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  1. Thank You Sir, I have been searching via internet and yes, that info seems not attainable. Guess my honey will have to help with this one.
  2. I bought a stock parking lamp ( front fender ) with the wire leads that go to the fire wall electrical junction board and wondering what # are those connections on the board. I am a one man team and hard to flip switches and run the test light at the same time. thanks. I have no schematic. I have junction boards on both sides of the firewall.
  3. Glenn, I spent some time this a.m. and realized the arm was frozen up, pb blaster and a hammer. Got around 9/16 's at the clutch brake and 1 1/2 or a little better clutch pedal play . The test drive was good and going into first or reverse form N was very smooth. Had to let the pedal off the floor just a smidgen a couple of times then it slipped right in with no grinding. I will have this all apart at sometime when I switch to the thirteen speed and put in a new clutch, etc. Thanks.
  4. Ok, you have me confused. I thought the linkage adjuster was for the clutch brake and the psi plate was to get the correct free play on the pedal.
  5. Well, I will try to be descriptive. I must be doing something wrong . Can't seem to get that 1/2 to 5/8 " brake clutch clearance. I undo the 3/4 " wrench lock nut and turn the square head bolt clockwise and nothing happens ( it is bottomed out, locknut back as far as I can get it. ). It stays at 3/8" space. could the first sleeve on the cross shaft be maxed in the half moon which it is preventing any movement, do I need to pull that and move it a few notches on the cross shaft so when turning the square head bolt I get some movement and that will give me my 1/2" spacing. That half moon piece h
  6. Oh ya, what is correct pedal play and measurement from brake clutch to the throw out face. Is it 1/2". Mine has 1 1/2" pedal and just under 1/2" at brake and throw out . I do see how to adjust the clutch. Mine has the bolt you press in and turn either way to get the correct measurement.
  7. Got it out with air chisel, it was no fun but the job is done. The hardened steel collar riding on the input shaft had a hard rockwell point as it dulled tools quickly. I would do another the same way, just to much oiley residue for my liking for torches. The two piece went in slick and really made a world of difference from N getting it in gear. Thanks all.
  8. finally got a chance to look and would say that my smallest 3" right angle cut off is out and torches ain't for me so I am driving over to a friends shop to take it out with an air chisel an some sharp auto body tools. It sure is a miserable spot to get into.Hopefully it will all be over by noon.
  9. Looks like the torch will be the quickest, saw some posts on you tube last night. I have a small tip for the cutting torch and will have a hose on hand and some damp rags placed in there strategically. Kinda like welding in the belly pan of the skidder, a go for it moment.
  10. With lots of grease and oil I will pass on the torch option. Not sure how you would keep it still to use the impact tool. How about a cheap long 1/2" extension with a groove ground into it to twist the old brake in two. I did see the two piece brake from Haldex. Looks like a fun job!!
  11. Is there a way to change out the clutch brake without taking the tranny out. Took the cover off today at the bottom of the bell and was looking at what I believe to be a nasty clutch brake and the throw out bearing holder. My truck is not wanting to get into gear all that great from neutral. Figured I would replace the brake and adjust the clutch which I have know clue how to do. Need some advice. I will be changing out this tranny at some point but not soon. Thanks
  12. A big thanks to all those who responded to lots of questions while sorting out my truck these last few months on this site. The knowledge here is very practical and tried and true. Mom always said" Proof is in the Pudding" Thanks, A valid Mass inspection sticker. And I will add, a very thorough inspector.
  13. Thank you Mr Hancock. I could wire off the switch I suppose. Think I will start with a fresh switch anyways. I am involved in another project with the old girl. A brake job turned into bearings again. they must be the original bearings ( 116,000 original miles ) cause the inner bearing was so loose she fell apart on disassembely. Inner bearing keeper was stuck to the spindle bad and required a porta-power to pop it. The seal was on there good to. Spindle was fine after clean up.
  14. I am very close to getting my truck sorted out and have to finish a few minor things for inspection. One being a back up light to pass , I see the switch on top of the tranny ( 2070 ) maxi-torque and see the two wires coming off and the go back towards the engine and Into a harness up to the firewall. Very hard to follow. Is there a schematic or should they coincide with a # on the connection board on the firewall. I haven't broke out the test light yet but will soon to determine if the switch is working. Thanks .
  15. Thats good info, shafts are 2" with a 1810 yoke. the truck came from southern Maryland and we went down did a preliminary check and liked the fact it was straight and clean with a good frame. Mostly road worthy, the owner did a few minor things for our road trip and there ya have it.. Went back down threw a farm plate on it and drove the old girl home. That was a long day, but worth it.
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