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  1. turckster


    Check voltages and grounds at the eecu. On the left side of the radiator there is a cab to chassis harness connector. I have seen where the bolt connecting the two together have come loose or some pins having corrosion.
  2. turckster

    Air assist clutch

    The adjustment for the clutch should be the same as a regular clutch cable type. 1/2" clearance between the clutch brake and throw out bearing. Adjust clutch brake and free travel should come out ok as long as everything is in good shape.
  3. turckster

    Cat sump switching

    On a Mack when installing a reman engine and the original has a rear sump and the reman has front sump we just swap pans, oil pump pick-up and dipstick locations. I would imagine it would be the same for the Cat engine. New pan gasket, oil pump pick-up seals/gaskets.
  4. turckster

    Flywheel bolt torque

    From what I understood the reason for the torque turn method was because low torques can be had accurately, higher torques are inaccurate because of multiple turns or how someone pulls for the torque. If you set the initial torque low and a degree turn to achieve the final torque then each bolt torque will be more accurate and consistent. For example, E-7 and ETECH rod bolt torque had been 150 ft/lbs forever then all of the sudden it changed to something like 30 ft/lbs and 90 deg (or something like that-can''t remember exactly). Because most people were torquing rod bolts in chassis it could be a struggle to torque a bolt to 150 ft/lbs and many times it was inaccurate. But if you torqued it to 30 ft/lbs (easy peasy) then 90deg you would still get approx. 150 ft/lbs--just more accurate every time (when looking from an engineering point of view-- bolt clamp force and stretch). The Snap-on electronic torque wrenches(3/8 and 1/2) are a life saver. The torque turns seem to be accurate. When the 3/4" first came out someone in our shop bought one--we were replacing many heads and doing inframe overhauls. Unfortunately it was inaccurate in both ft/lbs and torque turn. After some back and forth between us, Snap-on and the engineers who designed the torque wrench, they were finally able to work out the bugs.
  5. turckster

    After treatment fuel pressure problem

    There is a fuel pump mounted behind the module, small little electric pump. When activated it boosts engine fuel psi to 90ish to help atomize fuel at the nozzel. 2007 emission non-catylized engines have the same pump but they are mounted inside the right frame rail mid-chassis.
  6. turckster

    Fuel splitter valve

    If memory serves me correct, it's just a "t" fitting in both suction and return on the CH models. Could be wrong though. Won't be the first time. Or last.
  7. turckster

    After treatment fuel pressure problem

    Aftertreatment fuel psi should be what.... 90ish psi? What test is it that you can not perform that requires a special tool?
  8. turckster

    05 cxn 613 EGR Issue?

    All of these faults are voltage related. Fuse 38 powers the EECU, make sure it has battery voltage (12+ volts). Fuse 38 gets its power from the starter relay. Make sure all battery, starter and ground connections are clean. Checked the ground relay connections on the firewall as well.
  9. turckster

    DPF System Fault/ system service required

    What fault(s) are coming back?
  10. turckster

    heated mirrors

    When you say dash unit do you mean the instrument cluster? If yes I would think the issue is the harness connector terminal. Either the 27a or 22b terminal is loose on the pin. If you are careful you can remove the terminal from the connector and carefully pry the contacts. The reason I say that is you tried this cluster in another chassis and it worked, correct?
  11. turckster

    heated mirrors

    When you turn the heated mirror switch on you should have voltage at pin 87 at the heated mirror relay. When there is voltage at pin 87 there should also be voltage at pin 12 on the H/M switch (for the lighted part of the switch). If you don't have voltage at pin 87 (relay) then there is a wiring issue somewhere. You have verified the components(switch, inst. cluster, mirrors and relay) are ok. Measure resistance from pin 4 (switch) to pin 27A (instr. cluster), should be 0-5 ohms. Measure resistance from pin 86 (relay) to pin 22B (intsr. cluster). Wiggle the wiring to see if the resistance jumps around. If those circuit look ok jump pins (relay) 85 to 87 and 30 to 87 , if the mirrors heat up then you know those circuit are ok.
  12. turckster

    heated mirrors

    According to the wiring diagram, when the switch is turned on there should be voltage at pin87 on the heated mirror relay. The instrument cluster controls the relay ground circuit (pin 86 on relay). The instrument cluster may also have a heated mirror icon which may be why the switch power (pin 4) goes to the cluster plus it acts as a signal to turn on the relay ground. It possibly could be a feature that needs to be enabled through the dealer or using PTT2 if you have it.
  13. turckster

    Mack CXU 613 2011 DPF Problems

    The fault SPN:3556 is for the Aftertreatment Hydrocarbon Doser or 7th injector. The FMI:4 is voltage below normal or shorted to low source--short to ground. Probable cause is faulty harness or 7th injector. On an MP8 the 7th injector wires run down the passenger side of the valve cover to the rear of the engine where the sensor to engine harness connector is. Its possible the 7th inj. wiring is exposed and shorting to ground or the injector is just bad. It will not perform a regen because the 7th inj is faulting.
  14. turckster

    Ignition system

    A common problem spot is the engine to chassis harness. I have seen them chafe on the harness support bracket mounted to the air compressor head and cause a short. There are a few other rub spots for that same harness in that area as well. Another possibility is the harness from the cab to the frame. If it is not properly secured there are tons of rub points for it also.
  15. turckster

    Econovance on Aset Series ?

    The econovance was used on inline inejction pump engines to advance the injection timing mechanically. When the etech came out in 1997 it had an injection pump for each cylinder. The engine ecu used a cam position sensor and engine position sensor to determine TDC and adjust timing from there electronically.

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