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  1. The over 5 yr old deal gets me on some of mine. I have some that are newer they have helped on. It dont take a couple dozen.
  2. what do the jumper harnesses look like? I have several of these trucks now. Thanks
  3. not sure if any other brand would be better but it sure is wearing on my bottom line.
  4. I have a 2012 CHU 613 with mp8. We carried to the dealer and they say the oil level sensor in oil pan has gone bad. Which let oil travel up the wires to the computer and ruined the computer. Then they tell me that its a common problem. I have had this happen with an 05 Granite and was assured the problem was solved with antifreeze level sensor. I was told my truck too old for any assistance from Mack. I have a 2012 Granite that the injector cups went bad on. Another common and known problem. I even spoke to higher up people at Mack with no assistance. Said my truck was too old. If this was Ford or GM there would be recalls and lawsuits. Any ideas? Plus while they a trying to figure out problem I am getting charged 120 per hour for diagnostic fee. We barely get 80 an hour for the trucks. Cass
  5. it has camelback suspension. The bottom spring cap broke and came apart. When trying to put it all back together we found cracks near the threaded holes for the cap bolts. Anyone got any input on a fix or do we have to replace the whole housing. thanks
  6. also he is wanting to price a new one with Allison auto. Said it was around 160000. I bought the 05 new for 114000. Lots of change.
  7. thank you sir. I have an 07 ch with 10c pulling dump trailer and it does fine. I like it. I have International 7400 with 8ll and its great. Truck is junk. International not what used to be. Cant keep ac working and was glad when came so no worry about ac. Now cant get heat to blow hot. Older 4900 mechanicals were great. New stuff is getting bad. Cass
  8. I can buy 10c new not rebuilt for 3000 just got to get a bell housing and mounts. My truck is triaxle dump and lots of backing and low gear work. Salesman says I will kill value with 10c instead of 8ll but I will get killed on core charge because no fuller core. Thanks for your response.
  9. I have a 2005 Granite with the t310mlr trans. When I first got it the synchronizers from low to high went out. Then the high to low went out. Then trans cooler started dumping anitfreeze in trans. Trans grinding again. Changed fluid and put synthetic in and it helped, but got progressively worse. Now it wont even pull on the high side. Everyone has told me to not let drivers preselect ranges. That they should put in neutral then change range. It says on sticker in cab to pre select. Some say it is caused from shifting from forward to reverse with truck still moving. Salesman says that is case. He says everytime they have corporate meeting people are complaining about this trans. 5500 for reman trans or 4200 to fix. Im sick of this transmission. ive been looking at a swap. I have found eaton 10c and 8ll. Was told if I put 10c in I would kill resale value. I dont know what to do. Any ideas. Thanks
  10. Clutch has been replaced and its still hard to push. Got a new driver and he is complaining about it. It bothers me too. Any way of putting air assist on it or is it too much trouble. Thanks for the replies
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