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  1. Roy’s log truck, went to Reno several years ago to get it, was 17 below zero there, Mary worked with me a couple days getting it and her loader running to load and haul back, what a nice person. Never so cold in my life.
  2. If you will PM your information with shipping cost to Colonial Heights Va. I will get a check right out to you. Ship when check clears. Thank you very much. Dave
  3. Looking for both front motor supports for a W Model with a Cummins 275, they are the same as our LTH with 275. Both Brackets broken.the first one is W the second is a L. The W pictures has a piece of angle iron under it holding it in place. Thanks
  4. Not sure, I heard from owner it was originally from Massachusetts.will talk to him more this afternoon
  5. Headed to North of Toronto to pick this one and a couple others up. (Autocar and Ford) Haven’t been on in awhile.
  6. Nice Tommy, sorry I missed you.
  7. Mostly Macks one Ward LaFrance, hope to see you there.
  8. I don't know, have heard of it but not seen. There is a GMC and Int. Not available now
  9. Yes, we are out of room for both, but couldn't pass the opportunity. I have some restored in a trailer and a warehouse, may have to hide a couple more to get these in.
  10. It was in their Corporate Office Lobby
  11. I work for the Keystone truck and Tractor Museum.
  12. Picking up this Beauty this morning in Kansas. Mack and Fruehauf, also a White. Lots of work to get them out of building but worth it. Mack Flathead, air brakes.
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