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  1. I was measuring the CHU this afternoon after I greased it and just changing the cowl to meet the hood will gain 10 plus inches. That should be close to enough to get a X-15 in there along with some A-pillar mounted mirrors.
  2. Cheap and easy dealer network purchase. VW should have bought them before they put Cummins back in.
  3. Dampening in the bags. It works pretty good. I pull a new Utility 4000 DX van. The spring loaded mud flaps stay on really well.
  4. Problem I see lately is our carrier taking afternoon loads that unload the following morning. Simple math along with some military time would save a lot of switching loads. Yesterdays 00:01 load with 5 hours of drive time and a 10 hour doesn't work by 14:00 now does it? Pepsi seems to be having a issue getting loads moved during the afternoon and evening. I'm ready to try this ELD crap for the first quarter of 2018. There will be so much freight on docks that can't get hauled that rates and cooperation will be sky high.
  5. X15 @1850 torque. If you want 2050 torque you have to have a T800 or W900. Engineers at MATS said they are working on a bigger cooling package but didn't have a date for release. I test drove 2 880's and a short hood W900 on the same day. The 880 seems to be nice. The W900 was nice inside and as quiet as the 880. Plenty of choices at Paccar.
  6. I agree that labor is the highest cost. Fuel is something that we can look at saving money on. Cheap labor will usually cost more than its worth. The guy that drives our other Peterbilt is happy where he is at.
  7. When applied correctly POR-15 is hard to remove. I restored a Formal H years back. The top of the fuel tank had been covered by Por-15. I ground with 36 grit on a 7 inch sander for days to get it off.
  8. We have a new Mack. It does pencil 4 cents a mile cheaper than the 2010 Peterbilts. I have 7 paid for trucks and 3 payments. I would buy a new truck for every decent driver I could hire. The man that drives the other Pete is a great hand. He treats MY truck like it was his own. Trucking with old iron that is easy to maintain and dependable is not a foolish endeavor. I went through my Ford bumper to mudflap. I replaced a 194 bulb in one year of service besides oil changes and grease jobs. I farm too and would rather sit on an open station tractor and smell the dirt. Some of us don't need to make a billion dollars to be happy. The land is in my blood just like the road is.
  9. I figured M&K in Sterling Heights Michigan but I see you're in Chicago. Weigand Mack was probably better than 99% vocational. Now it's can I get you a 780 Volvo comrade?
  10. The rep at the booth was vague but we were talking about the CHU. He wouldn't say if it was an extended hood or cowl to get more bbc length.
  11. I don't see the gigantic problem for a truck to deliver some X-15's to the Mack plant. It was good enough with the CL trucks and would give us the same choice everyone else in the industry has. I asked this question at MATS after being told they were working on a longer hood/cowl. I got the company line about the MP8 being enough. Our CHU does just fine but add another 40 tons. Ask International/Navistar how the removal of choice worked for them in their 13 litre program.
  12. Looks like you're 300-400 lbs lighter on the door. We have the 142's also.
  13. What does it weigh? Our CHU weighs 22000 full of fuel. Fuel mileage has been 6.2 to 8.5 depending on temp and supplier.
  14. If the Mercedes uses the same Bosch unit pump as the Mack then I don't see much block showing in the bore. The moving part of the unit pump has a oil hole in it that I built a puller to get out. W.W. Williams gave up on one of our Mercedes OM 460's so I had to take care of it. Did this unit pump eat the roller?
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