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  1. Ok I appreciate it. Come to think of it he did say they were V8's. Twin stick trans to but not sure what speeds.
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah not sure it's worth that kinda $$.
  3. Bought my first truck in the spring of 2013. It was a toss up between either an R model or a superliner. I personally like the look of the R more than the superliner and was more within my price range. Anyway I was searching online, in magazines etc. for a couple months and came across an R for sale in Covington, Pa on the truck paper website. Emailed the owner and set a date up to go look at it. I asked a friend from work, Jeff ( some may know him from the show undercover boss) and my dad if they'd go along with me to look at this truck. They both agreed so it was off to Covington (about a two hour drive north from my home). This was in March with about an inch or so of snow on the ground (and on the truck as it sat outside) that were crawling around looking over this truck real closely as I didn't know it's history. The gentleman who was selling it owns and operates a scrap recycling outfit just outside of Liberty, Pa (where by the way it was painted its current color of Sherwood green metallic about a year before I purchased it). He purchased it from a guy that had it painted and left it sit then sold it to the recycler from what I can remember. He only hauled one load of scrap with it and determined it was spec'd too light for hauling heavy steel so, it was time to buy another truck and sell the R. After two pages of notes taken by Jeff and a test drive, the three of us went home and I had some thinking to do. After a month went by I called the owner to see if he still had it (thinking he sold it). He said it's still here! So again, the three of us picked a day to go pick it up. She ran flawlessly the whole way home and didn't skip a beat. I think I made an unregretable purchase and still own the truck today. I retired the truck as it is now an antique, only participating in shows, parades and some other small functions. Got my CDL at 18 and bought my first semi at 22 was a great accomplishment for me and something I'll never forget nor regret. Here are the specs..... 1989 R688 ST model tandem axle tractor 340k miles E6 350 9-spd T2090 maxitorque trans 12/38 axles 5.02 rears reyco spring ride rear suspension Truck was originally painted royal blue from the Oakville Canada plant. Was spec'd to pull a tank trailer and left the plant as incomplete (assuming it left without a fifth wheel). Purchased buy Susquehanna Motor Co. and sold to Montour Auto Service Company in Montoursville, Pa. Was also built with budd wheels and currently has 22.5 Alcoas. I don't know anything about this trucking company as nothing turned up with my research. If anyone knows of them or has any pics please share them with me. They are still in service to the best of my knowledge.
  4. Trying to locate pics of the former Atlas Powder Company F-models. I've tried looking for some images on google but was unsuccessful. My grandfather was awarded for driving 1-million safe miles in a mack truck back in 1977. If anyone has any info/pics they'd like to share, please feel free to do so. Thanks
  5. Trying to buy a new (preferably) retro 24" R model thermometer that was made by first gear. I check eBay and the first gear site with no luck. Anybody have one for sale?
  6. Want to dress up the interior of my 89 R model a bit by installing the leather on the door panels. Need to be gray in color. Thanks!
  7. Want to dress up the interior of my 89 R model a bit by installing the leather on the door panels. Need to be gray in color. Thanks!
  8. Are any of the above listed parts for anR model?
  9. Could you message me the pics of the visors or email them to me at [email protected] Thanks!
  10. I'm not sure I'd have to measure the opening. Do you have one or the other?
  11. Searching for a chrome or stainless air intake hat for an R model. TIA
  12. Looking for a factory R model exhaust heat shield. Truck doesn't have a vertical exhaust just straight pipe. TIA
  13. Looking for a pair of aluminum fuel tanks for my 89 R model. If anyone has any they'd like to sell please let me know. Even if it's only one. Thanks
  14. I would like to install full stainless fenders on my R model tandem axle tractor. It has the Reyco spring ride suspension from factory. The equalizer is located where I would have to put the center support for the fender. Looking for anyone with advise as how to mount this bracket or anyone that has installed full fenders on a truck with Reyco suspension. Thanks.
  15. I was doing some work on my 89 R model today and realized my rear cab airbags aren't solid. Made sure I had enough air in the tanks but quickly ruled that out. The one on the left had a small leak at the base but they should still hold air correct?