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  1. Engine swuap

    nope and why would you ever want to do that
  2. New truck order

    shop labor rates killed the camelback its a excellent suspension until you pay $100 a hr to replace the bushings or a cracked trunion. The T ride is alot easier to work on with just as good articulation
  3. Maxitorque ES wide range of models and speeds

    the lr versions of the 13 and 18 spd mack had a low hole and reverse slower than the eaton which is nice how ever I heard Mack trans. are on the way out except for the m drive pretty sad triple counter shaft design has been around what 60 years
  4. Superliner

    in a big truck or tractor I'll take all the torque I can get vs all the hp itll make
  5. Superliner

    550hp outta of 636 cubes working it everyday and it survives interesting manual E7 would be the way to go and have a motor that you could get parts for and keep running for a long time
  6. 400 to 427

    for what your going to shell out to get 427hp you might as well shoot for 475-500 its all going to cost the same injectors turbo or a programmer
  7. Superliner

    Mack put them in at the factory should not be that big of a deal
  8. i yeah that should do it unless the balancer might be diffrent. if I was going that deep in the motor to do all that you might as well freshen it up with a in frame kit and new cam though
  9. General E7 Questions

    if it came with that 15spd it won't be a 300 maxydine that's for sure 350hp and a fuller was most common but you never know you might luck out and have a 427
  10. What Are Y'all Using For Filter Brands?

    actually napa gold is a baldwin filter painted white
  11. New anthem

    I miss the mid roof option already
  12. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    I heard they was using the wastegated turbo from a 12.7 470hp
  13. 275hp e7

    M11 does not have the torque a E7 does but your showing up with quite a bit less hp so its a crap shoot but a good 300 maxidyne or 350 would run over a 330 M11
  14. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    limit is 300 trucks a year Fitzgerald is building 500 hybrid hydrogen fuel cell trucks for US Express actually Ryder owns the trucks they are just Leasing them
  15. Mack ch612 e7 to n14???

    had a couple n-14s much rather have my 427