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  1. And it would probably be a good idea to replace it instead of sealing it up? Oil temp does see 240⁰ climbing mountains. My truck is a 2011 so I would guess it should be the newer style already?
  2. Oh joy... is this something someone with basic skills and hand tool can handle in the driveway? I think I have what I need to get it off. Just scared because of how involved it is.
  3. At the risk of sounding dumb, does the oil filter housing have coolant running through it? I seems to have coolant dripping from the back side of the housing but it's hard to see exactly where. It's coming down beside the front oil filter.
  4. That's the top. They said the inside of the motor looks good with no large peices of rust. So I think this fix will last for a little while.
  5. Looks like it was a plugged radiator. Tuesday we hooked a loaded trailer to the truck and a tech rode along with a laptop to check the coolant and oil temp, as well as the fan on-off command and percentage speed of the fan. All of that was working right but still had higher temps going over the bridge. So we all finally agreed to change the radiator and see if that was the problem. Looks to me like it's almost completely plugged up. They should be done with it today.
  6. Tomorrow I'm bringing a loaded trailer to hookup with a tech riding shoot gun to watch live data while the truck is in action. Everything they looked at passes so hopefully this will reveal something. Gonna name the truck "Shop Queen" in the shop 4 out of 5 weeks.
  7. Truck is at the dealer. Today they ran regular diagnostics to figure why it's over heating. They said they cant find anything wrong and want to check the water pump and make sure it has the correct tolerance and not slipping. I think its wasting time but I told them they could check it. The only other guess is that the radiator is plugged up so they will replace that I guess if the pump good to them. Anyone else have any other guess or anything maybe they should look into?
  8. The truck has a date with the dealer on Friday. Three weeks out of the month.. Its turning into a "shop queen". Sucks too, I wanted to quit my job and start with Mercer but can't do that if my truck isn't right and can't get a head ache rack because of all the expenses. If it is caused by work they did, do dealers usually warranty their work and fix it for free? Hopefully I'm not paying twice for the same part.
  9. Forward tube? Would that be exhaust inlet or outlet? I checked the outlet and it was dry and black soot as usual with no sign of dried coolant. But that was only checked on outlet. I too think it's a cup, it's just too coincidence that they just did an injector and the fact too that they said they had a hard time getting the old cup out that they needed to cut it out. Hope they didn't cut too much out that it needs a new head.
  10. Shouldn't coolant leak back while the truck is not running?
  11. If it was a failed EGR cooler, coolant should be in the outlet pipe right? Can't really go the other way can it? Meaning exhaust is going into the coolant system?
  12. I think I see air bubbles coming up inside me coolant tank. I replaced that and it's clear where you can see inside of it and there's bubble coming up. If I choke the hose that supplies coolant to the system, the bubbles stop, so it's not just engine vibration tricking me I don't think. Bad to the dealer ship. This truck is a shop queen this month. Hopefully it's something they did wrong when it was there for an injector 1.5 weeks ago. Probably a injector cup? It definitely got worse since I got it back from them.
  13. Not yet. Brake hoses on my pickup did that so I can understand that. I'll check that.
  14. Doing my first load since I replaced the water pump, thermostat, cleaner the radiator fins, changed the coolant filter, and the truck is running 210-215 with a 20 foot container with a 1 ton load on flat ground. It seems to have gotten worse. I noticed if I'm at a traffic light, it's coolant down to 200 when we get going and climbs back to 210 in a minute or two. Think it's possible it's an EGR blockage? I'm assuming these trucks have oil coolers, but not sure where they are located?
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