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  1. Roy’s log truck, went to Reno several years ago to get it, was 17 below zero there, Mary worked with me a couple days getting it and her loader running to load and haul back, what a nice person. Never so cold in my life.
  2. If you will PM your information with shipping cost to Colonial Heights Va. I will get a check right out to you. Ship when check clears. Thank you very much. Dave
  3. Looking for both front motor supports for a W Model with a Cummins 275, they are the same as our LTH with 275. Both Brackets broken.the first one is W the second is a L. The W pictures has a piece of angle iron under it holding it in place. Thanks
  4. Not sure, I heard from owner it was originally from Massachusetts.will talk to him more this afternoon
  5. Headed to North of Toronto to pick this one and a couple others up. (Autocar and Ford) Haven’t been on in awhile.
  6. Nice Tommy, sorry I missed you.
  7. Mostly Macks one Ward LaFrance, hope to see you there.
  8. I don't know, have heard of it but not seen. There is a GMC and Int. Not available now
  9. Yes, we are out of room for both, but couldn't pass the opportunity. I have some restored in a trailer and a warehouse, may have to hide a couple more to get these in.
  10. I work for the Keystone truck and Tractor Museum.
  11. Picking up this Beauty this morning in Kansas. Mack and Fruehauf, also a White. Lots of work to get them out of building but worth it. Mack Flathead, air brakes.
  12. We have two, the green one was primed to paint the civil defense blue, and they wanted it in a James Brown movie and painted it green. It was the first water rescue unit for Richmond Va. had a boom on it and was used on the James River.It has 6,000 original miles on it. I used to drive it back and forth to work, and kept my tools compressor and welding machine in it.
  13. Looking at a mid 30's BM, has doors instead of louvers, so I'm guessing pre 36. Can someone point me in the right direction on some info about that vintage flathead. Need to ID the engine. Going to look at it next weekend. Like to know what to look for. Thanks, Dave.
  14. Reo gas engine rebuilt, air brakes, 4 Spd, Weld Built wrecker. Runs like a champ. Got a Marvel Mystery Oil Inversion Oiler with it I'm going to put back on, haven't seen one of those in many years. Lots of guys used to swear by them for increasing engine life, others said " snake oil"
  15. Lilltle truck followed me home from NC a couple weeks ago. First truck I've been after that was better than the pictures.
  16. Made it on the site this evening, 1st time I've been able to get on. Lots of reading tonite
  17. Let me know when you're coming, I'll meet you there. We are in the process of moving my shop about 5 miles away to where we have trucks and tractors stored, going to wall in a 50X60 to work in until our expansion is done, but if someone is coming I can be up there in a few. The expansion will be 50,000 sq ft but my shop will give additional room while construction is under way. A better pic of the Dawg.
  18. Thank you, kicking my butt for not going, I think our little flatbed is like the dump, has some stuck valves,. Keep putting it on the back burner, everything hard to get to.No, I just noticed that it doesn't have suicide doors.
  19. Does anyone know if the fire truck sold? Curious how much. I really liked that truck.
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