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  1. I've had several codes come on over time and they almost all go away on their own. Check your wiring for obvious thinks and keep rolling until you need to do a parked regen. Then I guess replace it then if I doesn't go away.
  2. "Aftertreatment Hydrocarbon doser" Fmi 4: voltage is below or shorted circiut. Or ground is shorted. Possible symptoms are "regen not possible" check engine light and MIL light. It's says possible fixes are "check wire harness and/or replace doser.
  3. I had both belts break this morning and got some belt shreds stuck in the fan clutch pulley stopping it from free spinning. I pulled the fan assembly out of the truck to get all the junk out so I can see its all gone. The question I have is, should it 100% free or is there supposed to be a little resistance? If I'm not mistaken I think it should be a little tough to spin by hand but i don't want to put it back on unless I'm confident it will last. Thanks
  4. That's it though, I plugged it back in and code is gone. Now I need to find $5,000 for injectors.
  5. LOL, Well now I feel stupid. I pulled the DRL relay because I didn't want to get pulled at scales if a light goes out. I plugged it in for a few minutes while looking for something wrong and the code was gone, I figured I did something else to "fix" the issue. As for the misfire, I guess the injectors are just old, 718,000 miles on them assuming they are original. Thanks for the help.
  6. Vin 014634 model CXU613
  7. I've got MID 144, PSID 40, FMI 4. According to the Mack help line, this is saying "Sensor Power Supply is showing low voltage" so I ask my truck experts, where do I look. I think this is what makes my truck act like it has a mid fire and then smooths out after 30 miles of driving. The truck ran pretty good Friday and turns out, that code was gone but came back again. Where should I look or what connection should I clean?
  8. Mine is dead, thanks for sharing
  9. Unplug the alarm? On my 99 ch, it was built into the cluster, but if taken apart, was able to be unplugged like you would a relay.
  10. Fuel preasure good?
  11. Did that new fuel pump fix your problem? How does one check the fuel pressure on a mp8? I have a 2011 mp8 455hp and at higher (1400 rpm and up or 60 mph +) I get a mid fire, if I'm empty, I can go about 30 miles and the misfire goes away, almost like something turned on or got powered up, but if Im loaded, it normally won't go away. I have changed the fuel filters with Mack filters, cleaned the plugs that go into the ecm. Thats all I've done so far. When I get home next weekend, I think ill look at the banjo bolt at the ecm fuel cooler and see if there is debris. Would checking preasure confirm clogging? Another theory is the injector plugs have oil contamination? I haven't pulled the valve cover off yet to know, but what you ya'll check?
  12. Wrong size wire or terminal used when fixing it?
  13. I've got 3571, FMI 14, it says "aftertreatment hydrocarbon doser fuel preasure too high" and possible causes are "fuel shut off valve is leaking" I had a nasty fuel filter just days ago, look like I had some slimy crap in my fuel. The truck seems hard to start too, almost like a it's loosing prime, the longer it sits, the longer it turns over. Not seeing any fuel leaking though? Where to look?
  14. Yeah, I can drive fine without it. But I want a Double Din radio anyways for hands free phone use (no headset crap) and all the features that it can come with. That camera could save me one day though, or in tight backing/parking spots, it can be handy then as well. I just need to figure how to wire that feature.
  15. I've been pondering the possibility of buying a double din radio / DVD / CD / NAV and buying one that has two AV in-puts and a rear backup camera. I would like it to show me the right side of the truck when I turn on the right turn signal. Is there a way to do this on a 2011 Mack CXU613? I would need a constant power from the right signal hook up. What wire and where would I grab it from? Thanks