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  1. This is on a 2004 vision. I changed the mass flow tube along with the module that came with it. Egr cooler is dry both sides. Still have the active codes, any insight of what to check next? Thanks
  2. I removed the filter, not sure if you really need to but the kit comes with a replacement threaded nipple for the filter to screw onto so i went ahead and removed filter and installed the new nipple. As far as the shutoff valve, i used a adjustable ladys foot and got it under the roll pin sticking out from the valve and just pryed it up out. Theres a split locking collar that keeps it held in. On the new one install the oring, then slid the new locking collar over the skinny part of the valve, then install the new roll pin. I lubed the oring up and the new valve and pushed it into the bore. I then used a skinny punch and hammer to drive the locking collar into the bore. Thats pretty much the extent of it.
  3. Need to replace the coolant shut off valve above the coolant filter. Is there a locking ring that holds it in, or is it held in by the o-ring. Haven't investigated it much and planning to replace it tomorrow. Just asking in advance. Thanks
  4. What would cause air to back feed to treadle valve when truck is started? If you hold brake peddle to the floor it will build air, as soon as you let off peddle it looses air right away out treadle valve. Treadle valve is new. I'm not at the truck as its at another location and looking for some advice before i make a trip to it. thanks
  5. I'd say its the starter solenoid. Not the one on the starter, but the one thats mounted on the fire wall of alot of older trucks or on our 2008 cxu its under the top dash panel were the cb would mount.
  6. I was pretty sure they switched the MP's to common rail sometime in late 16, early 17 if Im not mistaking. Was looking at a 2017 chu and was wondering if it would be common rail or not....
  7. At what vin number/year was the common rail put into production?
  8. I see on truckpaper they have them listed as Anthem, anthem 62t, and anthem 64t. Whats the differences? thanks
  9. our 2008 has rather dim headlights. Is there a option through mack to replace these with a current better production headlight assemble?
  10. Did they say day cab, 48 inch flat top, and 70 hi rise? No 60 and 70 inch mid roof? Seems like alot of bulk and flat bed guys run the mid roofs
  11. dash lights in the main dash box(speedodemeter, tach, oil pressure, etc...) not working. bulbs are good but not power on the grid that the bulb holders go against. what wire would be the input to that unit for dash lights? center dash lights work. all the fuses i seen were good. thanks
  12. Paccar 455/13speed/3.42. Pulls very nice, pulls just as good if not better than our mp-485 and 14liter/515 detroits. So far fuel economy is about 6.4 to 6.7, can't wait to see what it is broke in. We were very interested in a new chu, but pete salesman brought this around and pretty much changed our minds on the spot. We even test drove it with a load before the deal was made. Just like logtruckman said it's a nice mix of modern and old school. One thing i like is pete still uses standard pipe thread air line fittings instead of the special whatever thread fittings mack/volvo uses.
  13. Sorry to say it, even though we like macks, but the owners, myself, and my dad decided we like the new pete 567 better than a new mack at the moment so thats what they went with.
  14. salesman acts like he don't want to go with 3.73 but more like 3.40 something
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