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  1. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    I heard they was using the wastegated turbo from a 12.7 470hp
  2. 275hp e7

    M11 does not have the torque a E7 does but your showing up with quite a bit less hp so its a crap shoot but a good 300 maxidyne or 350 would run over a 330 M11
  3. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    limit is 300 trucks a year Fitzgerald is building 500 hybrid hydrogen fuel cell trucks for US Express actually Ryder owns the trucks they are just Leasing them
  4. Mack ch612 e7 to n14???

    had a couple n-14s much rather have my 427
  5. New Mack for the fall

    thats what I thought to when I seen the clip. how sweet to have a ch cab rd hood 60" bunk
  6. Hard starting after parked for a few days.

    sorry for the slow reply on passanger side of the motor it runs for the head down to a fitting by the unit pumps it tees back into the fuel line
  7. New Engine or New Truck?

    mack made a 350 2v with tip turbine cooling that would be the highest hp available with out a front air to air had one in a 1982 dm sx was a performer
  8. I always figured Detroit let someone build the axles and trans. and just put their name on it.
  9. New Truck

    going from a e9 to a 500e I see a uprate to a 500c+ soon
  10. should not be a issue in coal country they have like 65ks on granites
  11. out of hope mp7 fuel issue

    I run baldwins on my 01 427 with no issues it makes 95 or 100psi of fuel pressure. I wonder who makes Mack Filters anyway
  12. UPS

    Nope not purpose built, just 12L Cummins-Westport motors. Fairly common around me I think they are rated for 425 450hp 1450lb torque. Frito Lay uses them as does JB Hunt on the Budweiser run.
  13. UPS

    drivers all tell me no torque with the nat.gas spark plug and burning holes in pistons is a problem. MP8 leaps and bounds better performance wise
  14. 39ft frameless has replace alot of the hopper bottoms in my area east genesis with 60" sides pretty common and with alum draft arms and plate they are very light trailer. you still have trouble loading up to 80k with dry rice though without alot of shovel work some opt for 68" sides. but I doubt you know what rice is in OH.
  15. eaton rears and eaton 13spd still work today if that's what you want don't think you'll want a mp7 with 3.36 gears though