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  1. Uve been a wonderful teacher on issues as regard truck. But lately i have a major challenge on my truck. The blink code 6 4 appears and the power to the vecu is perfect including the ground but couldn't supply power to the ecu so the truck could not start uve check more than 5 vecu the same and the 6 4 blinks is still on. What can i do in this regard thanks


  2. I reuse head bolts unless they have pitting or heavy rust. I replace rod bolts on E6/E7/Etech engines, never reuse, that's our company policy. Just a note, main bearings are the same on #2,3,5&6. #1 looks the same but it is not, the tang is slightly offset. If you mix that bearing then you loose all crank thrust. Seen many tech's scratch their heads trying to figure out why there is no crank thrust after replacing main bearings. Good luck
  3. I had overhauled an E7 some time ago and it had a hum right where the oil pump was located. We contacted Mack reman center and was told to not worry about it, known issue. Since then I have noticed it more often but never seen an oil pressure issue related to the noise.
  4. I've heard the oil pumps make that noise on those engines. Some are a little than others.
  5. I would check the rocker shaft plugs to see if they have popped out. If they have then plan on replacing that rocker shaft(s) because more than likely the rocker arms have galled to the shaft.
  6. The puff limiter is to limit rack travel to limit smoke. As manifold pressure builds the bimba valve(on inj. pump) allows more rack travel. As long as you have the correct reversing relay and the bimba valve is correctly shimmed, the engine should run just fine. The engine will get full rack travel until the park brake valve is pushed in to aid start-up. On an engine with a LDA, the rack is mechanically restricted until manifold pressure overcomes the LDA allowing full rack travel.
  7. When priming the fuel system is fuel leaking around the primer pump (little plastic cap next to pump handle)? If so, the o-ring below the plastic cap has eroded allowing it to suck air. The plastic cap can be replaced. Mack/Volvo should be able to get that part.
  8. A fault like this could be many things. The fault's possible cause is listed as def quality and/or dosing too low but could be many things such as bad nox sensor(s), egr flow, plugged egr cooler, intake/exh. leak, injector cups, bad injector(s), turbo, egr diff. psi sensor and so on. Check def quality with refractometer. Remove def doser valve and check for excessive build up of dried def inside dpf outlet and flow test def doser valve if possible. Make sure def pump is building and maintaining 128-132 psi. If all looks ok then it's a matter of elimination by checking above mentioned items. Th
  9. Right off the top of my head, (1)- possible EGR valve stuck open-- remove the egr cross tube (over valve cover) and try to start the engine. If it starts the egr valve is stuck wide open choking the engine w/exhaust. Normally they would start, just run like crap, but you never know. (2) DPF plugged to max. Have seen a DPF plugged and it wouldn't let an engine start. Remove the flex pipe at the DPF inlet and try to start the engine. (3) Bad engine brake solenoid- it will cause full engine oil psi to rocker shaft causing exh. rocker pistons to hold exh valves open. Usually while cranking it so
  10. What type/brand of air dryer do you have? Most common for that year was the Bendix AD9 dryer. The housing top has to be removed to replace the cartridge on the AD9. Really shouldn't have to service air dryer cartridges/filters for at least 150,00 miles.
  11. P24AO: Closed Loop DPF Regeneration Control At Limit - Temp Too Low P249F- Excessive Time To Enter Closed Loop DPF Regeneration Control These fault will not cause any operational problems other than the MIL illuminating. Basically, the faults set when trying to perform a moving regen but is not completed. There are some software updates for these faults.
  12. Most I've seen on newer trucks splice into the heater hoses right at or near the manifold area.
  13. Years ago we had customers that had the same issues, mostly heavy duty oil field application. The truck felt like something was holding it back then it would start to pull ok or drop out in high upper rpm's. Our forman would call Mack tech support and explain issue, they would usually tell us to flash both eecu and vecu, DO NOT save customer parameters and program w/new datafiles. I would print out customer parameters and manually enter them back. I think it was called heavy haul file or something like that. Been a while and slept since then.
  14. While performing a regen do the temps look ok,? The AHI nozzel could be plugged and or dirty, could be a fuel psi issue to AHI module.
  15. If the eecu wasn't powering up the the engine wouldn't crank over since the eecu provides ground for the starter relay. Loosen the fuel return regulator valve at the front of the head, pump the fuel hand pump and verify you have fuel coming out around the fitting. Try starting the engine then, should have fuel psi while cranking. Could possibly be cam timing, easy check, Remove plug on bottom of flywheel housing and rotate engine until "0" lines up with bump in hole. The cam tdc mark should be between lines on #1 cam cap. If its on the edges or outside the marks then cam timing is an issue, bu
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