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  1. Replaced harness and that took care of it. Thank you.
  2. I have a 2008 CH613 that has nothing coming on. it will turn over with power straight to the starter. No Aux power. Dash lights up on start momentarily, however nothing else happens.
  3. I have a 2008 CH613 with MP8 I am getting an intermittent skipping. Hooked up to Tech tool and got MID128 SID 1,2,3, FMI 5 on all 3 (Injectors 1-3 Low voltage) what would give it low voltage? These were all replaced less than 3k miles ago and trim codes programmed at the dealer ( if anyone has a way to get around the dealer doing that please let me know) If anyone can tell me what to check for low voltage that would be great. I think it would be easier if it was No voltage.
  4. Thank you to all that replied!! I passed on the M drive due to cost. I can buy 3 clutches installed for the difference in price. (mostly due to incentives on a last year model)
  5. I am looking at a new Mack Granite that has the Mack M drive automatic to add to my fleet. I would like to know what others that have had this think about it. 1. Lifespan- How many miles have you gotten out of yours with out major $? 2. Cost to repair? 3. Reliability? 4. If it is just a preference in how it drives that isn't as much of a concern.
  6. I have a couple of PID codes not in any of my Mack books. PID 373 FMI 11 & PID 256 FMI 0 I also have SID 230 FMI 11 Shouldn't there be somewhere in the software that tells you what the DTC's are specifically? thanks,
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