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  1. I have a 2004 mack vision that I am installing a carrier APU can someone tell me where to tie in the cooling system? i see there are ports on the cooling manifold, but they appear to be 1/2 inch only i have neve done this before
  2. I have an intermittent 2-9code in my 04 CX with a 350 engine it is related to the air inlet temp/humidity sensor directly after the air cleaner can someone tell me what effect this will have on the engine if the sensor is faulty? Can it also cause turbo issues?
  3. My 04 CX612 with a mack 350 gets a 4-5 code and no boost on start up. If I let it idle for a few minutes at startup, the vgt actuator seems to hunt, then actuate, and the system then works fine without a fault code. can someone tell me if that is normal? I don’t see a note in the owners manual. I’m a little bit new to the more modern Mack’s.
  4. I have a 2004 mack cx612 (350 eng) with a 2-9 blink code can someone tell me what that is and where is the sensor located some sources say it’s a combustion air temp, and others say it’s a combustion air humidity.
  5. I had that same exact issue in my 04 it turned out to be an intermittent oil pressure sensor. When the sensor blinked out for a second, the computer recognized it as a no-oil condition in the engine and it shut it down immediately without recording why. Cyling the key switch reset it, but it did not record a code because it is a “volatile” failure requiring immediate action. It could also be in the connection. The sensor was less than $40. It took the better part of a day to find it
  6. I have a 2004 mack vision with a 350 engine. I sometimes get a 4-5 blink code and the turbo drops boost. I thought it was the actuator pin so I removed it, cleaned it, and lubed it. It seemed to be fixed but then it came back. It seems to work better when it is fully heated up. I checked the maintenance records and discovered that the turbo was replaced about 2011. I also get a flutter in the control and I can see the actuator moving in and out as the control module applies pressure then vents it. It almost seems like it is hunting for a position some times. I put it on an independent
  7. I checked the cooler not loosing coolant, and the tubes are dry including egr mass flow tube. so I think the cooler is ok is this mack egr system problematic, or is it simply 350 k miles normal maintenance?
  8. I have an 04 mack vision with a 5-9 blink i have been told that this means that the EGR mass air flow sensor tube needs replacement ($1200). Can someone tell me what is the negative effect of running the truck with a bad EGR mass air flow tube? Will I cause other more costly damage?
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