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  1. Scared the crap out of me but as a teenager, I bought used tires for all of the old cars I drove and blow outs were common. Maybe that experience saved my butt! John
  2. My latest acquisition, Mr Dick Best's RD all steel front RD long wheel base straight truck. Left front tire exploded on the drive home-truck went sideways into the hammer lane but, fortunately, nothing beside me. Blew out the headlight, fuel and air lines, beat up the battery box pretty good, other minor damage. Got control of the truck and limped to a rest area one mile away. I was assured all was well with the tires-my fault I guess. No one hurt, PA State Troopers, heavy tow, local fire engine and first aid folks arrived at about the same time. Quite a circus really but all went well. Nice o
  3. Firemack: The truck is approximately 25 ft long, about 10 ft high and weight about 27,500. Cheers! John
  4. I need to get my B-813SX to the ATHS National at the end of May. The Procter Mack will be part of the indoor truck show and I have too many other things that I must take. Of course, I will pay whatever it takes to get it there and back. Let me know. Cheers! John
  5. I could not make it either. I am just too busy trying to finish off a new office/warehouse well before the snow starts to fly. Maybe Gerharts. Cheers! John
  6. The plan is to lock the tiller steering system so that it simply becomes a somewhat ordinary aerial trailer.
  7. I hope to have Philadelphia Fire Dept's Ladder 20 from the 60's with the 1950 American-LaFrance 100 ft aerial ladder/tiller. Just not sure-here is a pic when it was with the Oaklyn Fire Dept .
  8. International shipping costs have gone stratospheric in terms of cost and the mud flaps have some weight to them. I will check for you. John
  9. Here is another being hauled to the Pine Creek Railway
  10. Looking forward to meeting you Vlad. Hope you brought some of that Russian vodka with you! Cheers! John
  11. A wonderful story and congratulations! Keep up the good work! But truth be told, at that truck show last week in Yakima, there were a lot of folks who could easily not eat for several weeks and I would guess that they had all of the ailments that you described plus hip and knee problems. The point is-its not easy to lose that weight. Its damn tough but it's really, really worth it!! John
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