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  1. Hello everyone As the title says I have oil in my coolant reservoir. Back in July I had the cylinder head replaced by my local Mack dealer. Also the number 2 piston and cylinder was also replaced. Reason was a broken valve. Within hours of getting the truck back on the road I had oil in the coolant reservoir. I went back to Mack and they said that it might be just some residual oil left following the job and that I should just keep an eye on it. Two weeks later a bunch of fuel in the coolant reservoir as well so I ended up doing the cups on e new reman head. When they did the cups they also did a flush and installed new coolant reservoir. Couple days later the coolant started to get black and back to square one. I ran the truck for a while and then did a flush myself again and new coolant reservoir. Needless to say the coolant is black again and I have the same problem. Oil is clean and the coolant level doesn’t increase. Truck has now 1502 000 km. Hours around 15000. Original engine just on the third head and numerous sets of injectors and cups.
  2. Yes I remember about the recoll. Mine has already the rubber boot around it. I was looking at the new Anthem and notice that it has the fuse panel in the engine compartment just like Volvo. Actually it’s the same identical fuse box.
  3. Your 2008 CXU is identical with my 2012 CHU as a cab. There’s an ignition relay under the top dashboard that I’m aware of but not a starter relay. The start relay is on the second fuse panel by the clutch pedal. I’m going to replace both ignition and start relay and see if the problem persists
  4. The battery ground with the frame is clean and tight. All connections are clean and tight. I’m probably looking at a relay problem. I know that there’s a ignition relay but I just found out that there’s a start relay in the lower fuse panel by the clutch pedal. A small tiny relay . I’ll have to check-replace that one and go from there
  5. Hello everyone I just installed 3 new batteries on my truck and a new starter.It was all good for a couple of weeks and now I have a hard time to get it started. It just clicks and doesn’t crank. I have to play with it for a while and eventually will turn. Sometimes 10 to 15 tryouts. Any ideas?
  6. Kevin..... That’s a Volvo cab or based on that right? I mean... just look at that. I’m not saying it’s ugly but I think it has something to do with Volvo. I grew up with them COE I love them, I miss them so much
  7. They are being built since last year. They're already on the ground at some dealerships. We expect some next month up here in Canada . Check TruckPaper
  8. There's no option to replace the headlights on a Mack truck. Nobody makes a better aftermarket headlight for Mack. They don't count for the aftermarket companies. Read Trucklight, Speaker. GE, etc. The only Mack that can be retrofitted with aftermarket headlights is the cabover( MRU-LE). They have the 7 inch round headlights
  9. Yes it is redesigned. It's a 3 piece hood now. I don't know if it's a stronger hood though. I don't think they had any problems with the old design. That and new LED headlights will be the highlights of the new CH although the hood it's in production right now.
  10. I've seen them around while growing up back home. Didn't think much of them until Roman and Dac Romanian trucks started to be equipped with Steyr engines in the 90'. Drivers really liked those engines I see Canadian army still using some around here.
  11. That is a actually a Renault cab on that Ford truck. Renault Major
  12. Wow.. they're getting there. And when you think that North American trucks have twice or more room than European ones.
  13. We used to pull 63.5 tons with 12L 460hp Macks up here in Alberta. Right now I do the same thing with MP8. From 63.5 to 75 tons you are looking at just over 10 tons difference. 600 hp isn't necessary let alone 700. There's a difference between need and want.
  14. The hood looks like it's a 3 piece . Used to be one. If they did this I assume they want to keep this hood which makes me wonder what's going to happen with the new Volvo based Mack. The Volvo cab is wider as far as I know so how you gonna fit this hood that you just redesigned? Interesting things in the pipe A Mack salesman told me that in September they will go to see the new Mack. He said that it's going to be a big surprise for the industry and that the truck will be 1000 times nicer than Volvo
  15. Beautiful truck indeed. i always liked the axle forward Granite. I wish they would have adopted the hood and headlights for CHU
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