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  1. Would like to find a 5831B brownie box 3 speed Aux trans around North Carolina if any one has one for sale
  2. Thanks everyone I was wondering about how to hook the battery to increase the cranking amp but stay 12 volt thanks for the help now I want burn my truck down haha
  3. Thanks very much that answered my question just didn't want to do it an hook them up wrong an all I can say is wow ask a question an get an answer in less the thirty minutes you can't beat this site you gotta love it thank again
  4. And I wanted to mention the series parallel switch had been removed from my truck I have been hooking one Battery in each box positive to positive negative to negative
  5. How do I hook 3 12v Batterys together I have been putting 2 12v Batterys in my 66 b773 Mack one in each battery box but I want them in one box an I thought 3 Batterys would be better cranking power but I don't want to do it wrong
  6. I am buying a parts truck soon to get the cab an doors for my truck I will look at my old doors to see if window parts can be salvaged I will let u know soon as I get my truck to my house
  7. I called watts Mack the other day the man I talked to told me he thought they had some b77 badges I haven't called back yet to see
  8. That will be a nice truck I have a B773Ls w/335 turbo cummins but some one but A Rto-9513 roadranger in it I to am new to the site an have already gained a wealth of information on finding parts I will be posting new picture soon on my restoration good luck on that Alsome truck
  9. Hey thanks for all the help I have converted my tractors over to 12v an a few old cars I just wasn't sure about my Mack it was at one time 24 volt it has been converted to 12 volt negative ground but who ever in the past done a bad job I have got to rewire the truck thire are cut an loose wires hanging every ware nothing works but I did get the factory radio working I thought that was amazing thanks for all the help from those who commented I am glad I joined this site it's amazing the knowledge y'all have the is a great resource for anyone who has never restored old road tractor thank alot
  10. When hooking up a one wire alternator on a truck with more then one battery ware do you hook the wire off the alternator
  11. I have a B77 Mack with a 335 turbo cummins can I put a one woe alternator on it looks like it has a Chevy style alternator on now if I can what amp size should I buy
  12. I'm looking forward to this show I don't get to go to a lot of the shows cause I work a lot so it's nice we have a show not far from home see ya there
  13. Yea maybe I will see u there I'll be there with David Strickland