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  1. EM7 upgraded inj and turbo

    did not know they put a 12speed behind a maxidyne motor
  2. EM7 upgraded inj and turbo

    if he goes bigger injectors and twists the pump wouldn't he end up with a 350hp or so maxydine?
  3. T2080

    low range on the trans was mostly for creeping off road and curb side pouring in a cement truck you'll need the top 5 every time but the bottom 3 depends what you doing with the truck bet its at least for 5.73 gears in it
  4. Heavy Haul Serei Dratchev

    exactly but he knows everything, I keep watching him spec super heavy specs to move 50 and 60k lb machines
  5. Engine Wanted.

    it might have started life a just a company freight truck
  6. New truck order

    pinion shaft failure and exiting the side of the housing no air ride pavement princess
  7. Engine Wanted.

    I would go with a Manual e7 they are performers
  8. Engine swuap

    yeah the one i had was heavy spec 44lk camleback 14,600 front
  9. Engine swuap

    they made a ch 713 with the longer hood of a cl on it you could make one fit in one of those
  10. New truck order

    I've seen Mack chunks fail in on road applications never overloaded either. Unheard of back in the day I don't know whose building the rears for Mack now but they need to go back to the drawing board.
  11. Engine swuap

    nope and why would you ever want to do that
  12. New truck order

    shop labor rates killed the camelback its a excellent suspension until you pay $100 a hr to replace the bushings or a cracked trunion. The T ride is alot easier to work on with just as good articulation
  13. Maxitorque ES wide range of models and speeds

    the lr versions of the 13 and 18 spd mack had a low hole and reverse slower than the eaton which is nice how ever I heard Mack trans. are on the way out except for the m drive pretty sad triple counter shaft design has been around what 60 years
  14. Superliner

    in a big truck or tractor I'll take all the torque I can get vs all the hp itll make
  15. Superliner

    550hp outta of 636 cubes working it everyday and it survives interesting manual E7 would be the way to go and have a motor that you could get parts for and keep running for a long time