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  1. I figured M&K in Sterling Heights Michigan but I see you're in Chicago. Weigand Mack was probably better than 99% vocational. Now it's can I get you a 780 Volvo comrade?
  2. The rep at the booth was vague but we were talking about the CHU. He wouldn't say if it was an extended hood or cowl to get more bbc length.
  3. I don't see the gigantic problem for a truck to deliver some X-15's to the Mack plant. It was good enough with the CL trucks and would give us the same choice everyone else in the industry has. I asked this question at MATS after being told they were working on a longer hood/cowl. I got the company line about the MP8 being enough. Our CHU does just fine but add another 40 tons. Ask International/Navistar how the removal of choice worked for them in their 13 litre program.
  4. Looks like you're 300-400 lbs lighter on the door. We have the 142's also.
  5. What does it weigh? Our CHU weighs 22000 full of fuel. Fuel mileage has been 6.2 to 8.5 depending on temp and supplier.
  6. If the Mercedes uses the same Bosch unit pump as the Mack then I don't see much block showing in the bore. The moving part of the unit pump has a oil hole in it that I built a puller to get out. W.W. Williams gave up on one of our Mercedes OM 460's so I had to take care of it. Did this unit pump eat the roller?
  7. The T370 is a great truck. When you've built the cab for 30+ years (original T600 cab) you should have it down. The ISL/PX9 (based off the CDC C motor) has been around longer than the cab in different configurations. I have a feeling they had Navistar before and got the big let down when the 466 went out of production. In comes MHC to save the day. Finding a good dealer partner is probably more than half the battle.
  8. There is a new W900 and 389 coming in the next year or so. The cab will be 880/567 cab from what both manufacturers told me.
  9. This truck wasn't in the show but it was next to it. I talked to the Mack guys hoping someone knew anything but both guys I talked to looked at the sign next to the truck for answers. Peterbilt had good people with actual knowledge about their products. I also spent quite a bit of time at Utility talking about trailer combinations.
  10. I went to the Mack booth at MATS for more information. I totally get why Mack is where it is at. I asked plenty of questions to be answered with "I don't knows". For seats Sears is the way to go. I sat in them and just about melted in. The difference in weight between Mack rears and Meritor remains a mystery. What to spec to get a CXU down to 2000 full of fuel got the best answer. Wait until September when the new truck comes out.
  11. Ford could re-enter the class 8 market. I am sure the municipal, LTL and TL market would come back in a short time. There are plenty of us waiting for another big Ford sleeper truck. Mine is waiting for the nod to go back into service.
  12. Salesmen sell what they have. I was sent a line sheet from a 2016 stock truck. it was not even close to what we sat down and discussed the day before. When he builds the three trucks we discussed then I can do even more research. I hope he gets this completed before I go to the truck show. I look forward to getting smoke blown up my giggy by the engineers.
  13. Total cost of ownership estimates need things like; fuel, oil changes, tires, brakes, seats, fifth wheels, shocks, and a clutch. Planning on a 5 year turn on the truck. The extended warranty will run out the fifth year from mileage before the payments do. After its paid off we will roll it into a new truck. Fuel and maintenance are things you can and should use as a projection for total cost of ownership. A new 389 Pete will be 40k more to start with and get .5-1.5mpg less. Easy enough for me to figure out which truck is cheaper to own. I understand that I will get plenty of opinions with the questions I ask but I also have received actual experience based answers also. This isn't 1999 anymore so I can't say the 3406 Cat with an Eaton 13spd and Eaton rears. That combination worked from the 70's to the mid 2000's. Now I have to beat the bushes and find answers. I am going to MATS in a week to gain more insight to this purchase.
  14. I stopped at the Mack dealer today and had a nice chat with the salesman about a new CXU. Always more questions from the answers I get. This truck will be for dry van but a reefer could happen with all the milk plants popping up around us. Truck will be based out of Michigan. Midwest runs but 48 states is not unusual for this driver. Questions I have are based on total cost of ownership during the 5 year extended warranty not just resale or feel good big hp numbers. MP7 at 425hp and 1650lbft saves 391lbs but does anyone know what real world fuel economy gains? Is the M-drive just so star spangled awesome that a good Eaton 13 speed wouldn't be adequate? What rears and suspension is best?