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  1. Guys, Volvo owns Mack, which is a sponsor of this forum. Do you think they would approve of your hate that drives the 90% of their customers that aren't wacko teabaggers away? If you wanna kill this forum, just keep up the H8.
  2. Is this the only part of the forum you read? Sounds like y'll got so distracted by Faux News that you forgot all about Mack trucks!
  3. As for the permits, the two groups applied for two different kinds. The bikers asked for a permit to stop traffic during rush hour, those are never granted, even supersized loads don't get permits to move through that area during rush hour. The religious group asked for and received a permit to hold an event on the mall, those are pretty routine.
  4. OK, 26 bikers... Before the 2 crashes they got into.
  5. And where were those "million bikers"? I was out riding my rainbow sidecar outfit and the only other riders I saw were democrats!
  6. Trent, you're clearly losing touch with reality... Have you considered getting psychiatric help?
  7. Sorry guys, your candidate lost the election... Maybe because all your badmouthing of Obama drove the voters away from Romney. No point in wasting your hate on Obama, he's termed out and you get another chance in 2016... And you'll probably blow that one too!
  8. Why? There's a reason they made tandems with juice brakes- $$$. Yup, they were cheaper. There's a reason they don't make tandems with juice brakes anymore- They don't stop worth a damn! So you're going to take a truck that is just plain marginal- juice brakes, gas engine, single countershaft tranny- and add another axle with no brakes? And do you even need another axle? Most of the machinery I've seen that would need a 4 axle truck to be legal would be over height on a straight truck. That's why the tractor and implement dealers have replaced their rollback trucks with lowboy trailers.
  9. You gonna run this commercially, or just use it to haul your farm "toys" around?
  10. Unfortunately, the markets seems to be saturated with "tandems", as many farmers have gone to tractor-trailer rigs to haul grain. Thus at every farm auction there seems to be a couple of these, and they're lucky to sell for more than scrap value. Even know of a couple T series cabover tandem grain trucks that haven't moved in years, hope they don't get junked. BTW, it'd be interesting to see how one of those Chevy big blocks converted to run on ethanol would do, 'specially with a pup trailer to give it more payload than a tractor-trailer rig...
  11. It's not a Cruiseliner, but it's definitely worth saving just for that aluminum frame! Would look awesome with a drom on it...
  12. For an east coast tractor a tag would NOT be original. The east coast states allowed 22,400 pounds on a single axle, so they could carry the maximum 73,280 GCW with a single axle tractor and a tandem wasn't needed. BTW, single axle tractors pulling tandem axle dump trailers are still common in Florida.
  13. As a Mack lover and Volvo shareholder, I'm glad that Mack is still around... But I expect more! Volvo is very poorly run and misses one opportunity after another. For example the booming ag and oilfield markets, both of which Volvo missed with lack of both appropriate products and dealerships in the right places.
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