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  1. some 2000 e7 460 odditys/issues

    I didn't read all the replies so I may be repeating someone. My old CH had a "not charging" issue once and it took me forever to figure it out. I was a ground breaker on the fire wall. If I remember right it has two ground cables coming out of it and it's close to the starter solenoid. The cheap way to see if that's bad is to use a jumper wire between those two grounds and if your gauge is back up to 14 volt, that's what's bad. Hope that fixes all.
  2. Fault code help SPN 3556

    Yep, I'm convinced my 1999 CH613 is more reliable. Less mpg but still higher profits.
  3. 2008 MP8 want start

    Check your batteries, there are two cables, one just for the starter and the smaller one for everything else. Follow that larger cable and make sure all connections are tight. Otherwise I don't know. Perhaps try jumping the starter to see if it works. Mack doesn't have very good quality anymore.
  4. MP8 still sucks at life

    I just called to see what's new. They replaced that injector, still had misfire problems, so they are replacing the full set that they just put in earlier this week. I hope it gets running soon.
  5. MP8 still sucks at life

    I'm still in Amarillo Tx, Friday they completed the cam, injectors, and dpf. We went for a test drive and it was still missing badly, maybe even worse. At first they were thinking maybe a valve was damaged inside the head. But Saturday a tech decided that it may have been a fault injector that they got. Haven't heard anything yet but I hope that's it. I've been at a hotel for a solid week now.
  6. MP8 still sucks at life

    No way! I don't want an automatic. I have an eaton 10 spd. Everyone lovee that M drive but I still don't trust it. Give it a decade and then maybe I'll be I'll trust it. As for my truck, I haven't heard any news for a while so Im going over to see what's up this afternoon
  7. MP8 still sucks at life

    I was wondering how badly I am stuck with thus truck but it sounds like I own it for life. It is what I want and set up as I wish. A little long on the wheel base for a tag axle would be nice but it's a good spec. It has to run good though with all this though.
  8. MP8 still sucks at life

    I thought it was premature too, the truck only has 733,000 miles on it. I think it had 675,000 when. I bought it and I didn't idle it over nights. So abuse from the first owners? I think the first owners were in Ca.
  9. MP8 still sucks at life

    Well it got worse, the cam shaft is ate up, all the lobes have at least a 1/4" groove dug through them. It's amazing the truck could function at all. Looking at $18,000 now to still do injectors, replace my bad dpf filter, and a new cam. I only paid $25,000 for that truck. This truck better run like a raped ape when it comes out.
  10. MP8 still sucks at life

    So best case if all I need is a dpf cleaning, it is $1,300 or $3,400 if the DPF filter is wasted and needs to be replaced. Also they say the injectors are what need to be replaced so they said the bill all together is $8,500. And down time I should be back out of the shop by tomorrow night. Almost sounds too good, is it?
  11. Can it unlock derate codes? Meaning like if the dpf clogs up and the ATS lockout happens, can that get rid of that? Also can it read fuel preasure if the truck can? 2011 mack
  12. MP8 still sucks at life

    I'm going in the morning to at least fix the dpf. Would like to get home for the injectors so I can be with my family while I'm not working.
  13. MP8 still sucks at life

    I forgot to say that the computer isn't showing any miss fire codes. Non for individual injectors and the for multiple cylinders. Neither codes come up?
  14. Fault code help SPN 3556

    What did that cost you?
  15. My truck has always had a mild misfire and it got worse this week. Now it starts missing really bad at 1300 rpm. I've been trying everything else like egr preasure sensors, checking the tunes on the dpf diff sensor but I guess it's either bad cups or injectors, possible low fuel preasure? It used to normally act up at the 1500 rpm range and be intermittently missing. (Running rough for 60 seconds and smooth out for 120 seconds like it was an electronic malfunction. Also, the dpf has been going frequent regen and now wentry into limp mode. The warning (blue switch) went stright to blinking and later the red shut off lamp started coming on intermittent and then ATS needs service came up. Not the way it was to work as the manual says. What do you guys think is going on with the miss? I'm assuming I'm running rich if the dpf is clogged. I also checked the dpf preasure sensor tube and they are clear. Bad sensor for the warnings not properly working??