i believe.
  9. dont know if anyone on here knew Tom Zacny.he hade alot of antiques around the philly area and was always at the macungie show.sadly he has passed on his way to work this morning.RIP
  10. that was the great thing about the twelve speed,you could drive it like 5 speed empty.but when loaded you had the option to split every gear.too bad they stopped making them.
  11. should i be concerned, only does it on a hard pull
  12. i have a 09 mp8 and this code comes on periodically but goes away,and the truck doesnt seem to have any problems with performance.just wondering what it might be.p412 m128 code
  13. actually modern trucks are back to just two vales yellow parking and red trailer supply
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