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  1. THANK YOU to each of you that responded. I appreciate the quick response.
  2. I am looking at making a "hobby" truck purchase. What insurance company can anybody recommend to insure this truck and what is a good rate. Not going to use it commercially.
  3. WE have customers running the Mdrive in both direct and overdrive with the 2.64 rear end -not sure one is any better than the other.
  4. They run 80,000 all day long with no issues mostly east of the Mississippi. 2.64 is the standard ratio with the MP8-445 SE Super Econodyne engine. Plenty of pull and great fuel economy. Sold over 250 of these setups in the last 5 years. They are just going to wrap this one truck as far as I know. Mirrors are an acquired taste for sure but the visibility is great.
  5. 2019 Mack Anthem 70" Sleeper - TLD Logistics Services Inc - Knoxville, TN. MP8-445SE, M-Drive OD transmission, 2.64 rears. Company took 20 units for 2018, 15 for 2019.
  6. I was there and the excitement was very high. Mack has 1.5% of the highway sleeper market - the highway sleeper market is nearly 50% of all class 8 trucks built in America. Mack HAS to get a larger piece of that market to survive. I spent a lot of time looking at this truck - it is obvious they spent a lot of time listening to driver feedback about the cab and sleeper area. Mack has expended considerable time, effort and resources to try to make this truck a driver friendly cost effective competitive player in the marketplace. We were told most if not all of these changes will be incorporated into the Granite and Pinnacle models as well where applicable. I have a customer running a 2018 CXU613 70" stand up double bunk sleeper with the MP8-445SE package - truck has had NO downtime except for scheduled maintenance in over 100,000 miles - they are excited about what they have seen and this new truck. I am convinced this truck will sell - I know I can sell it and I know it will exceed customers and drivers expectations. There will always be naysayers, skeptics, mockers and whiners who will never be happy no matter what.
  7. We have seen good results from both the M-Drive (and I-Shift). We have a number of fleets running the M-Drive in both the regular and HD versions. One fleet runs 285 tractors hauling chemical tanks, one fleet runs 140 tractors hauling glass and we have two dry van fleets just took delivery of 10 each 2018 Mack CXU613 70" sleeper tractors with the MP8-445SE package. On the dump truck front, we probably have sold over 100 dump trucks in the last 2 years all with the M-Drive HD including over 20 to Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). I have one customer I sold 10 to last year who has had no downtime with this transmission. WE hardly keep any manual transmission trucks in the yard anymore and all our recent stock orders for both tractors and vocational trucks have been M-Drives and I-Shifts. If you follow the SERVICE AT A GLANCE repair intervals you will see good results. Your local dealer can provide you with these service posters; We provide them with every new truck.
  8. The Titan with the 605 was a monster, but when you put it up against a 389 or W900 or T800 the price differential was not enough to make most operators switch. I thought the Titan was too much style - would have liked to see a more work truck styling and lower price. I would like to see a big block offering - especially in the Granite.
  9. The Mack MP8-505M is an 1860 torque engine. The Cummins 605 is a 2050 torque engine. For nearly ALL applications 500hp is more than necessary to move nearly anything with the right gearing and transmission selection. Years ago I used to move nearly everything with an R model Mack with a 300 and a six speed and a 3 axle lowboy. The small number of truck sales per year with the larger MP10 versus the massive costs of engineering and support just do not make sense. Right now the MP8-445 is our best selling engine across the board with the M-Drive or M-Drive HD.
  10. I am going up to see the new model at the dealer reveal event in early September. I never understood the issue with the sleeper cabs not being a stand up over the driver seat - you don't drive standing up!. People find a way to bitch, complain and find fault with everything these days. The current CXU613 70" bunk sleeper is a high-quality truck. I have a customer running the MP8-445SE package doing in excess of 8 mpg hauling consistently over 40,000 in the trailer. I don't see Mack using the MP10 anywhere in the USA going forward. The biggest offering will be the MP8-505.
  11. All kidding aside Mack is gaining market share because the M-Drive is a game changer and the engine packages are much more reliable. WE have seen a dramatic decrease in the types of heavy engine work we were doing in our shops 4-5 years ago - becoming more of a challenge to keep our 24 technicians busy and productive. WE just became a Certified Volvo/Mack Uptime Center in February 2017 so hopefully that will channel more work our way.
  12. WE specify Mack axles only on vocational trucks anymore - if I am specifying a day cab or sleeper tractor (Volvo as well) I specify Meritor axles, Meritor brakes, Meritor slack adjusters etc. WE have a very good relationship with Meritor and they do a good job on the product support side for us. If you go with the Eaton 13 speed make sure it will handle the 505 - Mack will not let you upgrade if the transmission is no capable. WE are seeing more disc brakes being specified with our larger fleet customers.
  13. I would go 3.36 gears on this truck or maybe even 3.25. I am surprised you did not like the M-Drive - it is pretty much all I sell anymore - 445SE package with overdrive transmission, premium shifter, grade gripper and 2.64 gears. Plenty of power and torque to pull 80,000+. Disc brakes are becoming more accepted as the overall cost decreases. Staying below 460HP will save you significant $$$$ if you choose to be extended purchased engine and EATS coverage that I always recommend. Not a fan of the twin Y, there are other ways to save weight especially by reducing fuel capacity.
  14. If I were your sales guy I would recommend the MP8-445 SE super econondyne package, premium shifter option with hill assist, 2.64 rears and as much aerodynamics as you are comfortable with - probably recommend a CXU613 vs a CHU. MP8 has better resale - plenty of HP/Torque to do what you need to do and being under 460HP your cost of extended warranty should you choose to purchase it will be significantly less vs the 505. I have sold over 150 Mack CXU613 70" sleepers with this exact setup - Customer pull 48k plus loads of glass over 48 states and Canada and the trucks are doing a great job. The M-Drive transmission WORKS and is covered by a 60 month / 750,000 mile warranty.
  15. Emissions are part of the industry - they are not going away. I advise customers to go with the MP8-445E engine with the M-Drive in overdrive configuration and premium shifter package with 2.64 or 2.79 rear end gears for over the road applications. Keep the horsepower under 460 and you will see significant savings on Purchased Coverages. I recommend the Mack Plan 2 with EATS and the HVAC coverage. Depending on how these coverages are structured your cost per mile will run out at less than $0.015. That is a pretty good value.
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