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  1. gota be dem dog teeths , any unusual noises coming from the shifter when going into gear?
  2. , ticking is normal when u first turn the key on its a self check even some trucks make a air pumping sound when u turn the key on.Anyways has the brake pedal been cleaned around have seen on a lot of the older dm models would have a mountain full of dirt in the cab build up around the plunger for the treadle valve affecting the stroke and causing it to get stuck, also how long is it taking for the brakes to release the air after you let go of the pedal , have seen clogged diaphrams inside quick release valve preventing air from releasing causing the brakes to stay on after the pedal was pres
  3. Can be multiple things t, whens the last time the radiator has been washed out, also can you hear the fan come on very loud noise should be heard if not there right away you should know you have a fan problem. i Would also check the play on the water pump bearing/idlers,belt make sure its not to loose or anything is worn out. Also have you checked your lower rad hose if you can feel its not even close to being as hot as your upper hose then right away you know your thermostat is geting stuck closed. Also how fast is your tempature gauge rising? how long is it taking to overheat.
  4. Did you check the steel braided oil return line could be lack of lubriaction to the cylinders and crank and thats what cuasing mass buildup so quick also,coolant lines if there is any restriction aswell as the steel line going to the compressor and the hose after that supplying to the air dryer has been changed aswell those usually clogg up if there is excessive buildup?, never really heard of carbon buildup that quick sounds like an internal problem in the compressor. i would also take out the line out of the dryer to see what comes out of there maybe it full of carbon and passageways are clo
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