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  1. my 01 427 has been rock solid factory radiator if its still on there is junk I've had it over 10yrs any issues have been minor and never left me stranded
  2. chn will have a ac series motor never ran one but always heard by 06-07 they had the bugs worked out 04-05 total nightmare
  3. i belive the allision is .60 and a mdrive is .78 in other words alot of diffrence still little shocked about the higher ratios on a dump truck application
  4. you can rest assured the epa and federal judge will not care who you have voted for when it comes to collecting the fines
  5. all off road equipment has a inner and outer air filter, I have had to blow the outer out every 6hours on combines and every day on tractors before, why they haven't put inner safety filters on on road trucks is beyond me
  6. your just in violation of the clean air act of 1972 no biggie ask spartan tuning and h &s how it turn out
  7. I've had good luck with my 2001 427 bought it with little over 500k on it they had already been in the motor already though
  8. had one long ago e7-350 manual pump all mack pulled like a freight train felt closer to 450hp than 350. trouble free grossed 130k it was a tank of a truck for a single rail
  9. sorry but Deere tier 4 motors are absolute junk 8r 9r combines and pickers are the most expensive crap shoot you will ever sit in. will we thrash to day or does it run 5min and shut down for no reason
  10. did my 2001 vision he is correct they are expensive pipes and getting harder to find through mack next time it fails I'm just going to thurme manufactuirng they can make the exact pipe
  11. Macks version of a 8ll but only to be used behind a maxidyne motor due to large gear spacing compared to 9spd mack or fuller trans
  12. haven't seen a sleeper mack truck with side pipes in years
  13. yep you can't hear a word what the factory did to make little over a hp per cubic in with a etec
  14. correct you could not get a mack trans. or rears in a vision till 2004 all pre emmision visions was mutts from the factory
  15. have you priced a reman motor from Mack they used to have a good warranty package, and it you would get a good cam that way. if you could chunk the egr system on that motor that would help reliability although that vgt turbo causes about as many issues as the egr and there no way around it
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